50 Dating Profile Headlines to Attract the Guy You Really Want

Be real and make him smile with these example dating profile headlines.

Published July 9, 2024
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You only get one chance to make a good first impression, as they say, and your dating profile headline is just that: everyone's first chance to get to know you. The right wording for you depends on the kind of impression you want to make and the type of person you're hoping to attract.

Are you looking for a relationship where you have deep and meaningful conversations? What about a partner who gets your kind of humor? No matter what your priorities, we've got tons of great ideas for dating profile headlines to attract guys you actually want to meet.

Catchy Dating Profile Headlines to Stop His Scroll

There are lots of people out there on dating sites, but the perfect headline can capture his attention and stop him from scrolling. Try one of these eye-catching dating profile headlines.

  • Looking for someone to make a little mischief with.
  • Please tell me you like kittens and good conversations.
  • Looking to try all the best restaurants in the city with another foodie.
  • You're never going to believe what I like to do on weekends.
  • I wouldn't say no to breakfast in bed if you offered.
  • Can't wait to tell everyone I know about our great first date.
  • Totally straight-laced until the second Long Island iced tea.
  • I'm not going to pretend my dog isn't my first love, but there's room for you, too.
  • I like my men like I like my chocolate: sweet, luscious, and maybe a little bit rich.
  • I'm the person you'll wish you'd asked for a date. Don't settle for regrets.
Quick Tip

Keep your dating profile headline short, but make sure it also sends a message about who you are or what you're looking for in a guy. Show your personality.

Cute Headlines to Make Him Smile

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He's looking through a lot of profiles, but if your headline makes him smile, you're already winning. Cute and playful lines can catch his attention.

  • She-Ra, Princess of Power, seeking He-Man type.
  • Kid at heart looking for someone to share my blanket fort.
  • Looking for someone to play with long-term.
  • I'm good at spotting a great investment, and you might be one.
  • Want to be my partner-in-crime?
  • Help me find all the best taco places in town.
  • I work on being just as addictive as chocolate.
  • Looking to co-star in your life.
  • I need a road trip partner if you can read the map of my heart.
  • I've kissed a few frogs, but you could be my prince.

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Deep Dating Profile Headlines to Attract Guys Who Get You

If you're looking for Mr. Right, let him know you're serious about a real connection. These profile headlines will help send the right message.

  • Looking for great conversations and a meaningful connection.
  • I want to hear what you dream about at night.
  • Looking for the one to share it all.
  • If you're emotionally available and into being real, I want to know you.
  • I want to know what you think about this crazy world.
  • Looking for a good listener who loves to share his perspective, too.
  • I want a guy who wants a partner to be his best friend. Is that you?
  • Tell me your most embarrassing moment, and I'll tell you mine.
  • I'd like someone to walk me home every night from now on.
  • Let me help you write the perfect fairy tale.
Quick Tip

Skip the cheesy pick-up lines and overtly sexy headlines if you're after something real and serious. Your dating profile headline should set the tone for what you want in this relationship.

Quirky Headlines for Celebrating What Makes You You

If you're into being real and want someone who will appreciate your adorable weirdness, let your headline show that. These quirky lines are perfect for showing who you are.

  • If you're into the cute kind of clumsy, I'll try not to step on your toes.
  • I'm not into filters or Photoshop, but I am into being real.
  • I'm chill, thoughtful, and totally into getting to know you.
  • If you're all about anime and gaming, you could be all about me, too.
  • I need someone to share my museum memberships with.
  • I want to cook my famous macaroni and cheese for you.
  • Super-fun weirdo looking for same.
  • I give really good massages and make a perfect mojito. Call me.
  • Not into normal, but I could be into you.
  • Bookworm looking for someone to share my story.

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Funny Dating Profile Headlines to Make Him Laugh

Is humor important to you in a partner? These funny headlines will show him just how funny you can be (and that you're up for a little laughter in your life).

  • You're going to love how I do all my own stunts.
  • Do you have room in your heart for me (and my dog)?
  • I need someone to be the grill for my cheese.
  • Congrats! You've completed your quest for the partner you've been dreaming of.
  • If you bring something great to the table, I'll share my ice cream with you.
  • Most of what I want to do together is totally legal.
  • My mom says the next guy I date is really lucky.
  • I'm going to apologize right now for my love of karaoke.
  • Message me if you're looking for a little trouble.
  • Just looking for happily ever after. No pressure or anything.

Set the Perfect Tone With Your Headline

Don't just throw some words together when you write your dating profile headline. Give it a little thought. After all, you don't want to attract just any guy; you want a guy who gets you and likes you for who you are. Think about the message you want to send and set the tone with your headline. We promise the right guy is going to love it.

50 Dating Profile Headlines to Attract the Guy You Really Want