11 Mesmerizing Metallic Nails to Lean Into Luxurious Style

Shake up your nail look with a little shimmer and shine. Metallic nails are on trend, and we've got all the manicure ideas you need.

Published February 20, 2024

With chrome and shiny metallic nail trends on the rise, your manicure gets a sleek and shimmering upgrade. Lean into the current craze and ask for metallic nails at your next salon appointment. Your nails will catch every eye in the room with these ideas. 

Sleek Silver Is on Trend


As Y2K trends come back around, the futuristic metallic styles are a throwback we can get on board with. Give your nails the space station treatment with bright and shiny silver polish, and you might get on board with the idea that Y2K style looks even better the second time around. 

Quick Tip

For a modern update on the metallic trend, ask for a chrome topcoat over your silver polish. 

Try Metallic Nail Art


If you're not ready to commit to a full manicure of metallic silver or gold, introduce the shimmer with fun nail art. For making soft colors pop or for giving your usual manicure an elegant upgrade, one or two nails with shiny decals are still eyecatching without overwhelming your look. 

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Glistening Gold Is Luxurious


This is the not-so-quiet take on the quiet luxury trend. Glittering gold nails feel high-end and elegant no matter how you use the color on them. From a brassy manicure to a chrome-coated gold, the luxury shade is an easy choice for trendy metallic nails. 

Metallic Pink Pops


If the usual silver and gold don't fit into your Barbie girl aesthetic, you can rock a pink metallic nail. From a punchy hot pink to a sweet pastel pink, you can truly make any nail color a metallic shade with the right top coat. 

Need to Know

If you want a metallic pink with a rose-gold tone, look for a warm shade of pink for your base. If you like the look of a sharp silver pink, opt for a cooler shade of the color.  

Mix Gold and Silver Metallic Nails


If you can't decide between sleek silver and glittering gold, combine the two. Mix the two metallics for an ombre effect on each nail or show off a single hand in each color. You might ask your manicurist for alternating nails in each metallic or work in one or two gold nails in a mostly silver manicure. 

Try a Pretty & Pearly White Metallic


While the chrome and metallic trends have stretched to countless colors, pearly white was the shade that brought the style back to our attention. Slightly iridescent and perfectly shimmery, white metallic nails feel elegant and fun. At first glance, they look simple and understated, but a bit of light exposure shows off their flirty side. 

Dip Into Disco Nails


If you're jumping on the metallic nail trend, go all in with a shining disco look. With plenty of glitter on each nail and a metallic silver shade that commands attention, you'll be party-ready wherever you go. 

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Give Metallic French Tips a Try


If you love a French tip nail and want to stay on trend with your color choice, tie the two together. From a traditional silver or gold to any color you like, a dressed-up French tip feels even more exciting with a chrome top coat. 

Quick Tip

Combine your chrome French tip with a milky undercoat for your base to create contrast and sport two trends at once. 

Don't Forget the Glitter


Metallic nails are already so flashy it can feel impossible to upgrade them to another level. Cue the glitter. From a stand-alone nail to your entire manicure, a coat of glitter takes your metallic nails from sleek to ultra flirty. You might mix a traditional metallic with a few glittering nails to create dimension and interesting texture throughout your nail look.

Mermaid Meets Metallic Nails


Mermaid nails are a whimsical take on the typical metallic look. Add iridescence, rainbow glitter, and cool shades of blue and purple to get the look. If you're committed to the full mermaid aesthetic, add a few metallic scales or pearly details to your nails. 

Try a Clear Chrome Nail Look


The chrome nail look doesn't have to be bold or flashy. You can try the understated approach with a clear chrome top coat. For your traditional French tips, a coat of clear chrome gives you the sleek shimmer of metallic nails with a softer approach to the style. 

Fast Fact

This nail look is often referred to as a "donut glaze" because of the semi-clear top coat. 

Make Any Nail Look Metallic


The beauty of the metallic nail trend is that you can make it your own with virtually any nail color you choose. Add it to your favorite shade of icy blue or pop in a striking gold nail on your usual neutral manicure. Just a touch of shimmer is enough to take your nail look from posh to playful. 

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11 Mesmerizing Metallic Nails to Lean Into Luxurious Style