What Is Chaldean Numerology? Simple Explanations

Updated January 14, 2022
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It was during ancient times that the Chaldean system of numerology was derived. It's thought to be the world's oldest and most accurate numerological system. The Chaldeans believed that numbers contained the essence of the divine and could lead humans to know more about their life and their divine destiny.

Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldeans were ancient people who ruled Babylonia from 625 to 539 BCE. When the Babylonian Empire was melded into the Persian Empire, "Chaldean" lost its ethnic meaning. The Persians found that the Chaldeans were especially wise and versed in the knowledge of the stars. Chaldean numerology is intricately linked to astrology in that the vibrations of numbers and sun, moon, and planets were correlated to one another. However, astrology and Chaldean numerology changed over time with the discovery of new planets and techniques.

The Sun-god Shamash in his Shrine

Chaldean vs. Pythagorean Numerology

It's thought that Pythagoras, an ancient Ionian Greek philosopher and mathematician, based his numerology system on the Chaldean's system.

However, there are some significant differences between the two systems.

  • Each system was devised in a different era and culture and motivated by different beliefs.
  • The Chaldean numerological alphabet system differs from Pythagoreans. Pythagorean numerology uses the number nine. Chaldean numerology has no number "9" in their calculations. The Chaldeans believed that the number nine had sacred and holy qualities and held it away from all other numbers. However, if your name equals "9," then the nine remains.
  • Pythagorean numerology sequentially arranges the letters A to Z in its chart. Chaldean numerology arranges A to Z against numbers based on their vibrations (sound).
  • The numbers are defined somewhat differently.
  • Chaldean numerology allows for name changes. They believed that if you changed your name, you changed your destiny. Pythagorean numerology normally does not.
  • Chaldean numerology uses double-digit or compound numbers. Pythagorean numerology mainly concentrates on reducing all numbers to single digits, except for master numbers.

The Basics of Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean's numerology analyses both the name and the birth date of a person. However, they don't necessarily use the birth name as Pythagoreans but consider the name the person is most known as the most important. Additionally, rather than the month, day, and year of birth, they believe the day of the month is more significant.

Chaldeans Alphabet Numbers Chart

In the Chaldean system, you need to know the meaning of single numbers and compound numbers. The single number represents the physical, outward person. In contrast, the compound number represents the deeper hidden influences behind the single-digit number. Below is a Chaldean numerology alphabet chart.



































Meaning of the Chaldean Numbers

The meaning of the numbers in Chaldean numerology differs slightly from the Pythagorean numbers. The Chaldean numbers are associated with the vibrations of the sun, moon, and planets.

Number 1

Number "1" is related to the sun; it has masculine outgoing energy. Number "1" stands alone and is a doer, thinker, and planner. Positive traits; independence, creativity, originality, trailblazer, entrepreneurial, innovative, leader, and style-setter. Negative characteristics: pushy, bossy, tactless, and impatient.

Number 2

Number "2" is related to the moon and is the most feminine receptive number. This is the number of companionships, friends, partnership, and marriage. Positive traits: affectionate, have a way with words, creative, intuitive, kind, caring, considerate, empathetic, diplomatic, and an adaptive attitude towards life. Negative traits: Easily offended, moody, overly emotional, subservient, indecisive, and timid.

Number 3

Number "3" is related to Jupiter; it has masculine outgoing energy. Number "3" spreads joy and is the number of self-expression--the entertainer and artist. Positive traits: charming, social, imaginative, cheerful, enthusiastic, creative, expressive, lucky, and witty. Negative characteristics: undisciplined, gossipy, superficial, impulsive, moody, scattered, and self-centered.

Number 4

Number "4" is related to Uranus; it has masculine, outgoing energy. Positive traits: tenacious, make their own rules, individuality colors every thought and action. Negative characteristics: workaholic, opinionated, headstrong, jealous, and intolerant.

Number 5

Number "5" is related to Mercury; it has masculine, outgoing energy. Number fives love their freedom and want to come and go as they please. Positive traits: charming, clever, intellectual, free spirit, communicative, curious, innovative, investigative, and adventurous. Negative characteristics: daredevil, restless, irresponsible, selfish, and procrastination.

Number 6

Number "6" is related to Venus; it has feminine, receptive energy. Number sixes are born romantics with a strong sentimental streak and a love of beauty. Positive traits: artistic, attractive, nurturing, caring, comforting, compassionate, and adoring of family, home, children, gardening, and pets. Negative characteristics: obsessive, suspicious, nosey, interfering, arrogant, and self-righteous.

Number 7

Number "7" relates to Neptune; it has feminine, receptive energy. Number seven is the number of spirituality, mysticism, wisdom, and success. Positive Traits: spiritual (not religious), deep thinker, analytical, philosophical, strategic, inner strength, intuitive, peaceful, poised, and quiet. Negative traits: fearful, repressed, distant, unapproachable, unpredictable, and aloof.

Number 8

Number "8" is related to Saturn, and it has masculine, outgoing energy. Number eight is the "work hard" number. Positive traits: driven, ambitious, authoritative, leadership abilities, good judgment, organized, materially prosperous, physical stamina, and generosity. Negative characteristics: aggressive, greedy, thoughtless, intolerant, and dissatisfied.

Number 9

Number "9" is related to Mars; it has masculine outgoing energy. Number nine is metamorphosis, transformation, and a guide to a fresh start. It's a humanitarian number endowed with understanding and feelings of brotherly love. Positive traits: grit, determination, courage, artistic, dramatic, romantic, generous, compassionate, globally conscious, and nonjudgmental. Negative characteristics: aimless, fickle, impolite, resentful, thoughtless, unfulfilled, defensive, and frustrated.

Chaldean Compound Numbers

Compound numbers in Chaldean numerology touch on the nuances of numbers in relationship with one another; the relationship of the physical (single-digit numbers) with the metaphysical (compound numbers.) Some numbers are favorable when used together; others are more difficult when combined. Below is an example of how compound numbers are interpreted. All the compound numbers below can be reduced to the number "2." Still, they have very different energy vibrations associated with them.

  • 20/2 (2 + 0 = 2) "0" is represented by Pluto; it stands for the "God" power in all of us. Any time a number is followed by "0," spirit enhances the potency of the number, bringing success and perfection. The compound number 20/2 brings success and perfection to traits inherent in the single number "2."
  • 11/2 (1 + 1 = 2) "11" is considered a master number because it consists of two "1's". The spirit bestows this number "2" with imagination, vision, and intuition.
  • 29/11/2 (2 + 9 = 11; 1 + 1 = 2) Number "29" is considered to be a number of struggles. Why? Because the numbers "2" and "9" are considered inharmonious with each other.
  • 38/11/2 (3 + 8 = 11; 1+1=2) Number "38" is thought to be one of the more fortunate numbers that reduce to "2". This is because "3" and "8" work with each other. This number "2" is associated with functional, structured, and creative people.

What Your Name Numbers Mean

woman hands do math

In basic Chaldean numerology, an individual's first name is their social persona, how they present themselves in public, and their interests and habits. The middle name is their soul energy; it reveals their inner soul's truth, their hidden talents, desires, and what their soul is reaching for. Their last name is related to the domestic influence of the family. Calculation Example for Taylor Alison Swift:

Taylor's Social Persona


  • 4+1+1+3+7+2=18
  • 1+8=9
  • Compound number: 18/9

Taylor's social persona is a number "9." The hidden influence that plays a role is "18", or numbers "1" and "8." This is a materialistic compatible combination.

Taylor's Inner Soul


  • 1+3+1+3+7+5= 20
  • 2+0= 2
  • Compound number 20/2

Taylor's hidden talent is "2." The hidden influence that plays a role in this is "20." Which brings success and perfection to traits inherent in the single number "2."

Taylor's Family Influence


  • 3+6+1+8+4= 22
  • 2+2= 4
  • Compound number 22/4

Taylor's family influence number is "4." The hidden influence is Master number "22," the Master Architect.

Taylor's Compound Name Number

When you add all the single-digit numbers in Taylor Alison Swift (9 + 2 + 4 = 15; 1+ 5 = 6,) her compound name number is "15/6." This means she is a born romantic with a strong sentimental streak and a love of beauty (number 6). Her hidden influence is number "15." This brings in the influence of numbers "1" and "5." This is a vibrant combination that bestows her with charisma and strong personal magnetism.

Chaldean Numerology Date of Birth Number

The date of your birth and is significant because it's unchangeable. An individual can undergo a series of name changes over the years due to many things, like marriage, adoption, or simply because they don't like their name. But the birth date remains the same. In Chaldean numerology, the date of birth number is the day of the month you were born. As an example, Taylor Swift was born on the 13th of December, and her date of birth number is 13. Thirteen is a lucky number because it contains a "1" and a "3," which is a fortunate and stimulated combination that's compatible with "15," Taylor's vibrant compound name number.

  • If the name number and the date number are compatible, the individual will sail smoothly through everything in life.
  • On the other hand, if the name number and the date of birth number are not compatible, an individual may face undesirable hurdles in their life.
  • Suppose your name number and your date of birth number are incompatible, and your finding your life is an ongoing struggle. In that case, you do have the option of changing your name.

Chaldean Numerology: Window Into Your Soul

Chaldean numerology is much more complicated and detailed than the basics written above. Chaldean numerology goes beyond physical manifestation and into what is hidden within each single-digit number. Chaldean numerology gives you a window into your soul.

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What Is Chaldean Numerology? Simple Explanations