7 July Nail Ideas That Showcase Summer Shades

Get ready to nail it this July with our summery nail ideas for manis and pedis.

Published June 12, 2024
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Now that the dog days of summer are in full swing, it's time to update your mani and pedi. And we have all the fun July nail ideas to inspire you. 

Beautiful Buttercup


Do you like butter? Your nails think you do! We love this soft, buttercup yellow for fingers and toes as a fresh and sunny July color.

Get the look:

Airy Alliums


How cute are these hand-painted allium flowers (Hint: we think they're super cute). And they're not that hard to do. It takes a bit of a steady hand, but because the flowers are airy, you can dot them on.

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Ice Cream Party


From the mint green polish to the cute ice cream cone decals, these are the nails you'll crave this summer. Whether you go with ice cream cones or another treat, these nails are sure to sweeten your July.

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Beach Blanket Bingo


A pedi that matches your beach blanket? Yes please. These adorable stripes are super easy to accomplish, and they'll look great on your hands, too.

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Ladybugs for Luck


We love the contrast of the red ladybugs with these matte pastel nails. After all, who couldn't use a little luck in July?

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Have an Ice Summer


Cool it down with icy blue nails that look perfect in the summer heat. With or without the added bling, it's a look we love.

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Show Off July Nails for Summer


Whether it's subtle or showy, we love a summery nail. So this July, try one of these manis or pedis for the perfect look. 

7 July Nail Ideas That Showcase Summer Shades