18 Must-Try Short Hairstyles for Gray Hair From Sleek to Edgy

There's a whole world of fabulously fun hairstyles out there for gray hair – it's all about finding the one that lets your personality shine through.

Updated December 18, 2023

Many modern ladies love the look and styling ease of a carefree, short gray hairstyle. Short styles range from romantic, soft curls and tousled waves to sleek styles that are sassy and sophisticated. Get some new ideas to find the most flattering look for you! 

Try Layers With a Slight Lift


Short layers with a lift are an easy, short gray haircut to achieve. It's easy to style and work for all types of face shapes. 

Quick Tip

Use your styling brush to blow dry your hair, set it with a fine mist of hair spray, and you're ready to go.

Soft, Short, & Curly Gray Hair Is Classic


A short style for mature ladies with classic, gentle curls looks fabulous and softens the face. Women who don't have naturally curly hair can get this flattering, easy-to-maintain style from a perm or a body wave.

Long, Uneven Bangs Can Be Ultra Flattering


This short cut with long, wispy, uneven bangs draws attention to your beautiful eyes, neck, and face. This short haircut for gray hair can also minimize a high forehead.

A Short Bob Works for Anyone


A classic look, the short bob never goes out of style. Sometimes long, even bangs can appear too heavy or draw attention to fine lines around the eyes; this single-length look is a great alternative that's easy to style.

Quick Tip

Use a round brush and a blow dryer to achieve this look. 

A Chin-Length Bob Is Sleek and Classy


Do you like the idea of a bob but aren't ready to go super-short yet? Consider a chin-length bob instead of a traditional bob. Making a part on one side of the head instead of in the middle is a nice way to give this classic hairstyle a whole new look.

Need to Know

You use the same styling tools and techniques you would with a shorter cut: a smoothing serum, a round brush, and a blow dryer.

Go Low-Maintenance With Natural Curls


Short, natural curls are a great wash-and-go style. Not only does this style require very little maintenance, but it also goes easily from casual to dressy. If you've spent years trying to tame your curls, stop fighting them. Many women get perms just to have the body that you come by naturally!

Try Loose Waves in Tousled Layers


A versatile style, short layers with a tousled look are easily held in place by applying a small amount of styling product and scrunching your hair in your hands. This low-maintenance style is a flattering choice for older ladies who want a wash-and-wear look that won't have to be cut too often.

Opt for a Cute Short Style That's Slightly Longer in Back


Highlight your features with short layers that are gently pushed away from your face. A few loose bangs falling onto the forehead add a playful, carefree look. The extra length in the back makes this short hairstyle appear longer, making it a favorite of those who have never had short hair. 

Need to Know

This is another wash-and-go style, but you may have to use a blow dryer to tame the back from time to time.

Sideswept Layers With an Uneven Part Are Stylish & Carefree


A look that is both elegant and casual, this gorgeous style is easy to maintain. With short, sideswept layers beautifully framing the face, the uneven part adds to the relaxed look of this hairstyle. 

Quick Tip

This is a great, effortless choice for those with straight hair or locks that have only a slight amount of wave.

Go Short and Sophisticated


Cut very short and carefully combed into place, this hairstyle is sophisticated, neat, and polished. The side part adds to the beautiful sleek lines of this stylish look. It's easy to care for on a daily basis, but you'll likely need to have trims every three or four weeks to keep this super-short 'do looking super-groomed. 

Quick Tip

Use a light smoothing serum to keep everything in place.

A Wispy Bob Is Gorgeous on Thin Hair


A wispy, long bob cut can be a good choice for ladies who have thin hair and who are searching for a low-maintenance hairstyle that looks terrific. Have a few layers added to the traditional long bob style for movement and volume. This cut requires very little attention on a daily basis. 

Need to Know

You may need smoothing cream or serum and a blow dryer.

Bangs Are Fabulous on Gray Hairstyles


Bangs are beautiful for all ages, and this short style with casual bangs is a lovely choice for mature women. It's a particularly great style for individuals with a round face shape. That's because the unstructured cut of the bangs evens out the facial features, creating a soft overall look.

A Close Crop With Easy Upkeep


A close crop makes daily maintenance a breeze, and it looks chic, too. This type of short cut will show off your features — and your earring collection! The best part? Aside from frequent haircuts, you don't have to do anything to it in the mornings.

This style is completely wash-and-go. Because your hair will be so short in this style, any texture will work.

Consider a Style With Gorgeous Body


If you want to keep a little bit of length in your hair, flaunt it with curls. Curls are a beautiful way to show color variations and add a playful vibe to your overall look. 

Quick Tip

Try a soft perm or body wave if your hair isn't naturally curly.

Try a Cute Style That Hits About Ear Length


The hair tuck isn't just for long locks. Keep your style a little longer and tuck it behind your ears for a sporty, energetic look. For the most part, you should be able to air-dry this style with good results.

Piecey Bangs Accent Edgy Gray Hairstyles


If you want a modern, edgy cut for your hair, look to bangs for the solution. The slightly spikey ones here show how they can soften your features but still have a feisty vibe.  

Quick Tip

Be prepared to use a blow dryer to get this piecey look, and don't forget the texturizing paste on the ends.

Consider a Not-So-Close Crop


If the close crop's not your thing but you'd like to try something similar, you can get just that with a short crop. Keep a little height on top while the sides stay close to your head for a soft, feminine cropped 'do that requires almost no attention outside of the occasional trim.

Rock a Short Bob With Straight Bangs


This style is a classic for a reason. The bob with bangs works for almost any face shape and any age, and it's extremely flattering because it puts your eyes in the spotlight.

If you're not into high-maintenance hairstyles, talk to your hairstylist about this cut before you go for it. Depending on your hair type, you may need to manage a round brush and blow dryer to keep this style looking sleek.

Try a Style That's Swept to the Side


For another modern cut, try a bob that's straight and swept to the side or inverted. It's perfect for a professional atmosphere because it has such a polished finish. This style will work best on straight or barely wavy hair. 

Quick Tip

Be prepared to use a flat iron to smooth your hair out to perfection.

Love Your Gray Hair in Any Style


You can embrace a trendy or timeless style that makes you feel incredible and highlights your gorgeous gray hair.  Whether you choose something sophisticated or funky, opting for a hairstyle that is both easy to maintain and complements your features is key. Play around with new looks and find the perfect new style that fits your personality and flatters you! 

18 Must-Try Short Hairstyles for Gray Hair From Sleek to Edgy