Amaia Zelaiaundi

Creative Director

Amaia Zelaiaundi

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About Amaia Zelaiaundi

Amaia leads a diverse team of designers, overseeing brand and web design, UX/UI, graphic design, and brand marketing. This integrated approach brings together all design efforts and talent under one roof, fostering cross-collaboration and a deeper understanding of the company’s design and communication strategies. With a background in London’s creative industry and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design from UAL (University of the Arts London),  Amaia is instrumental in driving strategic design thinking and marketing initiatives, translating ideas into reality across all company products. With over thirteen years of experience in various sectors, including tech startups, creative agencies, educational institutions, and major charities, Amaia is dedicated to enhancing brand communication and audience engagement through her design expertise and visionary approach.


  • She finds happiness in cooking, especially when it comes to baking to spread love to others.
  • Illustration and painting serve as her 'me moments,' and her heart sings when diving into a good DIY project.
  • With a green thumb, she's managed to cultivate 45 plants in her small apartment, and her collection continues to grow!
  • One of her typographic artworks was featured at the Secret Garden in Berlin, for the Show Us Your Type poster exhibition.

Three Things I Love

  • Visually organizing everything at home by functionality, color, and shape.
  • Getting lost in a vinyl record shop finding treasures.
  • Vintage mid-century graphic and interior design.