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Kelly Roper is a contributing writer with LoveToKnow and has more than 12 years of professional writing experience. She's an animal lover and really loves writing about pets. If an animal has fur, fins, feathers, or scales, she has probably kept, bred, or shown it at some point in her life. As the mom of four, she also has plenty of practical experience and common sense advice to share about the joys and challenges of raising kids. Kelly currently lives in Ohio with her family, one elderly Jack Russell Terrier, a pet cat, and a small collection of parrots.


  • An avid houseplant enthusiast, especially when it comes to cacti and succulents
  • Former breeder of Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, and Poodles
  • Bred various types of exotic birds, including parakeets, cockatiels, and others
  • Former Girl Scout Troop leader