18 Catchy Songs About Getting Older to Keep Us Young at Heart

These songs about getting older relate to us in the moment or call to mind all the ways aging can be a gift.

Published February 23, 2024
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Songs about aging might not be quite as popular as the songs about love, but they certainly speak to a part of life we all face at some point. If you're ready to reflect on aging, these songs about getting older might help speak to your heart or remind you why growing older is a positive thing. 

Nostalgic Songs About Growing Up

For many of us, the first hint of reality sets in when we realize that growing up comes with more than a later bedtime. These songs reflect the nostalgia and nervousness that can set in when we're finally forced to grow up.

7 Years - Lukas Graham

Graham's 2015 hit stretched across generations to speak to the realities of growing up. Though we age and change, much of what we chase remains the same. Maybe aging doesn't change everything. 

Slow Down - Nicole Nordeman 

Giving us a look at growing up from a parent's perspective, this song is all too relatable for parents watching their little ones become not-so-little anymore. Nicole Nordeman's soft and emotional take on this part of life calls to mind the sleepless nights and chubby cheeks of the newborn days. 

Wake Me Up - Avicii

This song gives us a different perspective on growing up and reminds us that the authentic approach to life is the best way to enjoy every moment. From chasing dreams to finding your way, aging is about much more than just getting older.

Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman 

Growing up can feel difficult, confusing, and emotional. But realizing your children will one day do the same can be even more difficult, confusing, and emotional. Steven Curtis Chapman speaks for many parents as he sings of the great significance of dancing with his little girl in this bittersweet song

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Relatable Songs About Getting Older

We can't stop the clock of life, but we all face aging uniquely. Whether we're leaning into the beauty of the journey or desperately trying to hold on to youth, these songs speak to the realities of getting older. 

What's My Age Again - Blink-182

Letting go of youth is a reality we all face and one that some of us don't get on board with right away. If you're not ready to age gracefully, this Blink-182 anthem might make forgetting your age a little easier.

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac 

Perhaps one of the most famous songs about getting older, this Fleetwood Mac hit has touched more than one generation with its beautiful description of what aging can feel like. The changes we face as we climb the mountain of life may not always be easy, but they transform us in ways we never saw coming. 

No Such Thing - John Mayer 

Getting older often means realizing that even the adults are figuring it out as they go. John Mayer gives young adults a glimpse into the "real world" with this hit and suggests that it might not be as "real" as we once thought.

September of My Years - Frank Sinatra 

It goes by so fast, doesn't it? This slow Sinatra song gives the complicated feelings about aging a familiar and comforting voice.

Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey 

The fear of aging and losing the beauty of youth sets in at some point for many of us. Lana's sultry voice transforms this very common fear into a song we can relate to on so many levels. 

Changes - David Bowie

The changes of life and aging are unavoidable but often a bit unexpected. David Bowie's biggest hit reminds us that we're all facing these changes together and overcoming the shock of reality as best we can. 

Against the Wind - Bob Segar & The Silver Bullet Band

This Bob Segar hit explores many elements of aging, from young love to the grand exploration of life. It's a beautiful metaphor for how the struggles of aging may not always be visible while we are pushing back against them and moving forward. 

Songs About Aging That Help Us Look Back

One gift of aging is getting to look back on all the things we've experienced and overcome. Though some memories of youth may be bittersweet, we love how these songs call us back to those younger days.

1985 - Bowling for Soup 

With each passing year, we're that much further from the details of our youth, and this song speaks to how easy it is to romanticize the younger days. Bowling for Soup used one hypothetical mom's journey to remind everyone that the fading hope of youth can be a bit melancholy with the catchy tune of 1985.

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100 Years - Five for Fighting

We get a lifelong journey in this famous song from Five for Fighting. A ballad about the pains and hopes of growing up reminds us that each stage in life comes with great obstacles and great joy. 

Jack and Diane - John Mellencamp 

The classic Mellencamp anthem gives us a catchy reminder of what aging can mean. As the song looks back on the glory days of youth, we're also reminded that getting older doesn't mean we have to stop living altogether. 

I Go Back - Kenny Chesney

Reflecting on life can often provoke the harsh reality of getting older, but there's nothing to keep you young quite like looking back on life. Kenny Chesney brings a country tune to the feelings many of us have as we look back over the years and feel transported to the most defining moments of our lives. 

Songs That Prove Aging Is a Gift

Aging may bring a few things we wish it wouldn't, but it also carries many gifts. Another year of life, lessons well learned, and memories we cherish forever are just a few of the blessings of getting older that these songs help call to mind. 

Good Riddance - Green Day

One of Green Day's most recognizable songs, this one gives us a new perspective on getting older and growing up. We don't have to see aging as a negative if we dive in headfirst and do everything we can to make the most of each moment and have the time of our lives.

One Less Day (Dying Young) - Rob Thomas

Aging may not be the most fun process, but Rob Thomas reminds us in this recent song that it's something of a gift and nothing to fear. "One less day from dying young" is a lyric we can hold onto when the blessings of aging don't feel like blessings in the moment. 

Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra 

You're only as young as you feel, and no one says it quite as well as Sinatra in this aging theme song. Age is truly only a number if we try our very best to remain young at heart. 

Rock On

Some songs are timeless, while others make you feel young, no matter how old you are. Make a playlist of the songs that call you back to youth or remind you of all the beautiful things that growing older brings to your life. We're not letting time or age get to us. We're rocking on for as long as we can.

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18 Catchy Songs About Getting Older to Keep Us Young at Heart