Cancer Compatibility and Best Matches for Love

Cancer is a sensitive and nurturing partner looking for someone to join them in keeping the home fires burning. These are their best matches.

Updated August 10, 2023
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Even with your hard outer shell in place, Cancer, you have a soft heart. You're a homebody who needs to feel safe, loved, and nurtured in a relationship. You're looking for a partner who wants the same, and someone who understands your moody nature. While not every sign of the zodiac is a perfect match for your Cancer heart, you're compatible with several zodiac signs that have long-term love potential.

Cancer Best Matches for Love and Romance

Cancer, it takes a steady, loving individual to win your heart. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are Cancer's best matches. They are steady and grounded, providing earthy stability to balance your deeply emotional nature. You may also do well with fellow water signs Scorpio, Pisces, or other Cancers.

Cancer Compatibility Chart

Cancer Compatibility Chart

Check out our Cancer compatibility chart. It lists important aspects of love and relationships, and how you match up in each with the different zodiac signs.

Love Passion Friendship Trust
Aries Poor Poor Fair Poor
Taurus Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Gemini Good Good Good Fair
Cancer Very Good Good Excellent Very Good
Leo Fair Poor Good Fair
Virgo Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
Libra Poor Poor Poor Poor
Scorpio Very Good Excellent Excellent Good
Sagittarius Poor Poor Fair Poor
Capricorn Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
Aquarius Fair Poor Poor Poor
Pisces Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent

Cancer Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign

While you now know that you'll do best with earth signs and fellow water signs, Cancer, it's helpful to understand how the dynamics of compatibility align with each of the sun signs. 

Cancer & Aries: Different Priorities

Aries are passionate, impulsive, and a little bit rowdy. You, on the other hand, prefer a quieter life. So while an Aries can initially seem exciting, over time their YOLO attitude can become a bit much for you, Cancer. You're looking for a partner who enjoys spending time with you in a love bubble, while Aries is seeking a companion for adrenaline-fueled adventure. You prefer a slow burn, and Aries falls in and out of love so fast your head will spin. Never say never, but this could be a difficult pairing over the long haul.

Cancer & Taurus: Lifelong Love

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Taurus, the fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, is the most grounded earth sign. They are sensual, slow-moving, loyal, calm, and can easily handle your moody nature. In a relationship, you both take things slowly, and that works for each of you for different reasons. You're highly compatible because you both want the same thing—the security of love, family and home. This is the best combination for a happy marriage and family life.

Cancer & Gemini: Heart Versus Head

Cancer, you're ruled by your heart and emotions, while Gemini is definitely ruled by their head. You long for something steady and predictable, and Gemini is not that. While you can be moody, you're always the same person at heart, while Gemini seems to swing between personalities. This might feel a little—or a lot—confusing. While Gemini isn't your worst match, it's going to take work, communication, and plenty of understanding for the relationship to work.

Cancer & Cancer: Mutual Emotional Understanding

There's an immediate emotional understanding between two Cancers. Each of you is wired to take care of everyone around you, and both of you pour your heart into your relationship and prioritize love and family. Together, you can create a supportive, happy, homey, and cozy existence with one another. The only drawback is that you're both emotionally reflective and prone to moodiness. When one is having a dark day, it's likely to bring the other down.

Cancer & Leo: Compromise Required

Leo can be showy and exciting, Cancer, which can definitely attract you to your zodiac neighbor. And their confidence can be alluring. But Leo is one of the more social signs of the zodiac, while you're definitely much more of a homebody. And as a fire sign, Leo can be emotionally volatile, but in intense ways that could feel personal to you. Leo is likely to hurt your feelings, even when they aren't trying. So while this match could work with lots of compromise, it's one of the more challenging pairings. 

Cancer & Virgo: A Solid Match

Virgo is rational and reasonable, and you are emotional and intuitive. Pairing with a Virgo creates a relationship that can be highly complementary. Your empathetic, comforting, and nurturing nature complements Virgo's attunement to the physical world and sense of integrity. As a couple, you'll gain some perspective, and Virgo will become more aware of the emotional nuances in life. Of course, there will be difficulties when you get a little moody or when Virgo becomes nitpicky and critical, but all in all, it's a good balance and a solid match.

Cancer & Libra: Different Languages, Different Lives

This can be a tense relationship because you're so different from one another, and not necessarily in an opposites attract kind of way. Libra is flirty and social, while you're reserved and often introverted. Because neither of you understands these most basic aspects of the other's personality, this can lead to a lot of conflict and lack of trust. 

Cancer & Scorpio: A Sensitive Pairing

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In a relationship, you and Scorpio are sensitive, in tune with your emotions, and empathetic. Both of you crave the kind of emotional connection that comes from being vulnerable and laying out all your deeper feelings to your partner. The problem is that you can be a bit too emotionally vulnerable for guarded Scorpio. Additionally, Scorpio's stinging tongue can sometimes hurt your feelings. But if each of you can temper these instincts and learn to communicate, this is a solid match with long-term potential.

Cancer & Sagittarius: Better as Friends

You and Sagittarius make pretty good friends, as your differences can complement one another. However, a romantic relationship is going to take a lot of work. Sagittarius is not a fan of commitment, while you're looking for someone you can trust and settle down with. Sagittarius is constantly on the go, and you're more of a homebody. While Sagittarius is your most compatible fire sign, chances are you'll wind up as friends and not long-term romantic partners.

Cancer & Capricorn: Possible Soulmates

Because you and Capricorn are opposing signs, your relationship is an attraction of opposites. You're shy, caring, and deeply emotional. Capricorn is practical, serious, and stoic. You can bring out the softer and more emotional side of Capricorn, while Capricorn's practical, ambitious nature brings more stability and direction to your life. The greatest difficulty you and Capricorn might have is that you can be clingy, while Capricorn needs alone time to chill out.

Cancer & Aquarius: Living in Different Worlds

Your world is deeply emotional, committed, caring, and traditional. Aquarians, on the other hand, tend to be detached, unconventional, and intellectual. This is definitely a mismatch in terms of how you each see and experience the world, as well as how you relate to one another. You love affection, and Aquarians aren't exactly the most romantic folks on the planet. Still, their mind will fascinate you, and your emotional nature can interest them. So while this isn't the worst pairing of the zodiac, it's definitely one that will have its challenges.

Cancer & Pisces: Emotional Rapport

Cancer, you and Pisces have an emotional and intuitive rapport that draws you together. You play off one another perfectly. You initiate and gently take the lead, while Pisces is easy-going and provides emotional support. Both of you are exceptionally sensitive to each other's needs. Pisces gives you the needed emotional reassurance, and you provide the direction, nurturing, and caring a Pisces needs. However, since you both tend to soak up the emotions of others, as a couple, you'll tend to isolate yourselves.

What Cancer Needs in a Relationship

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Cancers are deeply emotional water signs who value hearth and home. They tend to be traditional, introverted, sensitive, and devoted. They're also highly private individuals who are nurturers. If you've got your eye on a Cancer as a potential romantic partner, it's important to understand what they need in a relationship.

Emotional Security

Cancers are sensitive and emotional, and they need a partner who can provide stability and reassurance. They crave a connection that makes them feel safe and nurtured.

Deep Connection 

People under this sign value deep and meaningful relationships. Superficial connections may not satisfy them. They often seek partners who can connect with them on a more profound, emotional level.

Family and Home Focus 

Cancer values home and family above all else. They prioritize these areas and seek a partner who shares similar values and goals in life.

Empathy and Understanding 

Due to their sensitive nature, Cancers need a partner who is empathetic and understanding of their feelings and moods. They want someone who can provide emotional support and validation.

Loyalty and Trust 

Loyalty and trust are paramount for Cancers. Betrayal and trust deeply hurt them, so they seek partners who are reliable, faithful, and demonstrate commitment to the relationship.

Partnering With a Cancer

While they can be moody, Cancers are nurturing, loving individuals who make lovely, loyal life partners. So if you're interested in a Cancer, while sun sign compatibility is important, it isn't the only thing that determines whether a relationship will last. So if you're seeking a caring partner who you can trust, it's always worth getting to know a Cancer. 

Cancer Compatibility and Best Matches for Love