Exploring the Negative Traits of a Sagittarius

Sagittarians are seldom malicious, but they do have some challenges to overcome.

Updated December 20, 2022
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Anyone who's ever had a Sagittarian friend or lover knows that as carefree, open, and friendly as they are, Sagittarians have some bad traits. They can be conspicuously and offensively loud, and when their mind is in flight, which it usually is, they can be laughably klutzy. If there's a Sagittarian in your life, you better not be thin-skinned, and it helps to have a wild sense of humor.

Sagittarius' Most Toxic Traits

A quiet Sagittarian is a rarity; most Sagittarians are vocal. The sad thing is that when they become angry, pompous, boastful, and overly confident, an Archer's words can come at you like an arrow and be just as wounding and painful.

Hot Tempered

The most toxic aspect of a Sagittarian's nature is their hot-headedness and quick temper. A Sagittarian's temper flares over the most trivial matters. When it does, they use words to attack that come out so quickly and strongly, they're frightening.

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A Sagittarian can also be a know-it-all who won't listen to reason or take advice from anyone. When a sanctimonious Sagittarius goes off on one of their hardheaded know-it-all or "my way is the right way" tangents, they can pontificate for hours, delivering a preachy intellectual discourse that's full of rants and raves. They won't even notice that the eyes of people listening to them have glazed over.

There's one couple who found a solution that stops the Sagittarian partner in his tracks when he pontificates. They devised a signal. When she's had enough, she says nothing; she runs her fingers along her lips, signaling, "zip it." This has worked surprisingly well for them and often has them both laughing.

Blunt and Blatantly Honest

Additionally, most Sagittarians won't think twice about telling others how to live their lives and are prone to say precisely what they're thinking without considering how another person might take it. They'll also ask nosy, embarrassing, and sometimes offensive questions, and their blatant honesty can be hurtful and offensive to others.

Other Negative Traits of Sagittarius

The wild nature of Sagittarians often means they refuse to conform to day-to-day social conventions and expectations. They're rebellious and original in their thinking and behavior, sometimes making them seem weird, comical, or shocking to more proper and conventional individuals.

Awkward and Clumsy

A Sagittarius can be physically and socially awkward and clumsy. Sagittarians always seem to be in their head, talking to themselves and paying little attention to what they're saying, where they're going, or what or who is around them. They're constantly tripping over things, including their tongue. In short, they're prone to lose touch with the moment and have one foot caught in a bucket and the other lodged firmly in their overly active mouths.

Absent Minded

Daily life for many Sagittarians can be a complete muddle. Their personal space may always be messy, and they seldom put anything where it can be easily found. Then when they need something, they go frantically scavenging about making an even greater mess - all the while yelling and calling themselves names (a Sagittarian's temper flairs even at themselves). Their absent-mindedness also means they forget appointments or are late, which can be frustrating and inconvenient for others.

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Another negative trait of Sagittarius is that they're prone to be irresponsible and self-centered, impulsive and impatient, and lack self-discipline. They're quick to escape unpleasant situations, obligations, or responsibilities. They're also known to quit in the middle of what they're doing if something better or more fun comes along. All of this leads to some people finding them undependable.

Dealing With a Sagittarian's Negative Qualities

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when a Sagittarian loses their temper is to stay calm, don't add fuel to the fire, and give them time to clear their head before any discussion takes place.

  • If they're angry with you, don't defend or excuse what you've done. Apologize and back off. Give them space and time to calm down.
  • If they're angry at something or someone else, be supportive and sympathetic, but let them express their anger, then give them space and time to cool off.

The best way to deal with a Sagittarian's occasional wild, bombastic, careless, and mouthy nature is to keep your sense of humor. Because, to be honest, only time, maturity, and some negative experiences are likely to spark a Sagittarius to take a moment to consider the consequences of their words and actions.

Changing Negative Behaviors into Positive

If you're a Sagittarius who recognizes some of these traits in yourself, your first step in rising above them is to identify and confront them.

  • Rise above your hot temper by turning it into motivation to fight injustice.
  • Instead of ranting, raving, and pontificating about things, use that energy to take action.

Uncluttering the Mind

Instead of ignoring a mess you've made, Sagittarius can start seeing all the little things that contribute to the mess as mental clutter. Then, when you pick up and put things back where they belong, your home and mind will be less cluttered, and you'll feel freer, happier, and less agitated.

More Than a Sagittarius

All Sagittarians have the potential to be a bit of a mess. Still, it's important to remember that in addition to the Sun, there's the Moon, the ascendant, numerous planets, and other points, as well as the 12 signs and 12 houses in an individual's horoscope. Any of these can magnify, mitigate, or even nullify the negative aspects of any Sun sign. To be clear, Sagittarians are never as simple as their Sun sign alone.

Exploring the Negative Traits of a Sagittarius