35 Unique Hobbies for Couples to Strengthen Your Bond

And no, home improvement and parenting totally do not count. Try one of these interesting hobbies you can do together at home or around town.

Published January 3, 2024
Couple in pottery class

Building your bond as a couple is important, and one of the easiest ways to do it is to find an activity you both really enjoy. We're not talking about a cool one-time thing you do on a date or something one of you likes but the other basically tolerates; we're talking about real hobbies for couples.

From scouring stores for the best vintage vinyl to learning vegetarian cooking, there are actually about a zillion things you can share. Here are a few of our favorites.

Learn Archery

Think elves and medieval warriors here — or even modern bowhunting. Archery is one of those things that can be mentally absorbing and lots of fun to do as a couple. It's a great way to build upper body strength while you strengthen your bond. You'll want to take lessons or learn from a friend since it's important to get the proper technique down.

Collect Autographs

You can collect anything as a couple, but autographs are a fun option that can be exciting to track down. You can make a wish list of autographs you both want and tag team on trying to find them online for an affordable price or go places together where you can get them (like sci-fi or comic conventions or film festivals).

Give (and Get) Massages

There are a ton of massage techniques to learn (hot stone, shiatsu, and more), and regular touch is a great way to bond as a couple. You can take lessons or watch YouTube videos together to find new ways to help one another relax.

Woman getting a massage from boyfriend while working from home
Quick Tip

One year, my husband and I made a New Year's resolution to give each other a five-minute massage every day, and it was awesome. You don't have to spend a ton of time on a hobby like this.

Go All In on Genealogy

How much do you know about your family history or your partner's family tree? Researching genealogy is an awesome hobby to do as a couple because it helps you get a better understanding of one another's cultural and family backgrounds. It's a little like solving a mystery too, since you need to find records and follow hints to add branches to your tree.

Get Into Leathercrafting

Leathercrafting is a fun and collaborative hobby that has a ton of possibilities, depending on what each of you are into. You can design items like belts and bags, cut and sew the leather, paint it, carve it, and more. It's great because you can each use your unique talents to work together on a project as a couple.

Become Metal Detectorists

All you need is a couple of metal detectors to find some treasure (or at least a lot of fun). This is a great hobby for couples who love to be outdoors since you can travel to different places to see what you can find (get permission before you dig). Treasure hunting together is exciting.

Happy couple metal detecting

Learn a Martial Art

There are lots of awesome martial arts out there, and one of them may be perfect for you as a couple. You can take classes together, of course, but you'll also be able to practice together. It's fun to work out together and can help you attain your fitness goals too.

Take a Pottery Class (or Two)

Learning to throw pottery on the wheel is even more fun than it seems. It's endlessly challenging and rewarding, and there are lots of ways to express your creative vision. Because you need equipment like a wheel and a kiln for firing the clay, it works best to start with a class or two. If you get really into it as a couple, you might even end up getting a wheel to have at home.

Collect Vintage Vinyl

There's nothing quite like the analog awesomeness of a real record, and collecting vintage vinyl as a couple can be such a cool way to share your love of music. You can tour record stores and thrift stores on weekends looking for new records for your collection, and you can chill in the evenings listening to your favorites together.

Play and Collect Legos

Who says Legos are only for kids? Think again. Collect your favorite sets and build them together or score a bunch of Legos at a thrift store and make your own designs. It's fun playing as a couple.

Woman carrying a Lego bag

Build Dollhouses or Dioramas

Speaking of playing, toys aren't only for children. Make your own miniature scenes or dioramas, from construction to decorating to all the tiny details. You can even make a dollhouse with real working lights.

Tour Museums and Galleries on Rotation

If you live near a city with lots of museums and galleries, set up a weekend schedule for visiting. Go to one museum or gallery every weekend (you can take turns choosing or picking together). When you've gone through every one, start again.

Become Rockhounds

Rockhounding or searching for special rocks like agates is a super addictive hobby you can enjoy together. It's great because you're outside, and you can do it any time you travel (you may even find you travel to places just to look for rocks there). It's fun to share your finds and display them in your home.

Quick Tip

You can also get a rock tumbler to polish the rocks you find together. Then you can display the polished rocks in a bowl or vase.

Go Thrifting and Antiquing

Love the thrill of the hunt? Get into thrifting or antique shopping with your special someone. You can hit up your favorite stores on the weekends and spend time making wish lists of things you want to find during the week. It's exciting to share the moment you find that amazing item.

Women shopping in an antique store

Get Really Into Mixology

Mixology, or mixing up amazing drinks, is kind of the ultimate couple's hobby. It's creative and endlessly interesting, and you get instant feedback from your partner if you make something good or gross. You can take a class locally or just try out lots of great recipes for cocktails or mocktails.

Have a Two-Person Movie Club

If you both love movies (who doesn't?), deviate from just a movie night and form your own couple's movie club. Take turns choosing movies you think you'll both enjoy and then take some time after the movie to talk about what you loved and didn't.

Experiment With Yarn Bombing

Listen, we're not going to tell anyone to get into graffiti, but yarn bombing is pretty harmless in most situations. You wrap or tie yarn around things to create colorful and cool displays on posts, trees, or basically anything. You can do it on your own property or as a joke for friends and family (imagine the joy you and your partner will share when your sister-in-law wakes up to a yarn-covered fence post in her front yard).

Write and Illustrate Your Own Children's Books

If you have kids, and even if you don't, writing a children's book together is an awesome way to express some childlike creativity as a couple. One of you can be the writer and the other the illustrator, or you can collaborate on both. The details of the story and characters will give you tons of great conversations too.

Make Music Together

Do you both play instruments or enjoy recording? This is another awesome hobby for couples at home together. Even if you never record anything or let anyone listen, just jamming together is a great way to bond.

Young couple playing the piano in their living room

Grow Orchids as a Couple

Orchids are tricky, but that's part of what makes growing them so fun. You can fill your house or apartment with lots of different varieties, and it's fun to shop together for new ones.

Try a Classic Couple's Hobby

A hobby doesn't have to be totally unique to be new and exciting for you as a couple. We love these classic ideas too:

  • Play cards or board games.
  • Form a couples' book club.
  • Learn to cook or bake a new type of food.
  • Go rock climbing at a gym or outside.
  • Play pickleball weekly.
  • Go hiking in your area or wherever you travel.
  • Learn a new language together.
  • Take dance lessons and practice a lot.
  • Go birding.
  • Learn photography.
  • Make art together.
  • Get really into gardening.
  • Knit or crochet together to make an afghan or other project as a couple.
  • Get into camping every weekend.
  • Join a bowling team or just bowl a lot together.

Get Closer With a Couple Hobby

No matter what activity you choose, make sure it's one you both enjoy. The best hobbies for couples let you share something fun and bring you closer emotionally at the same time.

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35 Unique Hobbies for Couples to Strengthen Your Bond