35 Curious Things to Talk About With Friends When You Think You Know Everything

From fun topics to deeper conversation starters, you and your friends will have things to talk about for hours.

Published July 6, 2023
Cheerful friends lying together at park

When you've known somebody for years, it's so easy to get into a conversation rut. You know all the jokes, all the beats, and every cliffhanger your pals are going to tell. Keep your conversations from getting stale by jazzing up the things you talk about with your friends.

Work and relationships are standard fare. Instead, jump straight into these fun, interesting, and off-the-wall topics to make you and your friends talk a mile a minute.

Fun Stuff You Want to Talk About With Friends But Always Forget

Sometimes you might think of the things you want to ask your friends at odd moments - the shower, for example, is one of the best places for coming up with mind-blowing ideas and thoughts about the universe. It's also notoriously the place where you come up with things that sound so much better when they're thought than when they're said out loud.

Get your friends to join in on your tomfoolery by asking them about these topics:

  • Animals and their weird evolutions
  • Different albums (and pitting your favorites against each other)
  • Film scores
  • Strange weather phenomena
  • Planning your award acceptance speeches together
  • Ranking the best pillow and blanket combinations for a perfect sleep
  • Discussing the most daring pranks you've pulled
  • Deep sea exploration vs. space exploration
  • How to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Ranking household chores from the best to the worst

Get the Best Advice From Friends With These Lifestyle Topics

Sometimes we can be the biggest obstacle in our way. Use these topics to talk with your friends and get a feel for how they navigate their work/life balance, and maybe discover new ways to eke out some joy at every hour of the day.

  • 5-minute recipes for lazy days
  • Fast food/restaurant dupes
  • Practical ways to create a work/life balance
  • Ways to de-stress
  • Ways to make being active fun
  • Green, red, (and even beige) flags when dating

Hop on the Couch: Topics to Help Psychoanalyze Your Friends

Inevitably, there are things reserved for your best friends that you wouldn't even share with your therapist. So, for the wee hours of the morning, when you feel like it's just you and them against the world, lull yourselves to sleep with these expansive, philosophical topics:

  • Social media and its impact on our attention span
  • How does time actually work?
  • Multiverse theory vs. simulation theory
  • Discussing whether doing good acts on a small scale actually matters
  • Our real purpose in the universe
  • Could humans actually handle discovering alien life?
  • The inherent nature of humans - aka. born good or born evil
  • Does humanity have an expiration date?
  • Plants and the possibility of their feelings
  • Can ignorance ever be a good thing?
  • Ponder the idea of success and what it means in your lives

Friendship Conversation Prompts When It's Okay to Trauma Dump

When you're close enough with someone that you're ready to start talking about the hard-hitting topics, these are great starter ideas. You can learn so much from each other's pasts, childhoods, and mistakes that they're worth bringing up.

After all, you can't grow closer to someone if you're not willing to be vulnerable yourself.

  • Discussing the idea of legacy and what you want yours to be
  • Aspirations for the future
  • Biggest regrets
  • Irrational fears
  • Worries that keep you up at night
  • Ways to actively live a more sustainable life
  • Advice on moving through grief
  • Imposter syndrome and how to combat it

No Topic Is Off the Table When Friends Are Involved

With true friends, there probably isn't a topic that's off the table. When you talk without limits, you'll be shocked at just how quickly you can grow close to someone, and how they just might give you the answers to the problems you never realized you had. So, get gabbing and find things to talk about with your friends that bring you closer.

35 Curious Things to Talk About With Friends When You Think You Know Everything