Gemini-Cancer Cusp Meaning & Personality Traits

Are you a Gemini born on the cusp of Cancer? If so, you could combine traits of both zodiac signs for a personality that is uniquely your own.

Updated April 30, 2024
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If you were born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp near the summer solstice, you're enchanted with life's magic. The influence of Cancer on the zodiac sun sign of Gemini means you're probably a friendly, happy-go-lucky person who's uncharacteristically supportive, understanding, and concerned with home and family. Your greatest happiness comes from social harmony and a sense of belonging. 

Zodiac Gemini-Cancer Cusp Dates

If you're a Gemini and were born from approximately June 17 - 20, you were probably born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp. However, you'll need a calculate your birth chart to be sure. If your Sun is on the 27th, 28th, or 29th degree of Gemini, you were born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp.

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Gemini on Cusp of Cancer Traits Chart

If you're a Gemini on the cusp of Cancer, it means that while you will probably have some extroverted Gemini traits, you'll also probably have some of Cancer's more introverted and emotional traits.

Gemini on Cancer Cusp Chart
Positive Traits Negative Traits









Overly sensitive




The Gemini-Cancer Cusp: The Cusp of Magic

The Gemini-Cancer cusp is often called the "Cusp of Magic." It combines the light and breezy brightness of a Gemini Sun with the softer and more caring, affectionate, and emotional nature of Cancer. This cusp's magic can be found in Gemini-Cancers' social awareness and their ability to build strong, loving relationships.

Planetary Influences

People on the Gemini-Cancer cusp are visionary, futuristic, and high-minded individuals who speak from their emotional heart and are concerned with the well-being of others. This happens because the Gemini-Cancer cusp brings together Mercury, which is Gemini's ruler and the planet of communication, and the emotional, changeable Moon ruler of Cancer.

People on the Gemini-Cancer cusp are born on Gemini's last degrees, meaning their Sun is in the third decan of Gemini. This is the Aquarius decan of Gemini, ruled by Uranus.  Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius's combined influence, along with their rulers, Mercury, Moon, and Uranus, all contribute to their traits. 

Gemini-Cancer Cusp Elemental Mix

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Gemini is the mutable air sign of the zodiac, while Cancer is the cardinal water sign. Gemini-Cancers are communicators who stay busy and typically have bubbly, flirtatious personalities. However, they are also empathetic, sensitive, easily hurt, and don't take things lightly. This elemental mix can make a Gemini-Cancer feel like they're windsurfing easily through life, but they can quickly be upended by the rough waves of emotion.

Gemini-Cancer Cusp Strengths

Perhaps the greatest strengths of those born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp are their joy and vitality, and their ability to empathetically and elegantly translate emotions into words.

Charismatic and Magnetic

Gemini-Cancers are charismatic and usually surrounded by people. They are charmingly sweet and innocent but have a way of seducing and enchanting others.


Gemini-Cancers are inspiring individuals who tend to have an idealized view of reality and often devote their lives to a higher purpose.

Emotionally Intelligent

Gemini-Cancers are an interesting blend of feeling and logic. Unlike most Geminis, they have a thoughtful way of understanding and appealing to the emotions of others and are capable of deep emotional attachments. Platonic love has a special meaning for someone on the Gemini-Cancer cusp.

Gemini-Cancer Cusp Problems

The most challenging problem a person on the Gemini-Cancer cusp must deal with is that they are easily excitable and subject to sudden emotional changes of mood.

Gemini-Cancer can:

  • Be light and carefree one minute and sad and melancholy the next
  • Become anxious or depressed if they're unable to socialize
  • Have emotional outbursts to unwind their feelings
  • Be overly private and have a difficult time trusting people

Gemini-Cancer Cusps and Romance

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Gemini-Cancers are highly romantic, committed, and devoted, and they strive to maintain their relationships. Though they need a lot of freedom and are slow to commit, they are marriage and family-minded. Their happiness depends on having the love of a close family.

Gemini-Cancer Cusp Compatibility

Someone who is on the Gemini-Cancer cusp needs a partner who is light and bright and will also understand their emotional side. Therefore, they tend to bond well with personalities with the same air and water mix, such as someone born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp or the Libra-Scorpio cusp. However, an Aquarius-Pisces is probably their most ideal partner.

Gemini-Cancer Celebrity Examples

A good example of someone born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp is Australian actress Nicole Kidman, born June 20, 1967. Her Sun is on the 29th degree of Gemini.

Other famous people born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp:

  • Lionel Richie: Born June 20, 1949, with his Sun at 29 degrees Gemini
  • Paula Abdul: Born June 19, 1962, with her Sun at 28 degrees Gemini
  • Edward Snowden: Born June 21, 1983, with his Sun at 29 degrees Gemini
  • Gretchen Carlson: Born June 21, 1966, with her Sun at 29 degrees Gemini
  • Pete Rock: Born June 21, 1970, with his Sun at 29 degrees Gemini

The Logic of the Gemini-Cancer Cusp

The logic of cusps can be attributed to the progressed Sun. The progressed Sun travels one degree forward in a birth chart each year. This means that if you're a Gemini born on the verge of the Sun entering Cancer, your progressed Sun will move into Cancer when you're one, two, or three years old. It's then that you'll begin combining Cancer characteristics into your ever-evolving Gemini personality.

More About Zodiac Cusps

Not all astrologers pay attention to the cusps, and some believe if your Sun is in the first three degrees of the following sign, you were also born on the cusp. But considering that the first decan of all signs is the purest expression of that sign's energy, this seems illogical. Yes, cusps are controversial, but when you take the progressed Sun into consideration, there is a certain logic to being born when the Sun is on the verge of entering the next sign.

Gemini-Cancer Cusp Meaning & Personality Traits