Feeling Blue About Bleeding Jeans? Here's How to Make It Stop

There's no need to call a doctor. Here's how to get those bleeding jeans under control stat!

Published February 2, 2024

The dreaded blue thighs. Or blue fingers. Somehow, when jeans bleed, it gets everywhere. Then you're singing that song about being blue from the 90s, and you don't even want to. But unless you're auditioning to be a Smurf, blue skin — thanks to the denim bleeding dye — is a real pain in the blue butt. Grab those always-dying jeans that leave you crying after each wear — it's time to end this problem. 

How to Stop Jeans From Bleeding

There's no time to waste! If you need to stop those bleeding denim jeans, then you need a solution, and you need it ASAP. Here's how to clean those denim jeans and stop the bleeding. 

First Things First, Wash Them Alone 

As soon as you bring those dark blue jeans home, wash them — especially if they haven't been pre-washed. Flip them inside out and wash them with cold water. Again, wash them on their own, or you risk the dye bleeding onto your other clothes

Add a Cup of Vinegar 

Cut straight to the chase and start with a cup of plain white vinegar when washing your bleedy jeans. If a full cup makes you nervous, you can always start with just a half cup. 

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You May Need to Rinse and Repeat

Some jeans, like people, are awfully stubborn. You may need to repeat the whole process again until the bleeding totally subsides. Try not to send your jeans through the washing cycle too much, and instead, wear them a few times before washing again. 

Helpful Hack

Until your jeans stop bleeding, don't take the chance of washing them with your other clothes just yet. You don't want to add a new color to those fluffy yellow blankets. 

Soak Them Overnight

Add your jeans to a bucket of clean, cold water and let them soak, fully submerged, overnight to draw all the fickle bleeding dye out. If you decide to go this route, you can add a half to a full cup of vinegar to the water. Launder as usual. 

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How Many Washes Until Jeans Stop Bleeding?

Some jeans take only a wash or two until they stop bleeding, while others just seem to spring a dye leak every time you wear them for the first few weeks. 

It's kind of like dying your hair red — it takes a little bit of time until the color stops bleeding. Be patient and continue to take precautions. That means don't sit down on your eggshell white comforter wearing those dark jeans until you're positive they won't leave any evidence. 

Quick Tip

Until the jeans stop bleeding, there's not much you can do other than scrub your hands of the indigo that seems to appear over and over again on your skin. 

Slap a Bandage on Your Bleeding Jeans

So long, weird blue hue on your skin! See ya, Violet Beauregarde purple and blue fingers that definitely clash with your nail polish! Grab that laundry first-aid kit and get to work patching up those bleeding blue jeans. They won't wreak havoc on your life anymore. So go out there and confidently strut your stuff. 

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Feeling Blue About Bleeding Jeans? Here's How to Make It Stop