100+ Classy & New Conversation Hearts Sayings We Could Fall For

Conversation hearts know how to speak our soul and appetite. These are the messages for the classic Valentine Candy are 2CUTE.

Published January 21, 2024
Frame filled with tons of pastel colored candy conversation hearts

People may debate whether or not conversation hearts are a tasty treat, but there's no debate about how cute the conversation heart messages are. If we could dream up and make our own candy hearts with fun sayings, these are the messages we'd include.

Classic & Current Conversation Heart Sayings

The conversation hearts we love today have been around a lot longer than you might expect — since 1866 to be precise. The messages on the hearts have changed a lot over the years, with plenty of limited edition releases throughout. But these are the classic and current conversation heart sayings we see today. 

  • Awesome
  • BFF
  • Be Mine
  • Be True
  • Call Me
  • Crazy 4 U
  • Cutie Pie 
  • Dare Ya
  • Don't Tell
  • Flirt
  • Forever
  • Hey You
  • Hugs
  • Hug Me
  • Got Luv?
  • Kiss Me
  • Love Birds
  • Love You / Luv You
  • Marry Me
  • Miss You
  • My Girl
  • My Hero
  • One & Only
  • Puppy Love
  • So Cute
  • Soul Mate
  • Sweet
  • UR Cute
  • Wink Wink
  • XOXO
  • Yes
  • Yes Dear
  • You Rock
  • You + Me

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Cute Conversation Heart Messages for Friends

If you're devouring an entire bag of conversation hearts, you're probably sharing that bag with a good friend. If we could write our own conversation hearts just for our best friends, these are the messages we would include.

Cute Conversation Heart Messages for Friends
  • Be My Galentine
  • Better Half
  • Bromance
  • Coffee?
  • Dinner On Me
  • Fries Before Guys
  • Girls Night!
  • Let's Go Girls
  • I Brought Chipotle 
  • I Have TSwift TIX
  • Live Closer
  • Rachel To My Monica
  • Ride Or Die
  • Spill The Tea
  • True Soul Mates
  • TXT Back
  • You Owe Me Money
  • Your Ex Is Bald Now
  • You're A Total Betty
  • You're Too Good For Him
  • THX 4 Being a Friend
Fast Fact

The foundation for the conversation hearts we love today can be traced to Boston in the 1940s when a pharmacist named Oliver Chase invented a machine for cutting medical lozenges. 

Funny Conversation Heart Sayings to Share a Giggle

Conversation hearts have had some pretty witty and giggle-inducing messages over the years. If we had to choose our own hilarious quips for the tiny hearts, we'd stamp on something along the lines of these messages. 

Funny Conversation Heart Sayings to Share a Giggle
  • But I Can Fix Him
  • Buy Me Donuts
  • Call Your Mom
  • Catfished 
  • Cash Me Outside
  • Clingy & Co-Dependent 
  • Friend Zoned
  • I Heart Food
  • I Luv Sleep
  • I'm Hungry
  • I Tolerate You
  • I Settled
  • I Shaved For This?
  • It's Complicated
  • Me + Nuggets
  • Not 2Nite
  • Lie To Me 
  • Luv = Carbs
  • Pizza Has My Heart
  • Situationship
  • Stalker
  • Stay Toxic
  • Tacos
  • Take A Nap
  • Would You Love Me If I Were a Worm?
  • You'll Do
  • You're Like Really Pretty 
  • You're Okay
Quick Tip

You can also make custom conversation hearts with any message you like to share with those you love.

Romantic Conversation Heart Messages for Your Sweetheart

You might remember pouring over a pack of conversation hearts as a tween and painstakingly trying to decide which message was best for your crush.

Back then we just chose the safe "You Rock." But these days we're a bit braver and a lot more creative. These are the romantic messages we would choose for our sweetheart's candy. 

Romantic Conversation Heart Messages for Your Sweetheart
  • *Hand Flex*
  • At Last
  • Boo Thang
  • Did You Get Prettier?
  • Enemies To Lovers
  • Foot Rub?
  • Forever Valentine
  • For Life
  • Heart Thief 
  • Honey Honey
  • Hunk Alert
  • I Choose You
  • I Emptied The Garbage
  • I Filled The Tank
  • I Love You & I Like You
  • I Stuck To The Budget
  • Let's Complicate Things
  • Let's Order Chinese
  • Lock The Door
  • Lover
  • Still The One
  • The Kids Are Asleep
  • What Dreams Are Made Of
  • Wife Material 

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Other Ways to Share Conversation Heart Messages

If you've found a message too good to pass up (or eat), try an alternative way of sharing it with the person on your mind. Whether you're sharing your heart from a distance or pairing your message with a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift, these methods should get the point across.

  • Add it to a card.
  • Send it in a text.
  • Turn it into a craft.
  • Paint it on a small canvas.
  • Write it on heart-shaped cookies.
  • Add it to a cake.
  • Make a custom fortune cookie.
  • Turn it into a social media post. 

Make Your Message Sweet as Candy

From the hilarious to the heartfelt, the point of a conversation heart is to share a sweet message. Use your creativity to let someone know you care and you know exactly how to speak their love language this Valentine's Day.

100+ Classy & New Conversation Hearts Sayings We Could Fall For