What Is Gemini's Ruling Planet and Its Significance?

Published March 3, 2020
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Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury, and its significance can be seen in different Gemini personality traits. Mercury is responsible for many of Gemini's well-known traits and abilities.

What Is Gemini's Ruling Planet and Its Significance to the Twins?

As the ruling planet for the Gemini sign, Mercury governs information and technology. This control of communication is seen in Roman mythology as Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods. In Greek mythology, the name is Hermes.

Dual Nature of Mercury

For Romans, Mercury, the god of commerce, was often the mediator called upon to resolve conflicts between the gods and mortals. Mercury was lightning fast thanks to the wings on his feet. He also did double duty for the dead and escorted them to the underworld.

Gemini and Mercury Attributes

The Gemini ruling planet Mercury gives the gift of gab, and is easily seen in the Gemini sign. The ultimate communicator, Gemini knows no stranger and can carry a conversation about almost any topic since this zodiac sign has a thirst of knowledge and information.

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Fleet of Foot

Another Mercury attribute seen in Geminis is the high energy of the winged messenger. Gemini doesn't stay in place very long and has a need to keep moving. Not everyone can keep up with Gemini mentally since Gemini is bored very easily and can jump from one topic to another. Gemini constantly needs something to challenge them intellectually.

Gemini Personality Traits Influenced by Mercury

Mercury bestows some very becoming personality traits to Gemini besides high energy and ease of conversation. These include adaptability, an analytical nature, a positive attitude, and an insatiable curiosity. The Twins have various artistic talents that reflect their unique and excited perspective of life.

How Gemini Can Use Mercury's Influence

Gemini can use the various energies of Mercury to enhance life. Mercury imbues an analytical mind to the Twins. Gemini is constantly evaluating and assessing all things and people around them.

Mercury and the Gemini Air Element

Mercury is the swift communicator and Gemini is ruled by the air element. The air element is also associated with communication. Both the air element and Mercury give Gemini a strong and driving need for all forms of communication.

Air Element, Mercury and Gemini

Gemini has a flowing nature like its air sign. This allows the Twins to take advantage of Mercury's adaptability. These energies provide the Twins with coping life skills. Gemini is able to adjust and adapt to almost any situation or circumstance, and Mercury can make this a powerful skill.

Choosing a Career

Gemini can use the energies bestowed by Mercury's influence to choose a career that capitalizes on communication skills. Geminis can direct their amazing analytical acumen toward a scientific career or other position that requires keen logic.

Popular Gemini Careers

It isn't surprising Geminis can be found in media jobs, such as a journalist, writer or other communication arena. This zodiac sign has an innate need to share news and information. Public relations (PR), marketing, advertising, teaching, and scientists are just some of the other careers Geminis enjoy.

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Mercury's Influence Over Gemini's Childhood

A Gemini child is very energetic and inquisitive. This child has a vivid imagination and enjoys all kinds of storytelling. The main issues that parents face in raising a Gemini child is finding ways to keep this young mind engaged, stimulated and challenged.

Very Talkative Very Early

A Gemini child is very talkative and is rarely quiet. Gemini parents aren't surprised by a recurring comment on their child's report card, "Talks too much!"

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Romance and Compatibility for Gemini With Mercury's Influence

Gemini isn't as emotional as some zodiac signs and leans more toward intellectual expressions. When it comes to love and romance, Gemini usually is a friend before they become a lover. This connection is vital to Gemini, who wants their intellectual equal and a lover that can also be a cherished companion.

Compatable Zodiac Signs for Gemini

Gemini enjoys flirting and the art of dating, but not all signs are keen for this type of romance play. The zodiac signs Gemini will find compatible include Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo.

Exploring Gemini's Ruling Planet and Its Significance

The Gemini ruling planet, Mercury is significant to the Twins. It bestows the gifts of communication skills, artistic abilities and analytical mind.

What Is Gemini's Ruling Planet and Its Significance?