Weekly Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs: November 26-December 2, 2023

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Updated November 25, 2023

Here's your weekly horoscope for every Sun sign for the week of November 26-December 2, 2023. Not sure which horoscope is yours? Discover your Sun sign by birthdate.

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Aries, is your spirit beginning to feel ready for that new, crisp, clean slate that’s just around the corner? Of course it is, but there’s still plenty of year left to go. So before you gear up to take on the new year by storm, focus your energy and determination on the handful of weeks remaining this year.

From your charismatic charm to success with even the boldest of initiatives, now is the time you’ve been cautiously hoping and waiting for to arrive. Be it at work, home, or in your personal life. Your enthusiasm is often contagious, and now, with a touch of holiday magic on the horizon, it's truly inspirational. 

This week is about harnessing your natural energy, Aries, in your professional and personal life. Lead with confidence, communicate effectively, and remember to balance your adventurous spirit with practical considerations. Your smooth smile and measured approach will lead the way.



Taurus, as the glitter, glam, sparkles, warmth, and friendship come to a cinnamon-scented simmer this month, you won’t need to dig as deep when it comes to creating a simple harmony between all your plans and parties. Don’t try to force all the pieces together. Let them fall into place and then map out your plans, and take this approach with you into the new year.

But first, keep your eye on the short-term: now is the time to wrap up those projects you’ve been studiously and not so studiously toiling away at. There’s nothing better than kicking up your feet, lighting a candle, and ordering some sushi once that big project is done. Imagine that feeling, then go chase it.

The week encourages a balance of practical endeavors and personal fulfillment, dear Taurus. Embrace activities that bring comfort and joy and maintain focus on your long-term goals, but don’t lose sight of what you need to get wrapped up, literally and metaphorically. Remember, your steadfast nature is a source of strength for you and those around you.



Gemini, rest when you are tired, even if there is more work to do. Both sides of you. Just because you’re resting the side of you that’s a social chameleon in favor of a smaller gathering doesn’t count as rest. Working your charming personality is still work. Let others take the lead and instead, sit back and enjoy the company of those you’re with.

Of course, you can’t always just turn it off at work. So if you’re itching to put your agile and dynamic personality and mind to work, that’s just the place to do it: at work. No one can multitask or knock down tricky projects the way you can. There’s just something about your way to rally just the right people needed to get things done. 

Your week is about effectively utilizing your communication skills and intellectual prowess. Embrace learning opportunities and engage in creative endeavors, but nurture your relationships by letting others be the social butterfly this week. Balance is key — ensure you manage your time wisely.



Cancer, striking a balance between home and your career can be a challenge, but this week, the answer to a problem in any part of life is all about which option is the best for your well-being. That work project you long to be part of may not quite work into your schedule right now. But trust that another opportunity will come along.

Spend time with those who make your soul happiest and leave you floating instead of people who feel like a chore. Take a good look at who you let into your life and your heart so you can make better choices about who it is you want to surround you. External support is just as important as your own empathetic clairvoyance.

This week is about honoring your emotional depth, nurturing relationships, and finding that comfort can be a solution. Balance your professional responsibilities with your need for emotional well-being, and engage in activities that replenish your spirit. Remember, your ability to empathize and connect deeply is a gift that enriches endlessly.



Leo, there’s a hidden motor humming along inside of you, and that’s your secret super power to managing a dynamic and busy time of life. With a social life that’s bustling with energy, whimsy, and dinner with friends, soak up the happiness and joy that it brings you. When your energy feeds on your happiness, it can become an easy way to keep your spirits bright.

If you’re feeling particularly generous and grand this season, lean into the treats you want to bestow on others. Just make sure that you don’t leave your wallet or bank account weeping afterward. That little trinket you know they’ll love? Absolutely. Those hard-to-get concert tickets that run into the four digits? Maybe skip those. 

Your week is characterized by a strong energy in both your professional and social lives. Embrace your creative spirit, but also remember to manage your resources wisely, make time for yourself, and respect your budget. Your warmth and generosity continue to endear you to others, making this a rewarding week on many fronts.



Virgo, you want everyone to be happy but don’t forget you’re someone too. Be practical and honest about your limitations. If you know that saying yes to those plans will take your weekend from busy to impossible, be honest. Then, reschedule, even if those dinner plans aren’t until February. Try to offer a solution when you decline a project or invitation so that you can consider the matter closed and dealt with.

Communicating clearly and without any ambiguity is the key to keeping feelings from being hurt. You’re a charming person, and others love being around you. Fill your cup before you try to help them fill theirs. And if you find yourself unable to say no, take on the role of an active listener rather than a physical doer when it comes to problem-solving.

Your week is about effectively utilizing your practical and methodical approach in various aspects of life, even with your own well-being. Stay focused on keeping your energy high, use your time wisely, and find time for creative and personal growth activities. Your detailed nature will help you navigate the week with success and satisfaction.



Libra, this busy season of life is all about finding a balance in the social dynamics as you move from party to party, work to happy hour, and answer the call of your own needs and desires. The diplomatic nature you so readily and easily use to help others can help you, too. Try not to second-guess yourself this week. Have trust in your own mind.

Open communication will help you navigate the week with ease and clarity. Both at work and at home, it's important to keep the dialogue going. Laying out clear-cut plans with a calendar for all is the way to keep things organized rather than feeling chaotic. Saying no even if you have an open time slot is important to not become overwhelmed.

This week is about leveraging your social skills and contributing positively to your professional and personal life. Give a little extra love to your relationships, and find time for self-care and creative expression — even if that’s taking a quick nap. Your ability to create harmony is not just a skill but a gift that can bring joy to everyone.



Scorpio, the nights grow longer, and your mood seems to mirror the weather just outside your door, but that doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to feeling gloomy for days on end if the sun refuses to shine. Make a little sunshine yourself. Enjoy your favorite coffee and have a movie marathon with your favorite pizza. 

Your determination serves you well, both at home and at work. Problems that may seem complex to others have a clear-cut solution to you. Go ahead. Let them tell you how thankful they are for your easy fix that they missed, but don’t forget to stay humble. You still have some ground to cover.

Your week is about diving into your emotional depths, harnessing your professional determination, and nurturing your relationships. Finding a balance between accepting what is and deciding when to change things up is key. Your insight and intensity can transform various aspects of your life.



Sagittarius, sometimes adventure isn’t about how far you travel but about how much you change from where you started. You know those weeks where it feels like you’ve lived a lifetime even though you’ve hardly left your neighborhood? Those are just as fulfilling for your adventurous heart, so don’t think of those local weeks as lost. Look at them as stay-ventures.

Of course, new is always a sparkly and fun way to scratch that itch for something that’s a little different from the norm. Throw on your optimist's hat and grab your rose-colored glasses to look at things a little differently. You might just be surprised about how much is hidden in plain sight — including the solution to that problem that’s been plaguing you.

Embrace the week with your natural enthusiasm and openness to experiences, both old and new, dear Sag. Balance your adventurous spirit with some practical considerations, especially closer to home. Engage in social activities, pursue learning opportunities, and take time for self-reflection and creative pursuits. Your sunny outlook is your guide.



Capricorn, your ambitious goals are admirable. But to cross them off your list, you’ll need to put some of your practical planning to use. Carving out the time to work towards them is just as important as having the initiative to start in the first place. Just take that first step, and once the ball is rolling, let the momentum carry you forward.

You might be juggling a lot this week, from struggling to keep your budget on track to making sure you don’t miss anyone with your holiday cards to keeping up with your yoga streak. A little mindful reflection and gifting yourself a bit of grace during a busy season of life will go a long way.

The week ahead is about harnessing your ambition and drive without spinning your wheels. Focus on meaningful connections, including with yourself, to keep feeling good both inside and out. Allow time for creative and spiritual exploration to achieve a well-rounded and fulfilling week.



Aquarius, no one walks the line of balancing fun and responsibility the way you do. When asked whether you’re busy because of business or pleasure, you almost always answer with both. And with busy schedules as the norm this time of year, don’t be afraid to offer some soft assistance to others so that they, too, can live their life to the max.

Doing so shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. You keep your calendar filled, sometimes overly so, at all times. Yes, you already have a party that day to go to. But of course, you can make the time to swing by both. 

The week encourages a blend of intellectual problem-solving, social plans, and creative exploration. Embrace your unique perspective and use it across all aspects of your life, from professional endeavors to personal relationships. Remember to balance your active mind with moments of relaxation and wellness. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.



Pisces, if you find yourself abuzz with creative ideas and you’re daydreaming a little extra about how you want to paint the kitchen cupboards, that next mission in your favorite video game, or slow mornings with coffee at a table across from someone you love, cut yourself some slack for those wishes. What your heart wants can help clear a path for you.

Without a bit of practicality, your imagination can’t quite get off the ground. There’s more to goals than just hoping that they’ll happen. Make a plan, break it down into small steps, and then swim a little closer to that goal line each and every day. Consider asking others for their advice if and when you start feeling stuck.

Embrace your empathetic and creative nature this week, dear Pisces, while balancing it with practicality and logistical restraints. Your intuition and imagination are powerful tools that can guide you in various aspects of life. However, remember to stay rooted and aware of what you can do before making future plans.

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Weekly Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs: November 26-December 2, 2023