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  • US Mobile Prepares to Sell Xiaomi Smartphones

    Walk into almost any store in America these days and there's a good chance that a large proportion, if not the overwhelming majority, of the products being sold on the shelves were made in China. This is especially true in the electronics industry, even if the brand names themselves aren't from China. Even so, Chinese brands are slowly trying to build up their own names on the global market in recent years. In the North American cellphone…

    Michael KwanMichael Kwan
    Tech Columnist
  • Vintage Board Game Sparks Trip Down Memory Lane

    Part of the enjoyment of collecting old board games is stumbling across one that conjures up great memories. I came across this 1938 Parker Brothers version of The Lone Ranger while browsing an antique mall. These malls, filled with vendor booths, are an excellent way to learn which games are still ‘out there’ for purchase. The Lone Ranger was a favorite childhood hero of mine. He would always arrive in the nick of time to save the day,…

  • 5 Tips When Looking At A Pre-Owned Car

    Buying a pre-owned car can help you stretch a budget or find the vintage roadster of your dreams at a competitive price. Unfortunately, the used car sales process can be a nightmare to navigate. While horror stories about used car sales abound, you can find a pre-owned vehicle that suits your needs and negotiate with confidence by following these tips: Research the car's history The used car dealership may offer to prepare a vehicle history for you,…

    Natalie SaldanaNatalie Saldana
    Auto Insurance Expert
  • Sponsorship Ideas for SHRM Chapter Conferences

    If your SHRM chapter (or other professional organization) is planning a conference, securing sponsors is an important key to getting the financial support needed to keep registration costs low while also allowing your group to raise money. It’s best to offer several options, with choices available in a variety of price points. 5 Basic Conference Sponsorship Types Each level of sponsorship should include admission for company representatives to attend the event. The minimum number of included attendees should…

    Mary Gormandy WhiteMary Gormandy White

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