10 Inspiring Sunset Color Palettes

Published June 14, 2022
Books and vases on retro cabinet next to comfortable sofa with pillows

Nature is the ultimate color palette generator. There is decorating color inspiration all around you, and sunsets offer one of the most beautiful examples. Creating a sunset color palette doesn't have to be only yellow and orange. Just as the colors that end the day change and vary by location, you can incorporate several colors into your palette.

Sunset Color Palettes That Shine

The best color palettes include colors that complement each other, and that's what makes a sunset-inspired color scheme so beautiful. When you pair vibrant warm colors with natural tones, you get a color palette that will bring everything together in any space.

Yellow + Natural

Modern interior Design Sofa with Yellow Wall

Sometimes, all you need is a bright dose of sunshine. If vibrant colors are your thing, adding simple colors in your palette may mean white and other natural colors. Natural materials like wicker and rattan soften the brightness of your sunset yellow.

Gold + Red

Gold and Red color palette

A sunny pattern with sunny colors brings a simple space to life. Add sunset red and orange accents with accessories and artwork to complete a fun look. Using wallpaper as an accent keeps any small space from becoming visually overwhelming.

Yellow + Blue

Modern Bright Living Room with Sofa

Sky blue has a special place in a sunset color palette. The cool brightness of this airy blue cools off the vibrant and sunny yellow accents. This color combination is sunny and cheerful, but also relaxing.

Yellow + Gray

Yellow and gray color palette

Not every sunset is framed in a perfectly clear blue sky. Imagine a sunset peering over the horizon under a sky filled with gray clouds. This color palette has the drama of a rainstorm and the softness of the sun as it disappears into the blue ocean.

Soft Yellow + Beige

modern living room interior design

Think sunset in the desert when you create a sunset-inspired neutral color scheme. Framed by the expanse of brown and black, soft yellow provides energy to this natural color palette.

Retro Sunset

Retro sunset color palette

Using the colors of the sunset in a retro color scheme brings back memories of harvest gold and burnt orange. This vintage sunset look is perfect for a contemporary or Mid-Century Modern space.

Orange + Green

Domestic Kitchen Interior

Plucking the brightest orange from a dramatic sunset, this vibrant kitchen gets a boost from glossy cabinets. Adding cool colors like green and teal brings softness to the palette.

Gold + Brown

Gold and brown color palette

Wood tones are a great way to soften the energy of a marigold kitchen or bath. You can add tiles, wood floors, and furniture or textiles to complement the vibrant colors of cabinetry and furniture that would otherwise create an imbalanced color palette.

Orange + Gold

Living room in retro style

A sophisticated choice for a sunset color scheme is to rely on neutrals like white and wood tones to create a soft background for bold colors. Warm hues like yellow and orange are gorgeous when paired with white walls and plenty of plants.

Pink + Gray

Pink and gray color palette

Not all sunsets are orange and yellow; the most memorable are often pink. To celebrate the rare pink sunset, a stunning pink monochromatic color palette was born. If you'd like to try this daring look, be sure to ground it with pale gray or white walls, rugs, or textiles. This is a bold palette.

Sunset Color Schemes to Warm Up Your Home

You can use these color palettes to bring the warmth of a sunset into the rooms of your home. Whether you choose bold strokes or smaller pops of color, you can create a vibrant backdrop for your life.

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10 Inspiring Sunset Color Palettes