Crystal Schwanke

Crystal Schwanke has been a freelance writer for seven years and has worked with LoveToKnow since 2005. She graduated from Valdosta State University with a BA in Psychology and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Topics she covers include:

Fashion: It doesn't matter if it's clothing for teens, clothing for women, or jewelry and accessories--Crystal is a voracious reader of fashion magazines, fan of all things fashion, and has been for over a decade. She frequenly writes about the styles that fit each body type and how to wear new trends and old standbys.

Beauty: Crystal has been educating herself on makeup techniques, hairstyles, and skin care for over a decade and has personal experience with sensitive skin, dry skin, eczema, rosacea, and acne. She currently writes a beauty column for Fayette Woman magazine and has contributed to several other magazines regarding makeup tips, perfume, and hair.

Health and Fitness: An avid fan of all things health and fitness, there's no type of exercise Crystal won't try if given the chance. She especially enjoys yoga, Pilates, running, hiking, and working with free weights and has been working out regularly--learning on her own and with the help of trainers--for 12 years. She is also interested in exploring nutrition, supplements, and alternative health, though she won't deny that she may have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate.

Dating and Relationships: She's the friend people turn to when they have relationship troubles and has written dating articles for publications like M Magazine and and was a regular contributor to a non-profit site focusing on sex education. She also has a four-year degree in psychology and an intense interest in human behavior.

Family: She comes from a very large family, complete with siblings, step-parents, in-laws, and more. She is fascinated by family dynamics as well as which methods of communication and activities work to bring individuals closer together. While working on her degree, Crystal studied social psychology and sociology.

Parenting: Crystal has a four-year-old daughter and has contributed to, an online parenting magazine. While earning her degree, she studied child psychology and human growth and development.

Crystal also enjoys writing fiction and poetry and is currently working on a YA novel. Visit her website at and find her on Twitter.


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