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    Top 10 best Bizarre web sites rated by the LoveToKnow editors.


Wacky web sites
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International Museum of Toilets
Everything you ever wanted to know about toilets a few things you'd rather not know. Read about the history of toilets and how they've evolved over the years. Get more information on books about toilets and take a virtual tour.

Amazon: Bizarre
In addition to thousands of unusual books on any topic imaginable, Amazon features products such as Weird U.S.: Your Travel Guide to America's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets, the Super Ear, and the Smart Lab Weird and Gross Challenge.

Rink Works
Tons of useless information about a wide variety of topics.  Check out the "What People Said" section to read funny warning labels found on consumer products. Example: "Recycled flush water unsafe for drinking." -- On a toilet at a public sports facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

That's Bizarre
The "alternative gift store" offers wacky products for gag gift giving. From funky and fun handbags and evening bags, to bears that are bad news with bad attitudes.  Also sells many accessories for costume parties, such as wigs and hair coloring sprays.

Improbable Research
From the magazine The Annals of Improbable Research comes research that will make you laugh out loud. Be sure to check out Jeff Van Bueren's "Postal Experiments". They tested the U.S. Postal Service and sent items such as feather dusters, a street sign, a wrapped brick, and a dead fish.

Wacky Uses for Common Products
Find hundred of uses for common household products, such as using Alka-Seltzer to clean a toilet or a vase and using Cool Whip to shine your shoes. Many Joey Green books available for purchase with his unique brand of humor and creativeness.

The Smoking Gun
This site takes documents from law enforcement or public documents and places them on the web. Quirky, humorous topics such as funny mug shots or bizarre arrests. Check out the featured document for updated news items. Site also offers a document scavenger hunt contest.

Gearlog Gadget Guide for Geeks
Geeky gadgets guides to items such as the 10 most bizarre bathroom gadgets. Men will love the recessed mirror TV.  Women will covet the Swash 400 and Swash 600 with heated toilet seat. Love fish? Check out the toilet tank aquarium.

The Movie Clichés List
Clichés and stereotypes found in movies listed by category. Search a wide variety of topics, such as women, evidence, houses, aliens, conversations, automobiles, elevators, suspense, and many others. Have a movie cliché that you see over and over and drives you crazy?  Submit it to the list.

Bizrate: Bizarre Action Figures
Marketplace offering many unique items. A huge variety of unusual or hard-to-find action figures, such as Ben 10 Alien collection, voice activated R2-D2, Darth Vader Dash Board Driver, 10 inch Stretch Lizard, or the Bon Jovi action figure doll.

Bad Haiku
Site offers many examples of poorly written poetry. Some poems are funny and some are just plain bad. More recent haiku are listed on the front page with archived haiku throughout the site. Visitors can also submit their own poems. Learn more about this Japanese poetry.

Thailand Unique
Some uniquely bizarre gifts from Thailand. Purchase edible insects, such as buffalo dung beetles, giant centipede, giant crickets or scorpions. Also offers some canned varieties, such as bamboo worms, mole crickets, and Thai silkworms.

Cat Boxing
Pictures and videos of cats scratching, growling, biting and fighting. Visitors can submit their own pictures and videos of their feline friends fighting.  Many links to other sites devoted to cats. Lots of stories and news about cats, such as "Cats Who Control Their Owners".

Archie McPhee
Gruesome items for those with a slightly twisted sense of humor. Get your own flesh eating zombies play set that glows in the dark. Purchase many different monkey items, such as cocktail monkeys, a monkey rug or monkey skulls. Order online or request a copy of the Archie McPhee catalog.

Bizarre Web Sites
Compilation of truly weird web sites. Links to sites such as the Condiment Packet Museum, the T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project, Wacky Uses of Common Products, and eMoocher. Ralph Carmichael also offers links to many other sites that RC visits often.

Toothpaste World
Toothpaste enthusiasts will find something to suit every taste at this site. Offers every flavor from chocolate to wine toothpaste. Learn a little about the history of toothpaste, interesting toothpaste facts, and learn about the latest news in the toothpaste world.

What Would Your Lover Look Like as a Thumb?
Hilarious survey creates a thumb that looks like that special someone in your life. Choose features of your man or woman, such as plump or thin; intellectual or cool; and sweet or wild. Gives a rendering of the image of your thumb lover at the end.

Delphion's Gallery of Obscure Patents
Really wacky products that have had patents taken out on them, such as the anti-eating face mask, templeless magnetic sunglasses, body squeegee, inflatable rug, and a bird diaper. Site encourages visitors to share unusual patents they come across.

Humor Links
Directory offers hundreds of links to humorous sites around the Internet. Search by categories, such as teens, TV, strange, bizarre or songs. Find out which sites are hot, which are the top rated sites and which sites are new. If you know of a bizarre site that isn't listed, add it.

Wacky Games
Bizarre and unusual board games. Carries more than 175 products, which can be ordered online or from a catalog.  Free shipping on orders over $100. Purchase games such as Killer Bunnies, Wacky Khaki, Bang! Dodge City, and Snorta.