Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp: Driven Dreamers & Inspired Innovators

With a combination of smart and inspired, people born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp march to the beat of their own drums.

Updated June 10, 2024
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So you're a Capricorn but born very close to Aquarius. This most likely makes you a cuspy Capricorn... a.k.a. a Capricorn cusp Aquarius. While you have some of that typical Capricorn drive and ambition, you'll combine it with Aqaurius's unique worldview, which could bring you the best of both worlds. 

Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp Dates

Generally, if you were born between January 17-20, you're a Capricorn born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. However, the only way you can know for sure is to calculate your timed birth chart. If your Sun is on the 27th, 28th, or 29th degree of Capricorn, you were born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. Some astrologers consider the first three days the Sun is in a new sign as being on the cusp, but if you understand the astrological decans, you'll know why being born when the Sun is at the beginning of Aquarius is very different.

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Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp: Mystery and Imagination

The Capricorn-Aquarius cusp is said to be the cusp of mystery and imagination. This is where the practical, conservative, and hardworking Capricorn nature meets with the intellectual, forward-thinking, and idealistic traits of Aquarius. It's where practical application meets intellect and vision. Metaphorically, you can think of this as a successful business person sitting next to and conversing with a scientist at a dinner party and being seeded with new futuristic ideas.

Planetary Influences

The influence of the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, gives the Capricorn-Aquarius personality a feeling of duty and responsibility, but Uranus, the Ruler of Aquarius, adds innovation and unpredictability. Those born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp can appear sensible and reasonable (Saturn) one moment and erratic and uncontrolled the next (Uranus).

Capricorn-Aquarius Personality Traits

Capricorn-Aquarius Personality Traits

This cusp often creates Capricorns who are uncharacteristically wild, witty, and talkative. These Capricorns are prone to light-bulb moments, are seldom at a loss for words, and seem to generate excitement wherever they go.

  • Strengths: Brilliant, ambitious, productive, creative, and entertaining, as well as youthful and idealistic
  • Weaknesses: Emotionally detached, selfish, aloof, critical, and judgmental — some are even regarded as weird crackpots

Controversial Viewpoints

Those born on this cusp can be conservative or radical, but whatever their leanings, their viewpoints tend to be controversial, stimulating, and often delivered dramatically.

Interested in Humanity

Capricorn-Aquarius creates a "think it — do it" personality that feels responsible for the poor and oppressed. They will contribute money, time, and energy to helping the less fortunate. But at the same time, they have little sympathy for freeloaders who refuse to pull their own weight.

Idealistic and Imaginative

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Even the most conventional person born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp is idealistic with an active imagination. They are inventive, and everyday situations can be like a springboard for the often bizarre mental gymnastics going on in their head.

Inspiring Story Tellers

A Capricorn-Aquarius can also be an inspiring storyteller. Unlike the typical stoic and quiet Capricorn, these Capricorns know how to engage and entertain their listeners.

Famous People Born on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

The famous individuals below characterize Capricorn-Aquarius personality traits.

Muhammad Ali

Born on January 17, 1942, Muhammad Ali was a boxing legend, but his silver tongue and verbal sparring made him a global superstar in many other arenas.

Janice Joplin

Janice Joplin, born on January 19, 1943, characterizes the vivacious, impulsive, and wild nature of many Capricorns born on the cusp of Aquarius.

Federico Fellini

Italian film director and screenwriter Federico Fellini, born on January 20, 1920, had a unique style that blended fantasy and imagination with earthiness.

Vidal Sassoon

Born on January 17, 1928, Vidal Sassoon was the charismatic hairdresser who changed hairstyling forever by blending structure with innovation by emphasizing precision scissor cuts and stark geometric angles.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock, born January 17, 1971, is a singer-songwriter, rapper, and musician who has been embroiled in many controversies sparked by his vulgar lyrics and language, wild style, and controversial, in-your-face viewpoints.

Zooey Deschanel

Born January 17, 1980, Zooey Deschanel is an American actress best known for her role as the quirky and weird Jess in the sitcom New Girl.

Jim Carrey

Born on January 17, 1962, Jim Carrey is a comedian who's best known for his performances in wild, offbeat films such as Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and The Truman Show.

Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp Compatibility

Generally, when a Capricorn is born on the cusp of Aquarius, they're likely to be the most compatible with the Sun signs that are compatible with Aquarius and the other Air signs due to their open-minded and adventurous nature.

Capricorn-Aquarius and the Progressed Sun

Cusps are important because of the progressed Sun. The progressed Sun is an extension of your birth Sun and shows how you mature and grow. Your progressed Sun moves forward one degree each year from the day of your birth. So, if you are born with the Sun on the cusp of Capricorn-Aquarius, by the time you were 2 or 3 years old, your progressed Sun moved into Aquarius, and you spend the next 30 years of your life combining Aquarius traits into your evolving Capricorn personality.

Interpreting the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusps

It's easy to understand what a cusp is and how being born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp might affect a person. However, when you're born on a cusp, you're a paradoxical mix. Its impact on your personality can be best understood by receiving an analysis of your entire birth chart by a competent astrologer who considers your history, the positions of all the planets, their aspects, and their influences.

Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp: Driven Dreamers & Inspired Innovators