Aries Compatibility and Best Matches for Love

Aries needs an energetic and spontaneous partner who loves adventure nearly as much as they do. These are the best matches for Aries.

Updated August 8, 2023
Aries love match

Aries, you're the hard-charging first sign of the zodiac. And much like the Ram that represents you, you're a stubborn adventure seeker looking for a partner that can keep up with your adrenaline-fueled nature. When it comes to Aries compatibility, you'll need to meet the right person to settle in for the long term.

Aries Best Matches for Love and Romance

Aries, for long-term relationships, air signs Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra make great matches. You can also form passionate matches with fellow fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and other Aries.

One of the overarching themes of your life is discovering who you are as an individual - often by trial and error. So while you can and do fall in love long-term, you may have multiple intense relationships and make a ton of mistakes before you get it right. But that doesn't mean you won't get it right. When you meet someone you're compatible with, if there's enough patience and understanding on both sides, lasting love could be in the cards. Your fiery, passionate relationships with fellow fire signs are as likely to turn into lasting love as they are to burn out quickly. And you could find deep companionship and often long-term love with breezy air signs that can balance and flow with your intense nature.

Aries Compatibility Chart

It's always nice when bonds form spontaneously, but it doesn't hurt to hedge your bets by seeking out your most compatible zodiac signs as companions or lovers. The Aries compatibility chart rates all 12 signs from one heart to five in terms of overall compatibility.

Aries Compatibility Chart

Check out this chart of the various relationship aspects and how each sun sign could match with Aries.

Love Passion Friendship Trust
Aries Good Excellent Good Good
Taurus Fair Fair Fair Fair
Gemini Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Cancer Poor Poor Fair Poor
Leo Very Good Excellent Excellent Very Good
Virgo Poor Poor Fair Poor
Libra Good Good Good Good
Scorpio Poor Good Poor Poor
Sagittarius Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good
Capricorn Poor Fair Poor Poor
Aquarius Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
Pisces Fair Poor Good Fair

Aries Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign

Your passionate nature often drives you, Aries, but it's not possible to find lasting passion with everyone. Your best matches are breezy air signs and passionate fire signs. But that doesn't mean that you won't find love with earth or water signs. It's just that it may take more effort and commitment on both of your parts to make the relationship last.

Aries & Aries: Bright Flames That Could Burn Out

No zodiac couple can fall in and out of love as quickly and furiously as an Aries and Aries. First, there's an attraction that's sudden, hot, and dynamic, but it's often too hot and confrontational to handle. Which means the relationship can fizzle out as quickly as it began.

As two competitive and passionate people who love to try new things, the two of you can share many adventurous moments. Due to your physical nature, you can and do enjoy all sorts of physical activities together, from walks to sports and other types of physical challenges. But you're both competitors, which can make it a challenge to forge a loving partnership.

It's easy for you to take off your clothes and jump in bed, but even when it comes to sex, there may be problems due to your shared "me first" attitudes. Your mutual focus on self can create issues that lead to sexual frustrations unless or until both of you learn to indulge the other's sexual needs and desires.

You can definitely enjoy the chase and the challenge with another Aries, but you both lack follow-through, which can make for a fun but bumpy relationship. The major problem in an Aries/Aries coupling is that you're both somewhat self-centered, independent, easily bored, and quick to move on, which certainly does not bode well for marriage.

For an Aries/Aries relationship to work, you must learn the art of give and take to make it last.

Aries & Taurus: Different Ideas About How Life Should Be

Here's the thing with you and Taurus, Aries. You're both pretty stubborn, but about different things. Taurus is a homebody while you want to have adventures. Taurus loves their stuff while you're more about the experience. These differences can loom large, making the relationship one that will face many challenges.

Aries & Gemini: Natural Attraction

Couple kissing under the rain

A match with Aries and Gemini can create a volatile and passionate relationship. There's a natural attraction that draws you to one another, and once hooked up, an Aries can't live without Gemini any more than fire can survive without air. So this can be an ideal relationship. You both love to flirt and enjoy your freedom, so Gemini will allow you the space to be you. Gemini is also down for adventure, so as long as you keep your life together exciting and creative, they'll love the ride.

Gemini is also interesting enough to keep you on your toes. You love surprises, and Gemini's nature is often surprising. They'll respond to your passion and be enthralled by your extravagant and fiery nature. It's a complementary match that can work incredibly well for both partners.

Aries & Cancer: Extrovert and Introvert

Your capacity for independence, adventure, and calling it like it is could be a little much for sensitive, introverted Cancer. While at first Cancer may be drawn to your confidence, over time they could start to feel insecurity in the relationship due to the very thing that drew them in the first place. This is a challenging partnership that will take a lot of mutual understanding to make work.

Aries & Leo: A Fun, Showy Couple

couple at a formal party

Aries, you and Leo are both creative and fun individuals with lively spirits. Leo is a social diva, and you're a gadabout. You both love the great outdoors and are enthusiastic about life. You enjoy the chase and are quick to commit, and Leo loves the attention and has patience and staying power.

You both have a tremendous zest for life. You're affectionate, loyal, big-hearted, passionate, and showy as a couple. Your life together will be filled with playful nights out on the town, lots of parties, and celebrations with friends. However, there will also be plenty of highs and lows.

Of the fire signs, Leo is your best bet for a long-lasting relationship. Loyalty and honesty are two of the qualities you admire in each other, and you both celebrate love to the fullest. Of course, yours will be a partnership filled with active competition, and there will be fights. But you enjoy the exchange, and Leo wants the marriage to last.

You're both born leaders who have strong wills. The greatest challenge you'll face in your relationship will be a fight for dominance. This means you'll have to work out a compromise as to who's the boss and when. The secret to long-lasting is for each of you to do what you do best, share leadership, and fight nicely.

Aries & Virgo: A Challenging Connection

You're a fast burner while Virgo favors a slow burn. You're adventurous. Virgo is meticulous. You're a little selfish. Virgo is altruistic. While these differences may spark passion and be fascinating at first, over time, your differences will begin to grate on each other. This relationship quires a lot of understanding and compassion to work.

Aries & Libra: Potential Soulmates

couple embracing in kitchen

Mars rules Aries; Venus rules Libra. Mars and Venus are the planets most associated with love (Venus) and sex (Mars). You and a Libra are like sex magnets to one another. When you unite, you reveal the "opposites attract" nature of soulmate relationships. This is a passionate and feisty coupling of dreamers who are adventurous, expressive, and full of grand schemes and plans. As soulmates, you and Libra are a tag team in which each person has a distinct role to play. While a long-term relationship will take work, this combination has lifetime potential.

Aries & Scorpio: Mr./Ms./Mx. Right Now

Make no mistake, Aries. When you get involved with a Scorpio, there's going to be passion. A. Lot. Of. Passion. It's going to be great sex, and it's going to be worth your time whether it's a onetime encounter or you hang out for a while. But aside from the passion, there's just really not a lot there. You and Scorpio are very different, and each of you has difficulty understanding the other. But, if the opportunity arises, as long as you both know going in that a long-term relationship is going to be challenging, this one might be worth trying out anyway.

Aries & Sagittarius: An Adventurous Pair

couple on a sail boat

When you match with Sagittarius. there's hot love affair potential. The chemistry between you is mind-blowing, and it's safe to say that the time you spend together will never be boring.

You can be a fun couple. You're both energetic, crave adventure, and are always up for a good time. As a couple, you'll always be busy and on the go. Additionally, you're interested in the same things, bored by the same things, and fascinated with each other. Even as lovers, you'll be best buddies who'll enjoy planning your next adventure or hitting the gym together.

While an Aries and a Sagittarius can be friends or lovers extraordinaire, it will be hard for you to commit to walking down the aisle. Neither of you is a homebody, and you're both independent, with roving eyes and self-centered goals. You're quick to commit to the relationship and can quickly move on when you realize that Sagittarius is a bit commitment-phobic.

Can this relationship last long-term? Sure, if you each sacrifice some of your personal freedoms for the relationship. However, if you do make it to the altar, you'll likely have many wonderful stories to tell your grandkids. And also a few stories you won't be able to share with anyone.

Aries & Capricorn: An Unlikely but Possible Match

You and Capricorn have some things in common - like ambition and independence. But you have a ton of differences too - they're steady; you're impatient. They're very career-oriented; you like to play. This can either bring balance or a total mismatch, depending on how you handle it. So with a Capricorn, never say never, but there are some challenges.

Aries & Aquarius: An Optimistic Freedom-Loving Couple

couple on the beach

You're attracted to an Aquarian's uninhibited, independent, and freethinking approach to life, while an Aquarian is attracted to your independent, fun, and spontaneous nature. Yours may be a unique relationship, but it will never be boring.

You both love to try new things, and you each and places a high value on your independence. Because you're both so independent, you give each other the freedom you need and desire. You're also each future focused - and with optimism, so your worldviews and dispositions line up nicely for a possible long-term match.

Aries & Pisces: Better as Friends

Pisces tend to be dreamy and romantic. They often have traditional ideals about relationships, something that you usually don't share. So while a Pisces may at first be attracted to your confidence and adventurous nature, over time this can be difficult for sensitive Pisces. And speaking of sensitive, Pisces takes a lot of things personally, including things you don't mean to be personal. So it can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. This is a pairing that's usually better as friends.

What Aries Needs in a Relationship

Aries zodiac sign

Do you have your eye on an Aries? Before jumping in with both feet (something Aries is VERY good at), it may be helpful to understand just what Aries needs in a relationship.


Passionate by nature, zeal and passion are incredibly important in a partner for an Aries. This doesn't only mean passion in the bedroom (though it's important there), but also a passion for life with all of its aspects. Aries wants a passionate partner who enjoys sharing their many adventures.

Willingness to Try New Things

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries loves to try new things. So a stick-in-the-mud partner who prefers the tried and true will quickly bore Aries. You'll need a true sense of curiosity and adventure to be with the daring Ram.


You never know when adventure is on the horizon, and Aries needs someone who's ready to go at the drop of a hat. That doesn't mean Aries can't make a plan. But if something more exciting comes along, be prepared to drop your plans for a more adventurous option.

Physical Activity

Aries loves to move. Whether it's a passionate romp in the bedroom or an awe-inspiring hike up a mountainside, Aries prefers a partner who can be just as physically active as they are. So if you've got your eye on an Aries, be prepared to get physical in nearly every way imaginable, from mountain climbing to stand-up paddle boarding.

Partnering With an Aries

Matched with the right person, Aries makes a wonderful lover or life mate. However, Aries's compatibility involves more than just a sun sign. The best love matches involve connections between Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of desire. So if you're attracted to an Aries and are not a fire or air sign, you might want to dig deeper into your astrological birth chart to determine just where the attraction lies.

Aries Compatibility and Best Matches for Love