9 4th of July Nail Ideas to Light Up the Sky

Get ready to nail it this Independence Day with our fun 4th of July mani and pedi ideas.

Published June 14, 2024
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From hotdog-eating contests to fireworks displays, there's no holiday quite like Independence Day in the US. It's a day for unrestrained patriotism, where people rock the stars and stripes on clothes, shoes, hats, tablecloths, and even their nails. 

From understated holiday-themed nails to full-on red, white, and blue, our 4th of July nail ideas will help you rock this American holiday.

Red, White, and Blue


Sure red, white, and blue nails may seem a little on the nose, but so are all the American flag tank tops that you'll see at every Independence Day gathering. We love this for the subtlety of it all. You're giving a nod to the stars and stripes without wearing it over every part of your body.

Get the look:



We love the delicate sparks that light up the night when we hold sparklers. And these sparkling fingertips are perfect for lighting up the night in your own special way.

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As American as Apple Pie


Is there anything more American on the 4th of July than apple pie? These apple-green nails are the perfect nod to this all-American dessert.

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I Cannot Tell a Lie


We all remember the school story of 6-year-old George Washington chopping down the cherry tree and then owning up to his antics. It's one of many myths about the man, the legend, GW. And while it may not be true, it's still a tale that's as enmeshed in Americana as a 4th of July party. Which is why we love these demure red and white nails with their simple cherry art for Independence Day.

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Ice-Cold Lemonade


Squeeze the day... nothing is more satisfying on a hot and sunny Independence Day than a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade. So, how cute are these lemony nails, anyway? You'll get lots of compliments as you pour everyone a glass.

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Stars & Stripes Forever


As rousing as a Sousa march saluting the American flag, these stars and stripes toenails are the stuff that super cute pedi dreams are made of. 

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Patriotic Dots


If it's understated patriotism you're going for, then this red, white, and blue mani is the one for you. It has all the Fourth of July elements but in a subtle and adorable way, with matte white nails, dots, and just a skosh of fireworky glitter on a few fingers.

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Leave the Sparkle for the Sky


We love this full-on matte version of red, white, and blue. It gives your nails a patriotic tinge but leaves the real fireworks for the sky.

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Firework Fab


Your Fourth of July nails will be fireworks-ready with this night-sky background and glimmering sparkles of light. It's a one-coat wonder (plus top coat), so it's so easy to do.

Get the look:

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Rock Your 4th of July Nails


Sure, America should take center stage on Independence Day. But that doesn't mean you can't do a little sparkling of your own. And we think these Fourth of July nail ideas will give you just the right amount of sparkle while still letting the USA shine.

9 4th of July Nail Ideas to Light Up the Sky