Chinese Astrology Signs: Rabbit and Dog Compatibility

Updated February 9, 2019
Dog and rabbit

The pairing of the rabbit and dog in Chinese astrology is auspicious since these two signs make excellent life partners. While this isn't a highly passionate combination, it does make for a long-lasting and strong love affair.

Chinese Zodiac: Dog Compatibility With Rabbit

The dog and the rabbit make a good pair.

  • The dog is a loyal companion to the rabbit and always gives his mate the support she needs.
  • The rabbit rewards the dog's loyalty by creating an ideal home. From the interior to the exterior, the rabbit is meticulous about every detail.


In Chinese astrology:

  • The rabbit is the sign of longevity.
  • The dog symbolizes protection and loyalty.

The rabbit can offer her dog mate the kind of stability he so desperately lacks in his life. Rabbits are nurturing and the dog is hungry for this brand of love.

Interaction Between the Dog and Rabbit

There are certain dynamics between these two astrological signs that help cement their relationship. The rabbit offers structure that is sometimes lacking in the dog's life. She likes a well-kept home and has excellent organizing skills.

Supportive and Encouraging

This zodiac combination makes for a highly supportive relationship. There is a sense of equal partnership that transcends everything this couple does. They truly work together as a team. Each one is aware of the other's strengths and weaknesses and understands how they fit together to complete each other. When one is down, the other instinctively knows what to do to lift those sagging spirits.

Dog's Protective Nature

The dog is forever the watch guard over his rabbit mate. He recognizes that his tender-hearted, sensitive lover can be easily hurt. The rabbit is so kind and gentle that other people often try to take advantage of what they perceive to be a weakness. This outward façade of easy-going and unassuming trust is the reason the dog does everything he can to protect his beloved from the harshness of the real world.

Rabbit's Passive Nature

That's not to say that the rabbit really needs protecting. She is quite capable of taking care of herself. She has wit and intelligence, but simply prefers a passive road over going headlong into conflict. The dog, on the other hand, is fearless and will jump into the fray, especially when his true love is threatened.

Relationship Obstacles

The biggest obstacle the rabbit faces in winning over her lover is gaining his trust. It's the dog's innate nature to be distrustful. He understands how the world works and instinctively senses the dangers that lay in wait. Once the rabbit earns the dog's trust, she or he will have a true and loyal companion for life. Nothing and no one can ever seduce the dog away from his true love once he's given his heart.

Conflict and Resolution

These two signs often respond to life's challenges with opposite reactions.

  • The dog often takes an aggressive approach while the rabbit prefers a more diplomatic resolution.
  • The rabbit abhors any kind of conflict; the dog is ready to attack in the blink of an eye.
  • Resolving disagreements through discussion and compromise is the rabbit's way.
  • The rabbit's method of resolution is new to the dog, but if he can learn to compromise, their relationship will be smoother and more rewarding.

Other Types of Relationships

Woman and man talking in modern office

There are other types of relationships for these two signs. These include parent and child, friends and coworkers.

Parent/Child Relationship

Depending on which sign is the parent and which is the child, this relationship could be a rollercoaster ride. Both will need to learn how to overcome their shortcomings to keep the lines of communication open.

  • A dog parent will need to learn good parenting skills and keep emotions in check when dealing with its sensitive rabbit child.
  • A dog parent will need to refrain from dominating the rabbit child and hone nurturing skills.
  • A rabbit parent will need to overcome her/his natural tendencies to avoid conflict and provide the discipline and structure all children need, but especially a dog child.
  • A rabbit parent is quite capable of dealing with a dog child since she/he knows how to handle the emotional outbursts of the child. The rabbit parent is in an excellent position to teach its child how to deal with conflict in life.

Workplace Relationship

Depending on the roles each play, a workplace relationship can be very fortuitous. This pairing will make an unstoppable career team.

  • The dog will always strive to dominant the rabbit, but the rabbit has a subtle way of making the dog believe it is in control.
  • In a workplace subordinate role, the rabbit is happy to have the dog as the boss and is a reliable and supportive ally.
  • The rabbit as boss over the dog may require extra patience for the rabbit but will recognize taking off the leash will give the dog the freedom needed to excel at work.
  • As long as the rabbit boss recognizes the valuable contributions the dog brings to the company, the dog will always be loyal and have the rabbit boss's back.
  • As coworkers, the two make a dynamic team since each brings what the other lacks to create a complete whole in a yin yang relationship.

Best Friends

There is no in-between for these two friends. They are joined at the hip with mutual admiration. Each sees in the other the land attributes they lack. Each recognizes that together they are undefeatable as only true best friends can be. They are loyal to a fault and no one can come between this friendship since it is for life. The bond between these two is envious and they fully understand each other. They complement each other and are always there to lend support and encouragement to the other. As long as they have each other, they have hope, resilience and a promise neither will ever be alone.

The Perfect Home

The cottage with a white picket fence and rose garden is the rabbit's ideal comfy home.

  • Rabbit has a natural nesting instinct. She works long and hard to carve out the type of lifestyle and home life she envisions for her family.
  • The dog will eagerly share this fairytale lifestyle with her, adoring her all the more for the care and meticulous thought she gives to every detail.
  • Whichever project the rabbit dreams up next, the dog will be right by her side to make sure it's done just the way she wants. The dog is a great partner and knows how to make things happen.
  • The dog knows how to stay on track to get the job done. It's a natural drive for the canine, but it's also the way he shows his deep appreciation for the woman he loves.

Family Life

The number one thing in the rabbit's life is family. This is one more commonality these two lovebirds share.

  • Rabbit knows how to create a warm and cozy hearth for her canine to lounge around.
  • The dog is a gentle and loving parent. He values the quality of life he makes with the rabbit and dotes on his brood. Many times, he's just a big kid, and this ingratiates him further with his spouse.
  • These two prefer to spend a pleasant, easy night at home with the kids rather than take off on a romantic, exciting night on the town. Home is truly where their hearts are, and life is never finer than on their own front porch.


Both signs are good in business and each enjoys a rewarding and successful career.

  • The rabbit has a natural knack for most businesses and is an excellent diplomat.
  • The dog has excellent business acumen and is great at sales and pushing the business forward.

Both prefer service-oriented businesses. If these two decide to go into business together, they'll be a true power couple.

Made for Each Other

At first glance, the rabbit and dog combination may seem like an unlikely pairing. Upon closer examination, this relationship feels custom made. Each sign supports and enhances the other. What one sign lacks, the other sign completes. This can be an enduring relationship that grows stronger and better with each passing year.

Chinese Astrology Signs: Rabbit and Dog Compatibility