Ultimate List of Cancer Sign Career Ideas

Published May 20, 2020
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The list of career ideas for the zodiac sign Cancer is the ultimate guide to your future. You can review a career listing to decide which jobs sound ideal for you. The best fits are in hospitality and service or creative oriented industries.

1. Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Owner

Cancer's nurturing tendencies and desire to take care of others makes the career as the owner of a B&B a good match. You love making a home and will put the same kind of effort into creating the B&B for a welcoming and homey feel. You will spoil your guests with lots of delicious foods to snack on most of the day and exceptional breakfast foods. Each room will have a truly cozy décor and guests will return on a regular basis, anxious to recapture the nostalgia they feel at your B&B.

2. Child Protective Investigator

Cancer is a zodiac sign that's family oriented. When it comes to children, Cancer is a true champion for protecting them. Choosing a career as a child protective investigator isn't for all Cancer zodiac signs, since you are sensitive to the pain of others. However, it does put you in a proactive position to investigate cases and claims of neglect and abuse and find remedies/solutions for endangered children.

3. Daycare Provider

Cancer's life revolves around family and hearth. As a daycare provider, you may have your own daycare that you oversee. You'll have a good rapport with you child caregivers and the children left in your care. You will take precautions to ensure each child trusted in your care is provided for in the best way. In fact, you'll plan and offer various after school programs as well as other activities from the youngest to the oldest children.

4. Interior Designer

Cancer has a perpetual need to create a cozy welcoming home. This trait can be capitalized on by turning it into a career as an interior designer. You can share your sense of style and the nuances that transform a house into a home with clients. The need to create and inspire can be actualized when you work with clients to beautify their homes and offices. You understand the balance between functionality and aesthetics, knowing how to establish both in a home or office décor.

5. Lawyer

If you choose to pursue a career as a lawyer, you'll find this path utilizes several of your Cancer attributes. These include your driving need to nurture and care for people. You also have an innate need to protect others. You are especially concerned about the innocent and defending the underdog is a natural tendency. You are able to see the whole picture which enables you to find new ways to defend your clients and create a plan of legal strategy.

6. Realtor

Cancer's need for their dream home can inspire you to help others find their ideal home. Your sensitive nature helps you empathize and understand what your real estate clients want and need in a home. Your own desire for a cozy home can help you recognize unspoken issues clients may have with a particular home. You easily pick up on nuances and signals clients give that make your job to find their next home much easier.

7. Restaurant Owner

Owning a restaurant is an excellent career choice for Cancer. Your natural need to nurture and care for others is exemplified by wanting to serve and feed people. You'll take great pride in selecting the food suppliers and opt for local farm produce. You will enjoy large crowds in your restaurant. You ensure everything on your menu is prepared from a place of love, believing you can infuse this positive energy into your food preparation to benefit your customers.

8. School Counselor

Cancer is a very intuitive, even psychic zodiac sign. Since your emotions run deep, you're also an empath. You can use all of these gifts to aid you as a school counselor. You can help children with various personal issues and guide them in finding various activities they can excel in performing. Your love for family will motivate you to help students having problems at home reconcile with their parents or at the least recommended to an outside therapist.

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9. Nurse

Your natural need to take care of others and your abundance of compassion, especially for those suffering may lead you into a nursing career. There are several specialties for you to consider, such as a family nurse or a pediatric nurse. Whichever one you select, you will find this career very rewarding.

10. Deep-Sea Offshore Fishing Charter Boat and Guide

Cancer is drawn to just about any water-related career. Living along the coast is often a dream come true for this zodiac sign. You may decide to operate a deep-sea offshore fishing charter service. As a fishing guide, you'll know all the favorite haunts for catching trophy size fish. This career gives you the opportunity help/serve people, be on the water and to utilize your people skills on a fun daily basis.

Cancer Signs Can Explore Their Ultimate Career Options

You have many choices of careers that fit your Cancer zodiac sign. Choose the one that best meets your ideal where you can use your many talents.

Ultimate List of Cancer Sign Career Ideas