Most Loyal Zodiac Sign: Every Sign Ranked

Are you ride-or-die or a little capricious? Find out where you fall on our definitive ranking of loyal zodiac signs.

Published May 22, 2024

Whether it's a friend or a partner, one of the things we value most is loyalty. Are you wondering if your friend or potential partner is ride or die or a fickle pickle? You may find some insight in astrology. These are the most loyal zodiac signs (and those that are less loyal). 

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Still waters run deep, and Scorpios run deeper than any other zodiac sign. That's because of Scorpio's fixed water nature, which means that when they commit to something, they really commit. Scorpios take stuff like loyalty extremely seriously. So while it may take a while to win Scorpio over to your side, once you do, you can bet they are going to be the most loyal friend or partner you'll ever have. 


Capricorns are as steady as they come and super reliable. And when a Capricorn finds their person, they're in it for life. Capricorns are totally into family, and they work hard and do all they can to love, shield, and protect them. These are the traits of a super-loyal human. So if you count a Capricorn among your nearest and dearest, chances are they'll be someone you can rely on for years to come.


Taurus is a fixed earth sign. These two aspects — a fixed nature that is loyal to those things they're familiar with and a grounded, steady earth sign make the Bull incredibly loyal and trustworthy. They're especially loyal in partnerships and will do anything for their beloved as long as you hold their trust. 

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Deeply emotional because they're water signs, Cancer puts hearth, home, and family above all else. This means Cancers are extremely loyal to their loved ones and friends. Relationships matter to Cancer, and once you prove they can trust you, you're in. 


Another earth sign, Virgo makes a loyal partner and friend. While Virgo may be super organized and a little nitpicky, they love with all their hearts, so they're loyal to a fault. 


Leo's fixed nature makes them fiercely loyal to those they consider their people, but there's a caveat. If you aren't loyal to prideful Leo, they probably won't be loyal to you. But once Leo has decided you are one of their people, you have a steady, solid ride-or-die. 


Pisces are deep feelers, and they're also the dreamers of the zodiac. They are idealists who can struggle to align their rose-colored view of someone with their reality. So Pisces can be extremely loyal — as long as you live up to their idealized image of you. When you do, you're set for life. When you don't? They could slip away like the mercurial beings they are. 


Libras seek harmony and balance, so they tend to be people pleasers if it will bring harmony to their world. If you have the right vibe, Libra is always going to be on your side. But upset their desire for balance by acting out in unexpected ways, and Libra may just call it quits in order to seek out harmony elsewhere.


Aquarius is a fixed sign, so they do have some loyalty built into their astrological DNA. But they're also innovative and individualistic. So while they are loyal to those they care about, they're most frequently off doing their own thing. But an Aquarius can be extremely loyal to an ideal or cause. They're the person you want fighting by your side. If you need them, Aquarius will be there for you, especially if your cause is just.


Gemini is known for being of two minds, which can make them a little fickle. One part of them is, of course, fiercely loyal. The other part though? Not so much. As an air sign, it's no surprise that Gemini can be a bit breezy. It's just part of their changeable nature.

So while Gemini can make a loyal friend and partner, you'll need to be able to roll with their dual personalities. But it's totally worth it because Gemini is charming, engaging, adventurous, and witty — all the fun things to have in a buddy.


Sagittarius struggles with commitment (or avoids it at all costs), but they can be loyal to the people in their lives who don't demand 100% devotion all the time. It's because fire sign Sag thrives on adventure and change, and they don't want to be tied down. 

If you're Sagittarius's ideal adventure and travel buddy, they'll probably be super loyal to you. But if you're somebody who wants to tie them down to one place, person, or thing, they'll be running away so fast your head will spin. 


Aries is impulsive. As a cardinal fire sign, Aries burns hot and fast. And Aries wants what they want when they want it, which means they can sometimes be driven by selfish impulses. 

This doesn't mean that Aries can't or won't be loyal. Once committed to a partner or pal, they definitely have staying power as long as that person shares their passions and is willing to go along for the wild (and entertaining) ride that Aries will take them on.

The Most Loyal Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has the capacity to be loyal to the people and things that matter the most to them. And since their sun sign isn't the only aspect of their natal chart, different people will have varying degrees of loyalty based on the other parts of their chart. All make great friends and partners when they connect with the right people. 

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Most Loyal Zodiac Sign: Every Sign Ranked