Sally Painter

Sally Painter

It's not surprising that this Gemini has always maintained two careers. In addition, she's written thousands of articles published both in online and print venues for a wide range of topics. She's shared her organic gardening expertise with two articles featured in Boulder Home & Garden magazine. Besides her non-fiction writing, she's also published 20 paranormal romance books.

Interior Design

Sally's Commercial Art /Interior Design degree afforded her a successful career in interior design included residential and commercial projects. She designed high-end custom homes, spec homes, apartment and condo complexes, and medical offices and clinics.

Classical Feng Shui Practitioner

Sally's interest in feng shui began 25 years ago when she first discovered Black Hat Feng Shui (BTB), but she quickly advanced to Classical Feng Shui. After having a generational Cantonese Feng Shui mentor, she later participated in classes offered by the world's leading feng shui expert, Lillian Too. Sally has written over a thousand articles on feng shui and continues to learn more each day about this fascinating field.

Paranormal Researcher and Seer

Her paranormal encounters as a child continue to this day. She was invited to participate in a paranormal research project and underwent weekly past life regressions and other related research for nearly three years. She went on to conduct paranormal workshops and even hosted an online paranormal talk radio show. Her experiences with the paranormal and supernatural led her to studies in astrology, numerology and ancient divination arts. She is currently working on a non-fiction book about her paranormal experiences.

Energy Healer

Her work with a Reiki Master opened new doors and insights to her understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

Organic Gardner

Her experience as a veteran organic gardener was a natural evolution of having been raised on a family farm. She was taught to milk her first cow when she was around four years old but promptly shot herself in the face with milk, knocking her off the stool. The family farm included raising cows, pigs/hogs, chickens, a Welsh pony and the monster-sized family garden. She was educated from the time she could walk about growing her own food, methods for storing it and how to have a sustainable lifestyle. She loves to grow and use herbs in cooking, aromatherapy and tictures.

Christmas Decorator

Her love for the Christmas holiday earned her the role of decorator for the family home and Christmas tree each year and eventually the storefront window displays at her first job when she was 15. When she earned her Interior Design degree, she built upon her earlier experiences to design many different Christmas trees as well as decorating whole houses.

Recruiter and Human Resource Professional

Her other career as a Recruiter and Human Resource professional encompasses 20+ years of expertise in hiring for corporate expansions and new startups, company layoffs, and other hiring initiatives as well as serving as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Specialist. She specialized in recruitment strategies and sourcing of multiple industries such as apparel manufacturing, banking, IT, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) for electronics and computers, healthcare operation systems, label manufacturer, etc. She's accomplished in a wide range of HR functions including orientation, benefits, workers' compensation, salary compensation administration, policies/procedures, HRIS, and affirmative action. Worked in both union and non-union environments.

Published Author and Freelance Writer

Sally has thousands of freelance articles published in magazine, newsletter, blog and website formats, as well as her fiction books. She taught classes on romance genre writing and general fiction writing during the early Internet days on AOL as a workshop instructor and online RWA (Romance Writers of America) chapter workshops. In addition, she was invited to participate on an author panel for the Tennessee RWA Chapter Regional Conference and Kingsport Women's Expo. She also taught a weekend workshop on the romance genre at the UNC-Wilmington Writer's Conference.

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