Unique Numerology Meaning of Master Number 11

Published July 6, 2020
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Eleven is a master number and its meaning in numerology has a higher frequency than single-digit numbers. You yearn for spiritual enlightenment and seek it through various studies, practices and careers.

Meaning of Master Number 11 and Its Powers

The single digit result of the number 11 is 2. However, master numbers aren't added down to a single digit. The true powers of 11 are the energies that you can use to elevate your spiritual growth and achieve enlightenment.

Energies of Master Number 11

If the master number 11 is revealed in your numerology report, then you are charged to harness its great power of inspiration, creativity and exert the freedom to express these energies.

Personality Number 11 and Gifts

The master number 11 endows you with more amazing energies. For example, you are prone to sudden spurts of inspiration and the energy to carry them out. You embody the spiritual attributes of love, hope, faith, kindness, and compassion. You're a dreamer and use your spiritual wisdom to manifest whatever you envision.

Spirituality and Enlightenment

You have a finely tuned spirituality. You are connected to your higher self and in continuous contact with your guides and angelic mentors. You may have an ascended master as one of your spiritual mentors.

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Profound Spiritual Discoveries

You are often hit with a lightning bolt of spiritual insight that produces an "Ah-ha" moment. You are thunderstruck with the profound discoveries when the dots suddenly connect.

Psychic Abilities

With master number 11, you have several psychic abilities including empathetic sensibilities, mediumship, prophetic dreams and/or premonitions. You are drawn to the healing arts where you can use your intuition and spiritual energies.

Expect the Unexpected

When you have a master number 11 in your numerology chart, you can expect the unexpected. Things will come out of left field. You'll be blind sighted and need to react quickly. Sometimes you'll need to make flash decisions with very little information.

Quicksilver Decisions

At times when you're faced with situations that spring up and take you off guard, you'll need to rely on your intuitive discernment. In fact, you'll often find yourself simply going with your gut feeling.

Master Number 11 Destiny

If your destiny number (life path) is master number 11, your journey to enlightenment will inspire others. You realize your destiny and master your spiritual nature. You may find yourself placed in situations where you serve as a spiritual mentor or teacher.

Life Path Number 11 Careers

A life path (destiny) master number 11 can point you towards a rewarding career. With this high frequency number, your personal power level is tremendous. You wield a great deal of charisma that helps your career. You can reach the highest places if you desire.

Potential Career Choices

You could even become a President of the United States or other country, serve in the US Congress or parliament, president of a corporation, or manager. You may prefer a non-political route that can still influence and inspire other through art, such as a painter. writer, songwriter, or other form of art. You may choose to be a spiritual leader or innovative scientist in the healthcare industry.

Astrology and Master Number 11

Ancient astrologers assigned Vulcan as the ruler of Virgo, based on mythology and assigned it the number 2. In contrast, Uranus was assigned to Aquarius and master number 11. In Numerology and Your Future, author Dusty Bunker discusses the historical controversy and arguments that number 2 with assigned to Uranus with some arguing it was in fact assigned to the Moon. However, master number 11 isn't controversial and has always been aligned to Uranus and therefore, Aquarius.

Reconciliation of Opposite Energies

In her book, Star Signs, Linda Goodman sums up master number 11 as the number of hidden trials. She also comments that 11 is the sign of treachery. She explains how the numbers 1 and 1 side-by-side create a mirror effect. There are two opposing forces or desires that she describes must reach a compromise so they can coexist as equal forces.

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Harmony of Master Number 11

Once you manage to establish a harmonious existence within yourself, you'll be able to achieve greater spiritual growth. This union is a yin yang existence of harmony and concept of balance and how opposite energies are required to make a whole.

Is Master Number 11 a Christ Vibration?

Many numerologists believe the master number 11 is a Christ vibration. This number brings you many challenges, but you can also reap great rewards. Betrayal is a strong possibility with this number, but great love and spiritual enlightenment are also promised with this frequency.

Number 11 in Tarot

In Tarot, number 11 is assigned to the Major Arcana card of Justice. The underlying meaning of this card is balance. Your life lesson is to grasp the true understanding of the universal law of cause and effect. This cosmic balance is also referred to as karma.

Master Number 11 Crystals

You can use crystals to assist you in spiritual self-actualization of the master number 11 frequency. Some crystal choices include garnet, selenite and champagne aura quartz. You can wear any of these crystals as jewelry or simply hold the crystals during meditation to augment the frequency of the master number 11.

Understanding How Master Number 11 Influences Your Life

With the higher frequency of master number 11 comes a greater responsibility to your spiritual growth. You will also discover the desire to be of service to others is equally powerful when it comes to this number's meaning in numerology.

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Unique Numerology Meaning of Master Number 11