North Node in Leo: Finding Adventure and Inspiration

If you were born with your north node in Leo, this lifetime is your time to shine.

Published July 15, 2020
North Node in Leo

The north node in Leo takes you on a soul path filled with adventure and inspiration. The fire element of Leo provides you the right motivation and energy to pursue your life mission.

Soul Path With North Node in Leo

Your spiritual mission in this life is to step away from a past life as a follower to become a leader in this life. With the north node in Leo, you're encouraged to assume leadership roles in your career and various everyday life situations.

Struggle Between North and South Nodes

When the north node is in Leo, the south node is in Aquarius. This represents one or more past lives that the north node challenges with demands that you overcome some traits that negatively influenced you or created obstacles in your spiritual growth.

Karma Challenges in Your Soul Path

The patterns of past lives are often referred to as soul habits. These karmic obstacles block your spiritual growth. Each time you overcome any karmic challenge, your soul advances.

Karmic Traits to Overcome

In a past life, you took the Aquarius trait of logic to an extreme. In fact, you valued logic over your emotions. This characteristic isolated you and made you cold and inaccessible to love.

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Releasing Inner Dialogues

With the air sign Aquarius in your south node, you developed a sense of being above the human condition. You embraced radical ideologies and, in turn, grew intolerant of opposing opinions or conflicting belief systems. This radicalization only served to isolate you further. You are challenged to release the inner dialogue that reflects this attitude of detachment.

North Node Leo Helps You Overcome Karma

With a north node Leo, you are guided to become brave and courageous in life. This means breaking out of the cocoon you spun with logic that encased your soul and prevented your spiritual growth.

Boldly Meeting Karma

A north node Leo bestows a warmth and generosity to your personality this life. You are motivated to embrace life to the fullest. The Leo zodiac symbol of the lion imbues you with a big heart filled with love. This gregarious energy often makes you uncomfortable.

Make Life Fun

One thing you missed out on in your past life was fun. This is one of your biggest soul growth challenges. However, with a north node in Leo, you are ensured of a generous amount of fun in your life. The key is to embrace the joy in your life without analyzing it.

Let Your Hair Down

The Leo zodiac sign demands you let down your hair, or more aptly, your mane. When you unbind your soul with a lion's roar, you open your heart chakra to allow love to enter your life. This invites a new level of spiritual growth you denied yourself in past lives.

Find Love

Your soul mission in this life is to experience many types of love. This includes family dynamics you denied yourself from experiencing in a past life. You may fall in love several times before finding your life partner.

Keep an Open Heart

The north node in Leo reminds you to maintain an open heart and never cut yourself off from others simply because you've been emotionally hurt. You cannot experience love without the positive and negative aspects.

Build Self-Confidence

In your past life, you operated under the illusion you were self-confident. However, you hid behind logic and the opinions offered by other people, which you quickly adopted. You never developed self-confidence by formulating your own opinions or entertaining opposing viewpoints. In this life, you are challenged to think for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Be Brave! Take Control and Lead

In your past life, you took the path as a follower, not a leader. You were influenced by those you chose to follow. This lifetime you are challenged to be the leader and abandon the innate impulse to fall in line with another person's opinion, agenda, or ideal. This lifetime, you are called to step up and lead.

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Stand on Your Own

You have a leftover tendency from a past life to be part of a group. You find the fellowship comforting, but your north node Leo will interfere with such affiliations if you attempt to lose yourself within a group. In one way or another, you'll become disenchanted with any group you join if you don't maintain your own identity separate from the group identity. This is your north node ensuring you remain on your soul path and don't fall into past life soul habits.

Proudly Take the Spotlight

This lifetime, you are placed in many situations where you're in the spotlight. It is time for you to shine. When your work, personality, contributions, and deeds garner attention, don't shy away from it. Boldly step into the limelight and accept the appreciation of others and the rewards you have rightfully earned.

Working With Your North Node in Leo

Your north node Leo guides and assists you in reaching spiritual goals to promote soul growth. Once you understand the interaction of your north and south nodes, it's easier to recognize and accept your spiritual path.

North Node in Leo: Finding Adventure and Inspiration