Cancer Personality Traits Revealed

Published June 8, 2022
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Cancer personality traits can range from sweetness and loyalty to petulance and resentment. To understand and appreciate this complicated sign, it takes a full-spectrum view of Cancer traits and characteristics.

Changeable Traits of a Cancer

Each astrological sign has at least one key characteristic that really identifies it. Cancers, whether fairly or unfairly, are known for their moodiness. This is because Cancer's ruler, the Moon, waxes and wanes from new to full and back to new again. Just like the Moon has its phases, so does Cancer. This can be a help or a hindrance. For better or for worse, Cancer sign traits include feeling things very deeply.

Cancer Traits and Characteristics

Positive Cancer Attributes and Personality Traits

What are Cancerians like? To understand this highly complicated sign a little better, take a look at Cancer's positive traits. Just keep in mind that every Cancer's birth chart has a multitude of other astrological influences, which will affect the degree to which an individual expresses these traits.


The tender-hearted trait that's so prominent in Cancer is often misunderstood. Cancers find it challenging to communicate what they're feeling. To complicate matters a bit more, they can shut down all emotional responses when hurt. Though they may seem emotionally immature to some, most of the time, it's merely that they have an emotionally sensitive nature.

Emotionally Receptive

Once you get to know these people, you'll quickly realize that they're actually highly evolved individuals who aren't just sensitive to their own emotions; they're also receptive to the emotions and feelings of others. This empathic ability complicates a Cancer's emotional state of being. Many empaths and psychics have sun signs or several planets in Cancer.


family at home

The family that Cancer creates with their mate will receive undying loyalty and dedication. Cancers are capable of great love, but first, they must learn how to give it. Once they do, their family will blossom under their nurturing.

Devoted Parents

Cancers are very proud of their children and see them as an extension of themselves. They teach them good manners and social mores, and they expect them to be just as well-behaved in private as they are in public. They'll move mountains to see that their children have what they need and, in many cases, will lavish them with material gifts.

Homebody at Heart

Cancers are very attached to their homes. They consider their homes their retreat. Like hermit crabs, they cannot survive without a home to call their own. Home keeps them grounded and makes them feel safe. Cancers will spend a lot of money decorating their homes and filling it with all the things that give them comfort and make them feel secure.

Artistic and Creative

Cancers tend to have a strong creative force that involves them with the arts in some capacity, such as writing or poetry. They take great pleasure in expressing themselves creatively and sharing their creations with others.

Excellent Worker and Provider

Cancers are excellent providers and diligent workers. They work best when left on their own without being micro-managed. Most Cancers treat their jobs much the same way they do their homes. They are protective of their job status and often hold managerial positions. They expect loyalty, and they treat their employees like family. Cancers will give a sympathetic ear to a co-worker as long as the problem doesn't threaten their own job security.

Negative Side of the Cancer Profile

Every sign has a few negative traits, and Cancer is no exception. How strongly these traits are expressed has a lot to do with the other aspects of an individual's chart.

Fearful of Rejection

Cancers need to express their feelings without fear of rebuke. Cancers are deathly afraid of being rejected, so if they feel that there's even the slightest chance that will happen, they'll immediately pull back into their shells.


One of Cancer's less fortunate personality traits is they can become resentful and petulant rather quickly. If a Cancer feels they've been slighted in some way (whether real or imagined), they can let the resentment build up inside until it finally explodes. The trouble is that nearly anything can make them feel resentful. It's difficult to always please a Cancer. The best you can do is wait until they snap out of it and return to normal.


If you ever fall from Cancer's good graces, you may never be forgiven. You may not even know what you said or did, but one thing is sure; when that door slams behind you, it will probably never be opened again. You could spend years replaying your last conversation to understand what went wrong, but don't bother. You can never unravel the complexity of Cancer's emotional makeup.

Deeper Cancer Character Traits

Cancer zodiac sign

Taking a more in-depth look into Cancer's psyche reveals even more about this sign. Like Cancer's symbol, the crab, there's a softness beneath their shell worth exploring.


The crab is a sea creature that takes its cues from the Moon. Depending on the tides' ebb and flow, the crab decides how to best chart its course. Cancers do the same thing as they respond instinctively to the surrounding situations.

Soft Underbelly

The similarities between this sign and its symbol continue because both have extremely soft underbellies. It's no secret that Cancers are easily hurt, and their wounds take a long time to heal.


There's a big difference between being nice and being kind, and Cancer is genuinely aware of this. Whether it's rescuing a stray dog or feeding the homeless, Cancer is the first one in line to offer a helping hand.


While a Cancer's moods may flicker like a candle in the wind, you can always depend on them. Whether it's for love, money, or simply to lend a helping hand, Cancers are known for coming through in a pinch.

Rarely Direct

Cancers do not like confrontations, and they will usually go out of their way to avoid arguments. Just like an actual crab will move sideways when it perceives danger, Cancers are rarely direct and step aside when they can.


It takes a lot for these folks to blow up, but once they do, watch out! Perhaps this is because Cancers spend so much time stifling their anger.

Action taker

Cancer is the Cardinal water sign of the zodiac and, therefore, acts on its emotions. Cancer is ready to spring into action to right a wrong at a moment's notice.


Like their opposite sign, Capricorn, Cancers are known for their staying power and can outlast just about any adversary. After all, crabs have claws for a reason. So, when Cancers decide to fight for something, you can rest assured that they will go the distance.

Getting Along With Cancer

All the various characteristics of Cancer can make these people quite a handful to deal with. Try to be careful with your words and supportive of the Cancer person in your life. It may take more work to maintain the relationship, but Cancer's positive traits make it worth the effort.

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