Leo Compatibility and Best Matches for Love

Leos have magnetic personalities that attract many potential partners. These are their best matches.

Updated September 8, 2023
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Leo, you're the life of the party and the center of attention. So when all eyes are on you, it might be helpful to sort which of your admirers are the most compatible. Certain sun signs make the best matches for you, Leo, and some can even be soulmates that are ready to join your pride.

Leo Best Matches for Love and Romance

Not all sun signs can keep up with your high energy and magnetism. The matches for Leo are the air signs, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. With the other fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries, there's a lot of passion that can create an exciting love match. Air signs will fan your flames, while fire signs share your passionate nature. So while Libra and Gemini are your strongest matches, they're far from the only ones. 

Leo Compatibility Chart

Leo compatibility chart

This table will help you see how you match up with every other sign based on four important components of romantic relationships.

Love Passion Friendship Trust
Aries Very Good Excellent Excellent Very Good
Taurus Poor Poor Poor Poor
Gemini Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Cancer Fair Poor Good Fair
Leo Good Excellent Good Fair
Virgo Fair Poor Good Fair
Libra Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Scorpio Fair Very Good Fair Poor
Sagittarius Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good
Capricorn Fair Fair Fair Fair
Aquarius Good Excellent Very Good


Pisces Fair Very Good Fair Fair

Leo Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign

You're incredibly social, Leo, and when you meet someone new, you always put your best foot forward. But over the long term, some may struggle to keep up with your high-energy, alpha personality. That's why you do so well with the social air signs, especially Libra and Gemini, and the energetic fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries. 

That's not to say you can't find a connection with grounded earth signs or emotional water signs. But those relationships will probably take more compromise, dedication, and understanding in order to have them make it over the long haul.

Leo & Aries: Frisson

With Aries, the power dynamic is supercharged. Combine Aries's aggressive nature with your regal dominance, and you've got fireworks ready to go off at any second. When you aren't fighting, you're having more fun than seems possible. You get each other, and that's priceless!

You also have a ton of things in common, such as your love for careers and creative activities. You both enjoy physical challenges and sports. The only negative might be the tendency to be overly combative with one another. Otherwise, this could be a very steamy and passionate love affair.

Leo & Taurus: Different Ways of Looking at the World

Leo, you and Taurus share a trait: you're both stubborn. Your stubbornness is dynamic and often loud  — you'll make as much noise as you need to get your way or to get your point across. On the other hand, Taurus's stubbornness is quietly unyielding. This can lead to a lot of conflict, especially since the two of you have very different worldviews. This is a difficult match, even if there's initial attraction, because you're just so different.

Leo & Gemini: Fun & Social

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You and Gemini make a fun and social couple. You're endlessly fascinated with Gemini's flirtatious nature. When you meet, the chemistry will be off the charts. And while you can be a touch possessive and Gemini a bit flighty, especially when it comes to commitment, the ever-changing nature of the Gemini personality will keep you hooked. This could be a very fiery (and sometimes volatile) relationship that has great long-term potential if you can each understand the other's needs and desires. 

Leo & Cancer: Opposites Who Understand Each Other

A relationship with a Cancer can be difficult for both of you, because water and fire are incompatible. However, your adjacent connection means you have an innate understanding of one another. 

Under the right circumstances, this can be one of those classic relationships where Cancer is the homebody who takes care of the nurturing and nourishment of the family, while you are the dynamic 'out-there' partner who goes out into the world to shine. It may sound corny, but Cancer can be the wind beneath your wings providing support and stability at home and the admiration and devotion that you need. With compassion, care, and shared goals, this can work. 

Leo & Leo: Clash of the Titans

You have a huge personality, you're highly social, and you crave admiration. All these things make you a bit of a showoff. And any Leo you partner with will have the same desire for life in the spotlight as you do. So it's probably no surprise that with both of you seeking to be the center of attention, it can lead to clashes. But it doesn't have to.

You're both incredibly charming, and this will draw you to one another. And given that you both adore drama, the dramatic dynamic between the two of you could just as easily tie you together as it could push you apart. Ultimately, it's up to you to come up with a compromise, so you can share the spotlight. And if you do that, this relationship could be an exciting one that goes the distance. 

Leo & Virgo: Different Agendas

You and Virgo can make a go of things, but it won't be easy. You have a lot to learn from Virgo, but you may not recognize that. Virgo is humble and service-oriented, and nothing could be further from your personal agenda. You might get there when ready, but until then, you'll resist mightily.

Virgo's perfectionistic, critical eye is not quite the admiring appreciation you crave, either! It takes a special Leo to appreciate what a Virgo has to offer, but it could be just what the doctor ordered. When it works, you click. Your fire powers both of you, while Virgo's high standards provide a bar you can use to take your measure. 

Leo & Libra: Soulmate Potential

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Pairing with a Libra can be a glorious match. Your fire and air elements get along smashingly, as air feeds fire and fire dances in the air. Together, you're the romantics of the zodiac, and a Libra is likely to be your best match as a soulmate. You're both optimistic, creative, very social, into appearances, and enjoy being surrounded by people.

Libra loves beauty and is also a skilled communicator. You're beautiful and respond to sincere admiration. There is something in it for both of you. Needs get met on both sides. Your charisma and dynamic presence enthrall Libra, who is generous with appreciation. Meanwhile, you reciprocate by showering Libra with gifts and attention worthy of royalty, which is a clear pathway to the Libran heart. When you and Libra click, 60 blissful years can go by in the blink of an eye.

Leo & Scorpio: Light & Shadows

Scorpio is deep and broody, while you're bright and lively. Scorpio is an introvert, and you're an unapologetic extrovert. You crave the spotlight, and Scorpio prefers to hide in the shadows. Scorpio is emotional, and you're excitable. Where you could click, however, is in the bedroom. You're both voracious, passionate, and sensual lovers, so sex can be exciting. But unless you're each willing to adapt, this isn't a relationship with great long-term potential.

Leo & Sagittarius: Combustible

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Fire signs together are combustible. In this partnership, you're going to have a ton of fun. But power struggles may also arise. Your drive to dominate can rub the proud Sagittarian the wrong way, and if the slow-burning Sag temper ignites, sparks will fly. When the sparks finish flying (not to mention the crockery), you'll go straight to make-up sex. 

You're both creative and playful, and the connection is never boring. With your flair and Sagittarius's love of new environments, you travel well together and are the life of any party. You'll collect friends like other people collect stamps, and you'll laugh a lot. This is a good match if you can both calm the fire just a bit.

Leo & Capricorn: Meh

There's nothing overwhelmingly great or horrible about a Leo and Capricorn match. There are some incompatibilities here, but they aren't so huge that you'll have knock-down, drag-out fights. And there are some compatibilities, but they're not so amazing that you'll be drawn together like magnets. Depending on what else is in your charts and how committed you are to being together, this can be a relationship that works or one that you each happily walk away from.

Leo & Aquarius: Opposites Attract

Your opposite sign, Aquarius, couldn't seem more different. But like all oppositions, you express two sides of the same coin. Aquarius is the observer and thinker, while you're the performer. Frankly, that can be a match made in heaven. A loved-up Aquarius is the perfect foil for your dramatic side, and you balance and ground one another.

You can feel like halves of one whole person. At times, you might feel dethroned and bit out of sorts over your water bearer's hectic lifestyle, but as long as you're honest with Aquarius and accept their eclectic collection of friends and pastimes, you'll have a great time together.

Leo & Pisces: A Challenging Pairing

You'll be drawn to Pisces's mysterious air, Leo. This slippery water sign is sensual, and that sensuality and air of mystery definitely draw your attention. And Pisces may find your dynamic personality exciting to begin with. But this can be a challenging partnership over the long haul.

You're both romantics, although your ideas of what makes something romantic are likely to differ significantly. And this can be a definite roadblock unless the two of you make the effort to communicate your desires and hear what the other has to say. After an initial attraction, this relationship may fizzle quickly, or it could go the distance.

What Leo Needs in a Relationship

Leo zodiac sign

If you're interested in a Leo, it's not at all surprising that someone with this regal sun sign has captured your attention. Leos can be magnetic and vibrant, and they attract potential partners like honey attracts flies. But if you want to have more than a fling, it's important you understand what Leo wants and needs in a relationship.

Attention and Appreciation

Leos enjoy being the center of attention and appreciate partners who admire and celebrate them. They often seek validation, and they love to be complimented.

Passion and Excitement

Leos are passionate by nature and enjoy relationships that are equally fiery and intense. They are adventurous and like to explore new things, both intellectually and emotionally.

Loyalty and Trust

Leos value loyalty above most other traits. A partner who is dependable, steadfast, and who trusts them in return will be highly prized.

Intellectual Stimulation

While physical attraction is important to a Leo, intellectual and emotional connections are equally crucial. A partner who can engage in deep discussions and offer new perspectives will keep a Leo interested.

Space for Independence

While they love being adored, Leos also value their independence and need space to pursue their interests and passions. A relationship that allows them room to be themselves is essential.

Generosity and Kindness

Leos are often very generous and enjoy pampering their loved ones. They appreciate kindness and generosity in return, whether that's emotional support or small acts that show thoughtfulness.

A Sense of Drama

Leos enjoy the more dramatic aspects of life and love, so a partner willing to engage in grand romantic gestures or who appreciates the theatrical aspects of a relationship might be more compatible with Leo's style.

Mutual Respect

Leos command respect and give it in return. A partner who understands and respects their needs, without being overly submissive, is likely to win their heart.

Partnering With a Leo

It's easy to be attracted to a Leo, who has a magnetic, fun, and social personality. And while not every sun sign is the perfect match for Leo, several are. If a Leo has drawn you like a moth a flame and you're not one of the most compatible signs, don't despair. Whether the relationship has long-term potential depends on how important it is to each of you to allow your compatible aspects to shine and to compromise on the less compatible ones. 

Leo Compatibility and Best Matches for Love