Christmas Tips & Gift Ideas for Hairdressers to Show Your Appreciation

They do a lot for us all year (like talk us out of that pixie cut), so here's how we show our appreciation.

Updated November 9, 2023
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We rely on our hairdressers for more than just a great haircut (they also offer gossip, emotional support, and a much-needed voice of reason when we're considering that weird color change). Holiday tipping at the salon can seem tricky to figure out, but we've demystified the process to help you give the perfect Christmas gift to your hairdresser and show your appreciation for all they've done for you this year.

Appropriate Christmas Tips for Hairdressers

A standard Christmas tip for hairstylists is normally in the form of money. The typical amount may vary based on your service fee and relationship history with your stylist. If you're a frequent customer or demand plenty of your stylist's attention, make sure you offer a gracious amount during Christmas.

While a normal service tip (the amount you give after a haircut) should be roughly 20% of your total bill, holiday tipping can be a much larger amount. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Extra 20% of your bill - A standard Christmas gift for a hairstylist is an extra 20% of your regular bill. This means you should double your normal 20% tip or give 40% when you have your hair done near the holidays.
  • 10% of your yearly service - For some individuals, 10% of their total yearly service fees is a gracious offering. This is appropriate if you don't usually pay a lot for service (like you only get a haircut every few weeks without any styling or color).
  • Lump sum - Other people may simply choose to add an extra $20, $50, or $100 tip to their final tipping amount during the holidays. It's nice to do this in cash if you can.
Quick Tip

When should you give a Christmas gift to your hairdresser? Plan to give it when you get your hair done during the holiday season — anytime from mid-November through mid-January. Plan ahead and save extra cash prior to your last yearly appointment to ensure you have a monetary gift for your stylist.

Additional Ideas for What to Give Your Hairstylist for Christmas

While you should never put yourself out on a limb financially to show your gratitude, it's a generous way to share your thanks with someone who has taken care of your personal grooming needs with regard to your likes and dislikes throughout the year.

Money is not the only option, though, and it's perfectly appropriate to give a different gift. There's no wrong answer here as long as you're showing your appreciation in some way.

Quick Tip

If you need help determining an appropriate tipping amount for your stylist, simply visit the receptionist and get an idea of what is common in your area. You can just ask about the standard suggested tip.

Try some of these thoughtful ideas:

  • A spa service for your stylist, including a massage or facial appointment
  • A scented candle
  • Bath and body products
  • Gift certificate for two for dinner, movie, or preferably, both
  • Local coffeehouse gift card
  • Hand-knit scarf, a hat, or perhaps a silk tie
  • Gift certificate to a department store or restaurant
  • Books, movies, or magazines your stylist may have discussed during one of your visits
  • Wine or spirits (only if you know your stylist drinks alcohol)
  • Jewelry or belts
  • Picture frames for the stylist with a family or new baby at home
  • Gourmet chocolates or candies
Quick Tip

For a unique and personal idea, consider scouring your local gift shops for the perfect business card holder. This can be a great way to show your support for your stylist's business.

Show Your Appreciation With a Thoughtful Gift

No matter what route you go with a Christmas tip for your stylist, be sure it's thoughtful and personal. While money may not seem to make the most meaningful of gift offerings, it's always appreciated, especially if you pair it with a thank you note or holiday card.

We all know what a difference a great hairdresser can make in how you feel about yourself. Since your stylist most likely goes to extremes for you throughout the year, be sure to take a moment to remember them and show your appreciation during the holidays.

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Christmas Tips & Gift Ideas for Hairdressers to Show Your Appreciation