Capricorn Personality Traits & Characteristics

Capricorns are powerful, strong, and responsible individuals who prioritize success and responsibility. Learn more about people born under this sun sign.

Updated November 27, 2023
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You know that reliable friend you can always count on to show up exactly when and where they say they will? They’re probably a Capricorn. It’s not just that Capricorns are loyal (although they definitely are!), but they’re the most dependable and committed sign out there.

Capricorns are also sensitive but stoic, loving but often have trouble showing affection, and sarcastic with a great sense of humor. Yeah, the Capricorn personality is complex and often misunderstood. Immerse yourself in all things Capricorn to learn more about this ambitious and powerful sign. 

Capricorn Overview

Understanding the sign of Capricorn is key to understanding the Capricorn personality.

  • Capricorn dates: December 22 - January 19
  • Element: Earth
  • Aspect: Cardinal
  • Planetary ruler: Saturn
  • Symbol: Sea goat ♑︎
  • Colors: Brown, gray
  • Most compatible signs: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus
  • Love language: Acts of service

Capricorn's Traits

Capricorn is the cardinal and Earth sign of the zodiac. It's symbolized by the sea goat, indicating a Capricorn's ability to keep their head while swimming in emotional waters. Like all signs, Capricorns have both positive and negative personality traits. 

Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorn's Positive Traits

Capricorns are ambitious and always driven to do more and do better. Along with their ambition, they have plenty of other positive characteristics: 

  • Perseverant
  • Practical
  • Ambitious
  • Driven
  • Self-controlled
  • Disciplined
  • Confident
  • Faithful
  • Loyal
  • Tolerant
  • Helpful
  • Sincere

Capricorn's Negative Traits

But with the good always comes some more challenging traits. At their worst, some Capricorns can be: 

  • Melancholic
  • Pessimistic
  • Depressed
  • Cynical
  • Workaholic
  • Demanding
  • Stuffy
  • Cold
  • Stern
  • Suspicious
  • Resentful
  • Stubborn
Fast Fact

Capricorn is a universal sign that looks at the world from a philosophical or metaphysical perspective.

8 Key Capricorn Characteristics 

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If you were born between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorn is your Sun sign. This means you'll possess at least a few, if not all, of the key Capricorn personality traits.   

Capricorns Are Ambitious

Capricorns are ambitious and always driven to do more and do better. They approach life with an "I've got this" attitude. But what sets Caps apart from other signs is that they take their aspirations very seriously and do whatever they can to achieve them. 

They're Old Souls

Capricorns are responsible, self-controlled, and determined individuals who, even as children, have a mature and disciplined approach to life. They're what you might call an "old soul" because they've always acted years beyond their age. Capricorns are the friends you go to whenever you need advice because they always speak the truth and have plenty of pearls of wisdom up their sleeves.

“Practical” Is Their Middle Name

People with this sign have a great deal of strength and practicality, as well as the ability to think rationally and logically. They're not afraid to deal with the hard facts of reality to overcome limitations. It's that grounded Earth energy! 

Capricorns Set Lofty Goals

Capricorns set lofty goals, both personally and professionally, then persevere and steadily work toward attaining them. Their goals are usually associated with their instinct to thrive in the physical world. Striving for success, recognition, and respect are important characteristics of any Capricorn.

They’re Notoriously Workoholics

Because they're so ambitious, it's not uncommon for Capricorns to be workaholics. They won't stop until they see things through, even if that means working through lunch or on their day off. 

They Are Abundantly Patient

Capricorn folks are calm and grounded people who have the patience of a saint. They don't usually get frazzled in overwhelming situations and instead think logically about the best solution to address the problem at hand. Plus, they understand that work takes time and are willing to wait for the fruits of their labor. 

Capricorns Tend to Be Cautious

People born under the Capricorn sign are very careful in their decision-making. They take their time to weigh the pros and cons before committing to something. Yet, when they make a choice, they're all in. 

They’re Often Reserved

Capricorns are calm and controlled, with a reserved, quiet, soft-spoken manner. Even though they project confidence, they'll usually shy away from being the center of attention. Capricorns prefer to stand to the side and observe. 

Physical Characteristics of a Capricorn

Capricorns come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, depending on their ancestry. Even so, there are quite a few uncanny similarities among those who share Capricorn as a Sun sign. Probably the most distinguishing physical trait that's common to all Capricorns is their soulful, sultry, and mysterious eyes that seem to look into you and past you at the same time. 

Capricorns are most often solidly built, physically strong, and blessed with very tough bodies that can endure just about anything. This general sense of sturdiness remains throughout their lives. Because of their strength and assuredness, Capricorns also have a firm, impressive handshake.

Capricorn Relationship Traits

couple embracing

In relationships, a Capricorn will protect everything and everyone they love. Typically, they aren't into PDA, but that doesn't mean the affection isn't there. Other Capricorn relationship traits include:

  • They have an affectionate and playful side with members of their "trusted circle."
  • If a Capricorn loves you, their love is strong and long-lasting.
  • They are loyal, faithful, helpful, and dependable friends or partners. 
  • They value truth and honesty.
  • They’re attracted to people and partners with goals.
  • Even though they might not show it, Capricorns need emotional support in relationships.
  • When they commit, they’re all in.
  • They usually prefer quality time with their loved ones over social outings.

Capricorn Career Traits

As the hardest working sign in the zodiac, Capricorns can pursue just about any career they put their minds to. But Capricorn's personality traits lend well to a few occupations in particular:

  • Entrepreneur
  • CEO
  • Healthcare professional
  • Teacher
  • Financial advisor
  • Accountant
  • Human resource manager
  • Appraiser
  • Business analyst

Eminent Capricorns

Elvis Presley Combing His Hair

Capricorns are ambitious, prone to look to the future, and always in control of themselves. They keep their eyes on the prize and make the most of their time. As the eminent personalities below prove, success after success is the name of the game for a Capricorn.

  • Elvis Presley (1/8/35)
  • LeBron James (12/30/84)
  • Michelle Obama (1/17/64)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. (1/15/29)
  • Gabby Douglas (12/31/95) 
  • Steven Hawking (1/8/42) 
  • Justin Trudeau (12/25/71) 
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus (1/13/61) 

Getting to Know Capricorn

All Capricorns are different because the Capricorn personality is multi-faceted and complex. If you are a typical Capricorn, you're most likely self-sufficient, cool-headed, great in a crisis, and committed to your family, friends, and career. Capricorns have a clarity of purpose and resilience that's unmatched by any other sign of the zodiac.

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Capricorn Personality Traits & Characteristics