12 Barbiecore Fashion Tips to Channel Your Inner Barbie Girl

We're obsessed with all things Barbie these days — and the trending Barbie fashion and clothing is the vibe we didn't know we wanted.

Published August 28, 2023

Barbiecore outfits are taking over the fashion world, and we're living for this recent obsession with all things pink and sparkly. Barbiecore fashion is a style or fashion aesthetic largely inspired by Barbie and all of her outfits featuring shades of pink, bright colors, feminine silhouettes, and all the sparkly details.

We've broken down some of the easy ways to incorporate a Barbiecore aesthetic into your personal style. From feminine necklines to platform pumps, this is how you can do Barbiecore clothing your way. 

Use Pink in Unexpected Places


Anyone can wear pink clothing. What sets Barbie apart is that her pink clothing and accessories stretch into the unexpected places as well.

Pink jeans, outerwear, tights, pencil skirts, and boots are places you often see neutral colors. But Barbie braves the fashion world with her vibrant pink garments and you can rock them just as well as she does. Barbiecore street style is one of the easiest ways to show off your dedication to the aesthetic. 

Platform Heels Are a Must


Pink shoes are certainly part of the Barbiecore style. But the aesthetic has another shoe rule: platform shoes. They're a must for the style as they showcase the signature shape of Barbie's perfect little foot.

If pumps aren't your thing, there are other platform shoe options you can try. Sneakers, loafers, boots, and sandals with a platform heel are a fun way to get the Barbiecore look with any outfit.

Gravitate to Girly Gingham


We've all seen Barbie sport solids, florals, polka dots and stripes for decades. One of the unexpected patterns to come out of the new Barbie fashion craze is gingham. It's dainty, girly, and gives a sweet nod to the Barbie style of decades past. We love seeing it used in modern ways like strapless dresses, mini skirts, and blazers.

Small & Structured Bags Look Just Like Barbie's


Barbie will always be the queen of accessories, and we remember all of her small, plastic pink purses rolling around in our toy chests. Since the small crossbody and clutch styles are trending already, it just makes sense to opt for a sturdy and colorful version. Extra style points of your purse is shiny, sparkly, or is decorated with pearls. 

Matching Sets Make Barbiecore Effortless


Barbie is never caught in a mismatched outfit. Except, of course, when we dressed her that way in a moment of childhood chaos! But if you're looking to achieve the Barbie look without having to think about it too much, matching sets are your best friend. Whether it's a suit, a skirt set, or loungewear, this trending look flows right into the Barbiecore aesthetic. 

Look for Classic Feminine Silhouettes


This is Barbie we're talking about. No one rocks the classic feminine silhouettes quite like she does. Look for the fits that follow those classic lines. Corset styles, A-line cuts, and hourglass shapes help emphasize the feminine qualities of this style aesthetic. 

Try Bold & Girly Blazers


We love that blazers never really go out of style, and Barbie is well aware of this fashion staple. Much of the Barbiecore street style features blazers in all sorts of ways. For a true Barbie look, try blazers with bold colors or prints, feminine fits, and signature Barbie details like shades of pink or pearl accents. 

Don't Forget Sunglasses


Barbie always accessorizes, and sunglasses are a must for all her Malibu adventures. Look for shades that fit the aesthetic with large, rounded, pink frames. If it looks like a pair of sunglasses you might find in Barbie's convertable, you're golden.

Channel Barbie During Your Workout


Barbiecore isn't just for your street style. True fans of the aesthetic know that you can channel Barbie no matter what you're up to. Look for ways to add hints of the style to your gym attire.

  • Try a matching legging and sports bra set.
  • Grab a hot pink windbreaker.
  • Toss on an oversized Barbie tee or a baby pink sweatshirt.
  • Embrace retro leg warmers. 
  • Accessorize with a transparent gym bag, pink sneakers, or pink headphones during your workout. 

Add Old Hollywood Glam


There's one style Barbie has always perfectly embodied: the class and elegance of old Hollywood. Large headbands, pearls, gloves, fur details, and satin materials fit right into the Barbiecore look. 

Rock Printed Pants Like Barbie


Whether it's a retro look or a modern street style, printed pants in bold and girly patterns complement the Barbiecore style. Hot pink is a fun choice, but don't feel limited. Barbie has had her fair share of brightly colored jeans, printed trousers, and retro bell bottoms.

Add Some Sweetheart Necklines


Here's a subtle way to add Barbie style to your wardrobe. The sweetheart neckline isn't Barbie's only look, but it certainly evokes the same vibes that she does. It's sweet, classy, and adds the feminine flair of Barbiecore to your everyday looks. 

Embrace Your Inner Barbie Girl


Barbiecore is the fashion aesthetic that speaks to the child in so many of us. To think we would one day live in a time when dressing like Barbie was the latest fashion craze would have been a childhood dream come true. Now we get to live every day like a Barbie girl and be on trend at the same time.

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12 Barbiecore Fashion Tips to Channel Your Inner Barbie Girl