New Year's Eve Centerpieces That Add Sparkle to Your Soirée

Updated November 17, 2021
new years eve table with sparky lights

Pop, fizz, clink! New Year's Eve party centerpieces should be festive and filled with glitz and glamour. Whether you are planning on creating your own centerpiece or purchasing one that's ready to party, there are fun ways to spruce up your tablescape to ring in the new year in style.

Simple New Year's Eve Party Centerpieces

While most New Year's Eve party centerpieces can be a little over the top, sometimes it's best to keep it simple. Here are some ideas to inspire you to create something casual but doesn't lack in style.

Start With a Glass Bowl

If you have a clear glass bowl, either plain or fancy, there are all kinds of things you can add to it to make it into a stunning centerpiece, such as:

  • Shiny Christmas ball ornaments in colors to match your decorating scheme
  • Real or artificial flower heads
  • Strings of battery-operated lights
  • Champagne corks
  • A pillar candle surrounded by shiny tinsel, glass beads, or colored sand

Another option is to fill large bowls with brightly colored noisemakers and other party favors so they are readily available when the clock strikes midnight.

Fill a Champagne Bucket

A Champagne bucket, traditionally used to keep bottles of bubbly well-chilled, is another perfect start to pretty New Year's Eve party centerpieces. These containers come in a wide variety of styles, and you can usually find them at a reasonable price at any department store.

To turn the bucket into a centerpiece, fill it about halfway full with glass beads or marbles. Take an empty Champagne bottle and, using a hot glue gun, attach strings of wired tinsel or foil ribbon to the inside of the bottle mouth. The ribbon or tinsel should appear to be flowing out of the bottle like sparkling Champagne. You can also add a colorful bow to the bottle's neck.

Nestle the decorated bottle into the marbles or glass in the Champagne bucket.

Candles and Mirrors

If you're looking for a really quick and simple centerpiece idea, a candle placed on a mirror is always a great option. Mirrors reflect the glow of the candle flames, giving off a warm glow that seems to extend well past the centerpiece itself.

Use small mirrors or mirrored tiles to place votive candles or tea lights on, or sit a pillar candle on a larger mirror. Accent the centerpiece with flowers, noisemakers, or other decorative items if you wish.

Confetti-Filled Top Hat With Balloons

Top hats are symbolic of dressing up for a formal New Year's Eve party, but you can use them as part of your decorating theme even if your gathering is a casual one.

Use a real or plastic top hat and turn it upside down. Line the inside with some colored tissue paper, letting the tips of the paper stick up a bit over the brim of the hat. Tie colored ribbons to a few helium balloons, and weigh them down by tying the ends of the ribbons to something heavy, like a paperweight. Place the paperweight in the top hat and fill with colorful confetti.

Candle Lantern Holders

Candle lantern holders in different sizes will add height and elegance to your tablescape. To add even more texture to your table, incorporate greenery garlands, candles, and ornaments to match your design scheme.

Gatsby Giant Martini Glasses

Using a giant martini glass, you can create a Gatsby inspired centerpiece to be the focal point of your tablescape. Fill up tall martini glasses with fresh flowers, feathers, and strands of pearls for a chic Roaring 20's New Year's Eve party.

Disco Balls

New Year's Eve holiday party

Disco balls as party centerpieces can steal the show. You can add texture to your tablescape by incorporating disco balls in different sizes and pair them with shimmery tinsels, string lights, noise makers, and of course, the mandatory clock.

Mandarin Orange Tree

Mom decorating CNY tangerine tree with toddler

If you are celebrating the Lunar New Year or simply opting for this unique theme for a New Year's celebration, create your own mandarin orange tree. The mandarin orange looks like the sun and for the Chinese culture, it is an important symbol of the Lunar New Year. They believe mandarin oranges bring abundance and happiness.

The 12 Grapes of Luck

Midnight on New year's eve in Spain

In Spain, eating 12 grapes is a New Year's Eve tradition. As a fun edible centerpiece, display individual bowls filled with 12 grapes of luck (las doce uvas de la suerte) for guests to easily grab and ring in the new year for good luck and prosperity. You can complete your table centerpiece by incorporating party confetti, curly ribbon, and a clock.

Purchased Party Centerpieces

If you're not in the mood to create your own centerpiece, you can purchase a wide range of different decorations that will suit your party. Here are a few that are fun and different.

  • LED light up white centerpieces - A New Year's party is all about the sparkles, lights, and fireworks. This dazzling centerpiece can add elegance without overcrowding your tablescape.
  • New Year's Eve Champagne bottle piñata - Draw some attention to your table with this eye-catching piñata hung over your tablescape. Arrange a tower of plastic Champagne glasses to complement your New Year's Eve decor.
  • Modern farmhouse wood décor pieces - If your house decor is inspired by Joanna Gaines, the queen of farmhouse style, consider incorporating New Year's inspired shiplap décor pieces to reflect your style.
  • Gatsby feather centerpiece - This luxurious Eiffel Tower vase with ostrich plumes centerpiece will be the talk of the party if you are looking for something elegant yet not so extravagant.

Keep It Simple

One of the great things about a New Year's Eve party is that you don't really need a theme. Ringing in the new year is reason enough for the celebration, so you can keep decorations simple. Whether you want casual fun or something more elegant, the table centerpiece should reflect the tone of the party.

New Year's Eve Centerpieces That Add Sparkle to Your Soirée