The Best Tech Deals of Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale 2022

Published October 10, 2022
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If there's one shopping category where Amazon has made a big name for themselves over the years, it's in tech devices. From Kindles for kids to Echos for... well, everyone, who can resist a sale on these sleek and sophisticated little helpers?

Whether you're looking to fully trick out your smart home or you're on the hunt for a tech-savvy gift, there are dozens of great products up for grabs during the Prime Early Access Sale. Take a look at our round-up of favorites, and be sure to grab them up while prices are delightfully low!

For the tech-savvy minimalist to the aesthetic futurist, this combination alarm clock, touch light, and wireless charging station is a beautifully elegant tech pick. Not only does the light feature three brightness settings, you can set it to turn on just before the alarm goes off for a visual wake-up as well as an auditory one.


How adorable is this sweet little camera? For the future YouTuber in your life, this easy to handle and even easier to shoot Creator Cam supports fun features like animated backgrounds and time-lapse videos. Endless hours of creative entertainment for less than $50? Yes, please.

Whether for kids, teens, or adults, a good portable device has become almost essential in a work-from-home world. This useful, handheld laptop-meets-tablet Chromebook checks every box while still remaining super affordable. Pro tip: the Acer Spin is an excellent pick for students!

When any Amazon device drops to anywhere below $30, our ears perk up. The Fire Stick 4K easily transforms any standard television into a smart TV, making this an incredibly clever contribution to a white elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange.


We love a good Kindle, and it's original intended purpose was for reading. Well, Amazon's keen love of books has only grown, and its devices have only gotten more brilliant. The Paperwhite avoids all of that headache-inducing blue light and uses an auto-adjusting display to read just like real paper.

JBL offers up an array of great Bluetooth headphones, but this pair gets special attention. Aside from its many thousand exceptional reviews, the Tune 125TWS earbuds boast an uber-quick charging time of just 15 minutes and wear-all-day comfort along with Dual Connect, a marvelous feature that allows you to use either or both buds for music, phone calls, or both at any given time!

For those of us who can never seem to achieve the perfect level of relaxation to prepare for bed, do not sleep on a good white noise machine. (Yes, yes, very funny.) This under $20 pick is not only small enough (under three inches wide, deep, and tall) to travel with you everywhere, it comes equipped with 20 natural sounds from falling rain to ocean waves.


Looking for help limiting your little one's sound levels? (Or even not so little?) PopTime's BuddyPhones offer two pre-programmed settings at decibel levels that are appropriate and safe enough for long-term listening.

A small, stylish, and subtle fitness tracker, the Amazon Halo doesn't just track your steps and measure your heart rate, it also tracks your sleeping habits! Connect this one with your Alexa device to ask for updates about your activity levels or participate in Headspace's guided meditation practice.

Looking for a watch with a few more features than just fitness tracking? We've got you covered. The Samsung Galaxy Watch, in addition to all of those fun sleep, heart, and step tracking elements, acts as an extension of your smartphone, letting you know when someone's texting and even connecting to your digital wallet so you can pay for breakfast with a tap of your wrist.


Whether you want one in the kitchen so you can visually follow along with a recipe or you like being able to watch anything on your Prime watchlist without ever leaving your home office, an Echo Show the Alexa update you totally deserve.

Looking for a fully visual smart home experience? For a limited time, when you buy the latest (and largest) Echo Show 15, you'll get an Echo Show 5 with it at no extra cost! Prepare to trick out your home with beautifully interactive Alexas in every room.

It's tough to say no to an easy and fully parent-controllable learning device for kiddos, and it's even tougher to say no to half off. The Fire 8 Kids lets you check in on how much screen time your wee ones are getting - and even be sure it turns off at bedtime!


How anyone resists grabbing a new TV the moment the prices drop, we'll never understand. This Insignia Smart TV not only comes at an eye-popping price, it supports just about every last streaming service in the known universe, so you'll literally never run out of things to watch.

If you're looking for a bit more oomph than the Fire Stick can provide, but you're not quite willing to dish out for a Fire TV quite yet, the Fire Cube is the perfect middle ground. Access thousands of movies, shows, and songs through just about any streaming service you can think of with this handy little box. You can even use voice commands to check the weather and turn off the lights, just as you would with your other smart devices!

Luna, Amazon's new cloud gaming service, has swept the internet in a hurry, and this is the controller to have on hand (pun intended) whether you're connecting to a tablet, a desktop, or a television. This bundle even comes with a helpful phone clip so you can play anywhere you like.

The Best Tech Deals of Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale 2022