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    Top 10 best home shopping network web sites rated by the LoveToKnow editors. 

Shop from home
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LoveToKnow Home Shopping Network
Article discusses the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and the history of HSN. Lists some of the items offered and encourages visitors to utilize the online catalog at the HSN website. You may also want to check out the article about retail shopping for information on product reviews.

Home Shopping Network
Surf the web and surf for deals at the same time. Find out which items are being featured on the air, get the weekly product review or grab items on clearance. Shop by categories, such as health and beauty, fashion, jewelry, kitchen and dining, toys or customer picks.

HSN Coupons and Codes
Site offers additional deals and coupon codes to help you save even more during your Home Shopping Network experience. Although offers vary from month-to-month, they might include codes for $20 off $100 or 15% off for new customers. Main page also offers codes for Kohl's, Target, and

Bloomberg Businessweek
Learn about the new direction CEO Mindy Grossman is taking the Home Shopping Network. HSN today has top designers and glamour along with the other products that are unique to the channel and which everyone seems to love. Grossman actually persuaded designers to create unique HSN collections.

Wikipedia: Home Shopping Network
History of HSN and its founders, Bud Paxson and Roy Speer. Complete list of current and past show hosts with links to additional information and biographies. Discusses some of the pioneering electronic shopping concepts invented by HSN.
Blog focusing on the latest fashion trends and best deals. Features HSN products such as crystal drop earrings. Be sure to take their style advice section while you're there. Search topics by category or favorite topics. You can even learn more on books about fashion trends.

Home Shopping Network Bloopers
Television that airs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is sure to generate tons of bloopers. View just a few of these hilarious clips at YouTube. Be sure to check out the bloopers on the host trying to say "fitted sheet", the ladder mishap on the Home Shopping Network and many others.

Amazon: Home Shopping
In addition to books on the topic, download reports such as "Roberts Broadcasting Tries to Nullify Home Shopping Contract". Buy products that have first premiered on HSN, such as the Special Edition Premier Night Barbie. Get books to help your home shopping experience, such as Tele-Shopping: A Guide To Television's Home Shopping Networks.

Shopping Blog
Tips and ideas for shopping in various mediums and formats. Includes latest news on items to be featured at HSN. Get up-to-date on the latest styles and costs, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal available. Read articles on celebrities appearing on HSN.

Bing Shopping: HSN
This site will let you pull up items offered at the Home Shopping Network, such as the designer handbags. Allows you to compare pricing at other online retailers, check average rating, read customer reviews and visit the various stores where the item is available. Home Shopping Networks
Details the history and workings of shop at home networks, the founders and information on how the shopping networks operate. For a full history, also check out the articles on electronic commerce, digital technology, and mail order houses.

Epinions: Home Shopping Network
Find out the upfront and honest opinions of others who've ordered items from HSN along with detailed reviews of their experiences. There are mixed reviews on the site. Some people are happy and others unhappy. take the time to read the complaints and praises and decide what's right for you.

Compu-KISS: Television Shopping Online
Get tips for shopping at the television shopping websites. Learn how to save the most money, where the best places to shop are and tips from experts. You may also want to check out articles about topics like coupons saving you money online and the best way to shop for technical gadgets.

HSN Credit Card
Get the basic facts about using and making payments on you HSN card. You'll receive discounts and special deals not available elsewhere. Take the time to read the FAQs and learn about security, privacy, paperless statements and get information on how to contact card services.

Get Your Product on a Home Shopping Network
Article features details on the sales boost from having your product featured on a home shopping network. Details on the products most likely to succeed in getting a spot on a home shopping network. Also features a product called Inventor's Notebook.

HSN Anywhere
No longer do you only have to access the Home Shopping Network on your living room television set. Today, shopping on HSN is available online or through mobile devices. You can even stream episodes live from your computer.

Internet Retailer
Features rankings, latest news, articles and tips about online retailers including QVC, HSN, ShopNBC and others. An archive search will pull up past articles. Also, be sure to check out the buyers guides and the Top 500 section. Many specific articles about the Home Shopping Network.

Home Shopping Network's parent company site. The company was founded in 1977. Get the names of companies currently being sold through HSN and learn more about Cornerstone and the e-commerce sites involved in the product offerings.

Forbes: How HSN Moves Merchandise
An in-depth look at the HSN selling model and how they focus on telling a story to help move merchandise. Other articles of interest look at why online grocery shopping is failing and how fashion designers are using television shopping networks to sell their pieces. Get updated business news.

HSN Channel on YouTube
If you want to review a favorite segment from an HSN airing, you'll likely find it on their YouTube channel. Favorite celebrity segments include Jennifer Lopez with her Love and Light fragrance, Randy Travis celebrating his anniversary CD and Mariah Carey being surprised by Nick Cannon.