Moon in Sagittarius Signs Are Optimistic and Inspired

Published February 25, 2020
Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Your Sun sign's conscious "wants" are tempered by the unconscious "needs" of your Moon. For those lucky individuals with a Sagittarius Moon, emotional contentment equals awareness, openness, and receptivity to everything around them. This includes having fun, learning about the world, and absorbing all it offers.

Moon in Sagittarius: The Carefree, Dancing Soul

Regardless of the Sun sign, those with the Moon in Sagittarius need to feel joy in living. They're blessed with innate optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor. They're extroverted, spontaneous, avant-garde, imaginative, and look to the future. Nothing keeps them down for long. They look on the bright side, are positive, and expect everything to work out. But if things don't work out, they seek meaning in the hurdles of life and move on.

The Downside of Moon in Sagittarius

Those with a Sagittarius Moon are lovable and likable. Still, they can be quick to anger, accident-prone, flighty, scatterbrained, mouthy, and forgetful. Their emotional reactions are honest and swift, and little embarrasses them. However, because they are so happy and positive, it's difficult not to laugh along with them at their foibles.

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Celebrities With the Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Moon's expansive 'don't tie me down" roving and wondering nature can be seen in celebrities as diverse Freddie Mercury, Albert Einstein, Donald Trump, Justice Timberlake, and Oprah Winfrey.

The Moon in Astrological Synastry

More than the Sun, the Moon is paramount when it comes to lasting love. The Moon is the most important planet' in relationship synastry. Its sign represents your deepest security needs. It's challenging to be with someone who can't provide what your Moon needs. Positive Moon compatibility reveals two people who feel "at home" and are content with one another.

Moon in Sagittarius and Relationships

Those with Moon in Sagittarius are often drawn to relationships with people from different cultures, religions, and spiritual or philosophical beliefs. It can be tricky to pin down an individual with a Sagittarian Moon unless they feel a relationship (romantic or otherwise) will teach them something new and help them continue to grow positively.

What a Sagittarius Moon Needs

Sagittarius Moon people, of either sex, need a partner who's as interested in everything life has to offer as they are. They also need to be trusted by the person they love. They crave freedom, and their partner must understand that their friendly, life of the party, flirtatious energy doesn't threaten the relationship.

Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility Chart

The Moon adds intimacy to a romantic relationship. When an individual's Sagittarius Moon sign is compatible with their partner's Moon sign they nurture and feel comfortable with each other. In short, they feel emotionally connected. When comparing charts the tighter the orb of the aspect, the more powerful the connection. As an example, if your Moon is at 8° Sagittarius and your partner's Moon is between 4° and 12° Sagittarius, it's a powerful connection.

Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility Chart
Moon Signs Emotional Nature Compatability
Aries Tempestuous, impulsive, bold Harmonious
Taurus Stubborn, pleasant, courteous Incompatible
Gemini Energetic, curious, versatile Challenging?
Cancer Friendly, sociable, domestic Incompatible
Leo Self-confident, self-reliant, ambitious Harmonious
Virgo Helpful, retiring, shy Challenging
Libra Social, harmonious, peaceful Stimulating
Scorpio Possessive, brooding, serious Incompatible
Sagittarius Idealistic, adventurous, jovial Compatible?
Capricorn Practical, reserved, cautious Incompatible
Aquarius Intelligent, tolerant, independent Stimulating
Pisces Sensitive, impressionable, reclusive Challenging

Incompatible Moon Signs

Having incompatible Moons does not mean a relationship is doomed, but it does say the couple needs to be aware of their emotional differences. The factors compared in astrological synastry are numerous. Humans are complicated. As an example, suppose one partner has a Sagittarius Moon and Venus in Pisces, while the other has a Pisces Moon and Venus in Sagittarius? Yes, the couple's differing emotional needs present a challenge, but in astrological synastry, their Moon/Venus exchanges equal emotional love.

Sagittarius Is the Lucky Moon Sign

Jupiter, the ruler of a Sagittarius, is the planet associated with growth and development, that's also said to be the Cosmic Santa Claus. Jupiter can gift people with a Sagittarius Moon with more than a fair amount of wisdom, wealth, and luck.

Moon in Sagittarius Signs Are Optimistic and Inspired