Macarena San Martin

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Macarena San Martin

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About Macarena San Martin

Macarena is a Barcelona based Graphic Designer who creates infographics and custom images for, YourDictionary and WordFinder. Before joining the LTK team, she worked for a design publishing house, a digital newsstand, and a production house, besides developing a couple of personal digital projects. Maca also does artistic minimalist photos, a style that perfectly combines photography and graphic design.


  • While working at the publishing house, she edited over 20 books about Graphic Design, Fashion, Illustration, and Architecture.
  • She loves to do crafts, such as cross-stitching, embroidery, using a loom, or making skirts for herself.
  • A Bowie fan, she was lucky to see him while visiting New York in 2002, when he performed a free concert on the street for the Today Show.
  • She has two beautiful cats named Soda and Seven (only Seinfeld fans will understand).

Three Things I Love

  • Avocado and cheese
  • Going to the beach
  • Sleeping in late and having breakfast in bed