Adrienne Warber is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in a variety of topics including jewelry and crafts. Drawing on her experience as a jewelry artist and lifelong craft hobbyist, she provides jewelry industry expertise and new ideas on how to learn or improve creative projects. Adrienne has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Michigan.


Crafts,Jewelry and Jewelry Industry; Engagement Rings; Jewelry Design Techniques,Exercise,Toys


  • Freelance Writer
  • Editor
  • Jewelry Artist
  • Dog Groomer


  • University of Michigan: BA English

Editing Experience

Adrienne has written and served as Site Editor for several LoveToKnow channels in the past, including Exercise, Jewelry, Engagement Rings, and Toys. She is also the founder and editor of Ballet Forever, an online ballet magazine.

Jewelry Expert

As a jewelry artist, Adrienne has worked with a variety of jewelry design techniques and materials, ranging from beading and found object art to lost wax casting. She can provide practical tips for the beginning jewelry maker as well as the experienced designer. Her LoveToKnow Jewelry interviews with jewelry artists from all over the world bring tips on all types of jewelry design techniques.

Craft Expert

Adrienne has enjoyed making crafts since childhood. From scrapbooks and handmade cards to sock puppets, she has worked on a variety of crafts. She can offer helpful advice in simple steps on how to start a basic or complicated new craft project.

Autism Advocate

Adrienne has been an advocate for a relative who has neurological challenges. She has written extensively on autism topics to share the knowledge she has gained with other people who face similar challenges.

Dog Groomer

Adrienne's experience as a groomer helped her build a solid knowledge base about dogs. She loves to share info on everything from puppy care to socialization techniques to tips on grooming your own dog.

Follow Adrienne's Work

In addition to Adrienne's articles on LoveToKnow, you can follow her work and/or contact her via her website,, on LinkedIn, as well as her social media pages at Twitter and Facebook.