Sagittarius Colors to Enlighten and Empower

Published February 11, 2020
Colorful Sagittarius colors

Sagittarius colors can be used to enlighten and empower the archer. You can use one or more colors to achieve these and other personal growth and goals.

Sagittarius Personal Colors to Enlighten and Empowers

Sagittarius personal colors include those associated with the archer's fire sign, red, orange, purple, and blue. Sagittarius can use these colors when engaged in activities where bursts of energy and power are needed, such as sports, creative projects and mental challenges.

Jupiter Ruling Planet Color

The ruling planet Sagittarius is Jupiter. This mega size planet is associated with the energy needed for growth and expansion. The color yellow is used to represent Jupiter. There are all kinds of yellow shades that Sagittarius may want to consider, such as saffron, canary and mustard.

Energy of Jupiter

Sagittarius zodiac signs may choose to carry a citrine, amber or yellow jasper to tap into the energies associated with yellow gemstones. Yellow can be used in home and office décors as a main color or an accent color.

Girl wearing yellow sitting with laptop

Using Jupiter Yellow

The archer can introduce different yellows into an existing wardrobe. Another way to use yellow is to build a fashion color palette around it and wear these selected clothing and accessories whenever needing to connect with Jupiter's powerful energies.

Sagittarius Power Color

When Sagittarius needs a boost of power, the go to color is purple. This color is the combination of red and blue, two opposite spectrums of fire colors. When combined to create purple, the powerful energy of fire will embolden and bolster Sagittarius in your quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Sagittarius power colors

How to Use Purple Power Color

To capitalize on the powerful energy contained in the color purple, Sagittarius can use this royal color in home and office décor. The color can be used as accent objects and art for a subtle influx of purple power or a dramatic décor with purple used as the main color.

Purple Power Color Attire

Another way to infuse the energy of purple is with fashion statements. This can be something as simple as amethyst or other purple jewelry or men's fashion cufflinks, tie clasp, ring or other jewelry. A purple scarf or purple blouse/shirt can be worn with a gray, black or navy outfit or suit. A purple streak in your hair or purple eyeshadow may be all you need to capture some of that purple energy magic.

Sagittarius' Lucky Color Is Blue

Blue is the lucky color for Sagittarius. You can use a medium blue or a navy blue. This color can be used in home and office décors and apparel whenever the archer needs a jolt of good luck. Situations can include applying for a job, seeking a promotion, making a sales call, a game of chance, or pursuing a romantic interest.

Senior couple wearing blue denim

Sagittarius Color Palettes

Sagittarius can select a personal favorite color palette or create one. The ideal is to limit the colors to three. One should be used for the main color with two secondary colors. A few suggested color palettes include:

  • Red, yellow and cream
  • Blue, yellow and white
  • Blue and orange, a dramatic complementary color combination with white or cream accent color
  • Orange, white and light yellow
  • Purple, yellow and cream
  • Purple, red and taupe
  • Red, white and blue
Colorful living room furnishings

Sagittarius Can Select Favorite Colors

A Sagittarian may have a preference for colors within the wide spectrum of personal colors. This zodiac sign can choose a color or several that makes her/him feel comfortable, happy, calm, or excited. These colors can be used as personal favorites and incorporated in all facets of life.

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Colors to Stimulate Mental, Physical and Spiritual

Sagittarius can use any of the colors whenever needing an energy infusion for contemplating philosophy or tackling a mental problem. Other colors can be used when seeking inspiration, creative energy, as well as spiritual and emotional growth.

  • Choose a purple outfit when practicing yoga positions or meditation.
  • Paint a home office bright yellow to engage your mental faculties and promote mental clarity.
  • A master bedroom with a light blue to dark shades of navy will allow Sagittarius to unwind for a restive sleep.
  • Wear a red blouse or red sweater when you need a boost of power and energy.

Choosing Sagittarius Colors for Enlightenment Energies and Empowerment

Sagittarius has many color choices for personal use. The archer can select the ideal colors to enhance enlightenment studies or whenever there's a need to bolster self-empowerment efforts.

Sagittarius Colors to Enlighten and Empower