16 Friendship Poses That Show Off Your Bond

The best friendship poses show how close you are, so get ready to lean in. We love these fun photoshoot ideas to do with your friends.

Published December 28, 2023


Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives, but we don't always have the pictures to prove it. Fortunately, it's really easy to get some great photos that capture your friendships. Get inspired with some awesome photoshoot ideas for friends and pro tips for poses that flatter.

Cozy Up With a Blanket


One of the very best friendship poses that works every time is wrapping up in a blanket together. There's a reason this is so awesome: it's an effortless way to show that two people are close and connected.

Shoot a Best Friends Photo From Above


There's just something classic about lying in the grass or on a blanket together and taking the picture from above. It feels close and cozy, but it's also a unique perspective we don't see all that often.

Quick Tip

You can shoot this as a selfie, but it looks cooler if you have someone else take the photo. For the most flattering shot, the person taking the picture should stand on a chair over you. Don't use the 0.5 lens on your phone or a wide angle on a camera because this will be way cuter with a normal lens or the portrait setting.

Strike a Power Pose


We love friendship poses that show off how awesome you and your friends are, and you really can't beat a power pose for that. Shoot the photo from a little lower than eye level and stand close to each other with your bodies facing directly at the camera. A hand on your hip never hurts either.

Let Yourselves Crack Up


If you can't laugh with your friends, who can you laugh with? One of our favorite ideas for a best friends photoshoot is super simple and super you: just laugh together. Tell a funny story or think about a time that something hilarious happened.

Quick Tip

This photo is a little bit candid, which means you should take tons of shots. One of you is bound to have a goofy smile at some point or be in the middle of talking, and that's okay (just delete the ones you don't like). If you take a ton of photos, one of them is going to be amazing.

Lean In to Show Your Closeness


When you're posing with friends, you have to lean in closer to each other than you might normally. It can feel a little weird, but we guarantee the photos will be so good. It's basically about showing someone looking at this picture how close you are emotionally, and the best way to do that is to be physically close too.

Take Cute Friend Photos From Below


For an adorable perspective on your friendship, put the camera or phone under you and lean down toward it together. This works really well for getting a picture of your whole friend group, and it's actually surprisingly flattering. You can do this as a selfie too!

Strike a Similar Friend Group Pose


Another great way to show your connection to each other is to pose in a similar way. Basically, you're saying "we come as a set." This works well if you're all sitting down and have your legs pulled up the same way, but you can also do it standing.

Keep It Simple and Casual


Find a simple background, such as a brightly colored wall, and just lean against it together. You'll want to be touching each other in some way to show that you're emotionally connected, but there are no rules other than that. Experiment with different relaxed poses and see what you get. It will definitely be something great.

Quick Tip

This is a great basic pose that you can use for any situation — from road trip photos to birthday pictures with friends. It just always works.

Layer Your Shoulders for a Pose With Three Friends


If you're posing with two other friends, layer your bodies so your shoulders overlap. This can feel odd while you're doing it, but it's a surefire way to show (you guessed it) an emotional connection. One person may be a bit behind or in front of the other two, and that's totally fine. The closeness will make it feel like they're included.

Pose With Friends on a Bench


Beside just being a spot to chill, a bench makes the ultimate posing accessory for a group of friends. That's because it helps define you as together in the shot. Pile on with your whole friend group or just lean in with your bestie.

Quick Tip

If you have a ton of people in your friend group, pose some people behind or in front of the bench. Then make sure the people on the bench are touching the people who aren't — just a casual arm around the shoulders.

Lounge on a Sofa With Your Friend Group


Another great photoshoot idea for a friend group is a casual sofa lounge. Some people sit on the couch, and others lay across them, drape over the back, or sprawl on the floor. It looks relaxed and fun every time.

Angle Your Shoulders Toward Each Other


No matter how many people you're including in the photo, a powerful way to make it look awesome is to angle your shoulders toward each other. To do this, start with two people in the middle of the shot. They can have their arms around each other and be slightly turned toward each other. Then add in more people behind them, all angled toward the middle.

Get in Close for a Cute Friendship Pose


For a really cute idea for a best friend photoshoot, come in ultra close with the camera so your faces fill up most of the shot. This is a simple way to show how close you are to each other, and it's the type of photo that's great for posting too (it's easy to see a close shot like this on a small phone screen).

Stay Relaxed in Your Pose


It's easy to get tense when you're posing; it's not always natural, after all. That's why it's nice to focus on keeping your body relaxed when you're doing a friendship photoshoot. The chill nature of your pose will come across in the photo and show just how comfortable you are with each other.

Quick Tip

One good way to make sure you look relaxed is to bend your joints a little bit. We're not telling you to go overboard here, but just add a tiny bend to your elbows and wrists and relax your shoulders.

Have Each Other's Backs


As friends, you have each other's backs, and you can use that as inspiration for your friendship photoshoot. Sit with your backs together and lean against each other. It might feel a little strange, but it's a great pose that looks unique. Turn your heads to look at the camera.

Be a Shoulder to Lean On


If you're taking a photo with your best friend, we've got the ultimate simple pose that will look amazing. One of you faces the camera, and the other one stands behind and rests their chin on the front person's shoulder. It's so simple, but the intimacy of this pose tells everyone who sees the photo that you're close.

Try Different Friendship Poses That Show Your Bond


Show off your bond by experimenting with lots of different friendship poses. You don't have to have a fancy photoshoot with your friends to do this either. Just try a new pose when you're snapping a selfie together or heading out for the evening. And remember, the key to a great photo is closeness.

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16 Friendship Poses That Show Off Your Bond