Mars in Pisces: Expressive and Empathetic Personalities

Published February 11, 2021
Mars in Pisces

"If you can dream it, you can do it" could be the Mars in Pisces' mantra. Mars is unbound in Pisces. Although others might think those with Mars in Pisces have their heads in the clouds, these refined and delicate individuals are motivated to action by their dreams, imaginations, or the sight of suffering and have the ability to dance with life.

Mars in Pisces Traits

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the drive that motivates a person to take action. Pisces is the Mutable Water sign that's ruled by nebulous Neptune. Pisces is likely the most challenging sign placement for Mars. Regardless of their Sun sign, those with Mars in Pisces can seem rudderless at times, and their ability to go with the flow can make them vulnerable to stronger wills. However, once they've learned to trust and use their Mars supercharged Pisces radar, they can successfully go after their dreams.

Positive Traits of Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces individuals have many positive traits.

  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • Tolerant
  • Creative
  • Flexible

Negative Traits of Mars in Pisces

Challenges of Mars in Pisces include:

  • Weak-willed
  • Martyr
  • Subservient
  • Escapist
  • Moody
  • Addictive

The Mars in Pisces Lifestyle

Those with Mars in Pisces live a self-protective lifestyle. They stay in the background observing everything that's happening and only act when they feel the time is right. To put it more simply, they strike when the spirit moves them. Creative, artistic, imaginative, and ambitious, people with Mars in Pisces often seek careers as actors, artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, or photographers. They are also empathetic and compassionate listeners who can excel in jobs that involve helping and serving humankind.

Mars in Pisces Anger

Mars in Pisces' energy is constantly in flux, but they usually appear cool when upset. Their anger is colored by feeling states, such as guilt or sadness. They can cry, become moody, quiet, or simply slip away, rather than yelling or screaming out in anger. It's also common for them to dull their feelings using sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything that enables them to drift away rather than deal with their anger.

woman with head in the cloud

Mars in Pisces Physicality

Physically sensitive, individuals with Mars in Pisces usually have calm, quiet, and elusive demeanors and a warm, soft, and innocent appearance. Physically, they can appear quite delicate in nature. However, all of this belies the inner emotional power drive of individuals with Mars in Pisces.

Mars in Pisces: Romance, Love, and Sex

These dreamy, sexually attractive individuals are easy to love but hard to hold on to. They're passionate, romantic, and happily cater to every whim of their partner. There's no distinction between romance, love, and sex as far as they're concerned. They idealize and fantasize about love, and sex is the ultimate expression of love. Sadly, deception and subterfuge often play considerable roles in people's love lives with Mars in Pisces.

affectionate moment of woman embracing man

Elusive and Evasive

When it comes to love, these slippery individuals can be elusive and evasive. There's something safe and seductive about keeping people at a distance and something appealing about the hidden and unknown for a person with Mars in Pisces. They want "a dream lover" so they "don't have to dream alone." But when their dream becomes a reality, they often find that the reality doesn't match their imagination and simply move on without much of a explanation.

Mars in Pisces and Sex

Sexually magnetic and wildly imaginative, those with Mars in Pisces yearn for a spiritual experience and the euphoric feeling of ecstasy they have when they merge with another. These imaginative individuals bring romantic sexual fantasies to life in the bedroom; they're also generous and giving lovers who can intuit their partner's sexual needs.

Mars in Pisces: The Love Addict

When a person has Mars in Pisces, to love and be unconditionally loved can be an all-consuming drive that affects every part of their life. This compulsion makes them very vulnerable, and that vulnerability makes them even more sexually attractive. Those with Mars in Pisces are the essence of sex appeal and have an endlessly open heart that no amount of love and sex can completely fill. Additionally, some with Mars in Pisces want to experience sex in all its more problematic forms and situations. For example, Casanova, Jeffrey Epstein, and internet porn princess Danni Ashe all have Mars in Pisces.

Celebrities With Mars in Pisces

As the list of celebrities below reveals, Mars in Pisces is at its best in the make-believe worlds of movies, music, and glamor.

  • Marilyn Monroe: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Gemini
  • Heath Ledger: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Aries
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Pisces
  • Denzel Washington: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Capricorn
  • Tom Hanks: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Cancer
  • Tina Turner: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Sagittarius
  • Cindy Crawford: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Aquarius
  • Elton John: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Aries
  • Michelle Pfeiffer: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Taurus
  • Adam Levine: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Pisces
  • Bob Dylan: Mares in Pisces, Sun in Gemini
  • Johnny Cash: Mars in Pisces, Sun in Pisces

Professional Help for Mars in Pisces Problems

If you have Mars in Pisces and have concerns about any of the weaknesses or addictions listed above, a visit to a professional astrologer is probably the best way to fully understand your Mars. An astrologer can help you understand why you're experiencing these problems and what you could do to heal your Mars in Pisces' difficulties.

Mars in Pisces: Expressive and Empathetic Personalities