Progressed Sun in Astrology

Published November 6, 2018
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Secondary progressions are an extension of your birth chart; they are a tool astrologers use to bring your birth chart into the present moment. The progressed Sun marks milestones in your evolution as an individual. When the Sun changes sign by Secondary Progression, it represents a significant and fundamental shift in how you experience your sense of self.

Out With the Old in With the New

Everyone has experienced their Progressed Sun changing signs by the age of 30. The higher the Sun's degree in the natal chart, the earlier in life the first change occurs. After the first shift, the progressed Sun changes sign every 30 years, which mean you'll have only two or three shifts in an average lifetime.

The change is not sudden. There will be internal changes previous to sign shift. However, as the progressed Sun moves into the next sign, your internally ready and something will occur in the outer world that creates a difference in your outlook, attitude, and sense of self. JK Rowling and David Bowie's lives are beautiful examples of the progressed Sun in action.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling is a Leo, born with the Sun at 8 degrees. Rowling graduated from Exeter in 1986, and in 1988, at the age of 23 with her Sun progressing into Virgo, she published a short essay about her time studying Classics titled, What was the Name of that Nymph Again? Rowling then went on to finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1995, and the rest is history. The progression of her natal Leo Sun into Virgo at age 23 marked the beginning of the craftsman era of her life, the refining her Leo Sun's creative urge to write.

David Bowie

David Bowie was a Capricorn, born with the Sun at 17 degrees. In 1960, at age 13, his Sun progressed into Aquarius. In 1990, at about 43, his Sun progressed into Pisces. Within 12 months of his progressed Sun's shift into Pisces, he met Iman. The progression of his Sun from independent and quirky Aquarius into sensitive and romantic Pisces brought the end of an era. Bowie softened, instantly fell in love with Iman and they remained happily married until his death in 2016.

Finding Your Progressed Sun

In this video astrologer, April Elliott Kent of BigSkyAstrology demonstrates how to find the sign of your progressed Sun and when it progresses into the next sign.

Progressed Sun Through the Signs

Every Sun sign matures and has the potential to evolve through the qualities of the sign in which it's progressing.

Aries Sun

When a self-oriented and impulsive Aries Sun shifts into Taurus, the individual enters an era of life when they will become more settled, patient, and begin to focused on stability, substance, material wealth, constancy and comfort.

Taurus Sun

When a security conscious Taurus Sun moves into Gemini, the individual enters an era when their focus is more involved in reading, writing, studying, and exchanging information with others.

Gemini Sun

When a changeable Gemini Sun shifts into Cancer, the individual enters an era that will be defined by nurturing. There's a greater focus on family life, parents, children, relatives and laying down roots.

Cancer Sun

When a nest-building Cancer Sun progresses into Leo, the individual era of venturing forth into the world with more confidence and displaying their talents through creative self-expression.

Leo Sun

When the applause-seeking Leo Sun Sun progresses into Virgo, the individual enters the era of the apprentice or craftsman. The individual begins working on, honing, and perfecting their innate talents.

Virgo Sun

When the precision-oriented Virgo Sun progresses into Libra, the individual begins to learn to recognize that harmony and balance have a place in life. This is an era that's focused on relationships; romantic, business, and social.

Libra Sun

When the relationship-seeking Libra Sun progresses into Scorpio, the individual has entered an era of transformation, and will become more one-to-one, interior, intense, and passionate,

Scorpio Sun

When the intense and ruminating Scorpio Sun progresses into Sagittarius, the individual can feel like a light was turned on and a door opened to an ever-expanding world. Travel, study, philosophy, religion, sports, and culture will all be part of this era of your life.

Sagittarius Sun

When the restless, freedom-loving Sagittarius Sun progresses through Capricorn, the individual has entered an era of responsibility, manifest something in the physical world and developing a more realistic sense of their limitations.

Capricorn Sun

When the responsible and establishment-loving Capricorn Sun progresses through Aquarius the individual is in an era of their life when they set them apart from the crowd, all that is traditional, and become more and more unusual.

Aquarius Sun

When the team-oriented and detached Aquarian Sun progresses through Pisces, the individual has entered an era in which they will learn there's a place in life for romance, emotional sensitivity, compassion, and selfless love.

Pisces Sun

When a sensitive and sacrificial Pisces Sun progresses through the sign of Aries the individual has entered an era of developing the courage and faith in "Self", by competing and succeeding in the outer world.

The Gift and Challenge

Progressions are very personal. They don't change your birth chart, they are based on your birth chart. When the progressed Sun changes signs it adds a subtle difference or shade of meaning to the expression to your birth Sun. The gift of the progressed Sun is to allow your outward behavior to reflect developments in your inner life. The Challenge of the progressed Sun is to allow yourself the freedom to grow, change and become what you've never been before.

Progressed Sun in Astrology