Empowering Divorce Party Ideas

Updated July 2, 2020
divorce party

How you celebrate a divorce is totally up to you, but empowering divorce parties help uplift you and get you excited for the next phase of your life. Browse divorce party ideas to find one that fits your personality and circumstances, then customize it with a divorce slogan, divorce party cake, and maybe even some divorce party shirts.

Cleansing Party

Once you've cleansed yourself of your spouse, it's time to cleanse your aura of all the negative energy associated with him or her. Invite your closest friends and even family members who had negative interactions with your former spouse so you can all remove the negativity together.

  • Perform a cleansing ritual of your house using incense or herbs like sage to clear out the negative energy. Waft the smoke from head to toe around each of your bodies.
  • Use feng shui post-divorce techniques to establish emotional balance in your old or new home. The help of friends can keep you focused perform a variety of tasks.
  • Perform a white candle blessing spell to send good luck and healing to your ex as an act of kindness and forgiveness.

Bucket List Party

During your marriage, there were likely things you couldn't do because your spouse hated them. Now is the time to enjoy all those things with a bucket list party.

  • Invite a few friends to a restaurant your spouse would never eat at for dinner.
  • Ask everyone to help you create an after the divorce bucket list where you write down all the things you can do now and want to do.
  • Follow the dinner by watching a movie or show your spouse wouldn't watch with you.

Reverse Symbolism Party

Marriage is shrouded in symbolism from the engagement ring and proposal to the white dress, and divorce can be too. Choose a symbol or act of symbolism from your marriage or wedding and perform it in reverse with a few close friends or a large group. You might ask everyone to wear black, jump the broom the opposite way, glue the pieces of a broken glass back together, or give yourself a ring to wear in an epic self-proposal.

Spa Pampering Party

If your marriage was particularly hard or stressful, a nice day of pampering is a great way to celebrate its end. You can do facials and pedicures at home with your best girlfriends or gather up the guys for a sauna session. Choose spa services for the party that will make you feel stress free and renewed.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Take 2

Instead of celebrating your last night as a single person, celebrate your first night as a single person again. Plan a bachelor party or bachelorette party just like the one you had before you got married, only plan it on the night you find out your divorce is finalized.

Marriage Funeral

While a marriage funeral doesn't sound super uplifting, it can help you grieve the loss of your marriage and move on with your life.

  • You can host the party at an actual funeral home or just set up some chairs in your living room.
  • Where a casket would go, place a few mementos from your wedding.
  • Ask friends to make empowering speeches about your decision.
  • You can bury the wedding mementos in a box in the back of a closet.

Smash Session Party

Getting out any leftover anger or resentment about your marriage or divorce can help you shed negativity and move on with life. If there's a rage room near you, invite friends to join you in smashing up a bunch of junk to release your negative emotions. If you don't have a nearby rage room, grab some baseball bats and smash up some junk in the backyard.

Escape the Marriage Escape Room Party

Create a fun escape room or hire a company to do it for you that has an "escape the marriage" theme. Grab about three of your best friends to join you. You'll have fun bonding as you solve puzzles to help you escape.

Redecorating Party

If you're staying in the home you shared with your spouse, a redecorating party can make the space feel new and more like your own. Invite family members or friends to help you paint walls a color your spouse would never have agreed to and rearrange furniture. Order pizzas or Chinese takeout to serve your helpers as you all spend the day making your house feel like your new home.

Pick Up the Pieces Puzzle Party

If you're not keen on a big party, have a few friends over to put together a puzzle. Choose a puzzle that represents what you want for your future or features an image that makes you smile. As you put together all the pieces of the puzzle, think about how you're not broken by the divorce and will form a new picture of your life.

Campout Party

Getting through a tough marriage and a tough divorce usually takes a group of people who form your support system. Celebrate your pals with a camping trip together. You can pitch a tent in the backyard, go glamping, or sleep under the stars in the woods. Bring some drinks and make some toasts to each of the people who helped you on your divorce journey.

Divorce Party Slogan Ideas

From banners to divorce party t-shirts, a divorce slogan can serve as the theme of your party and the catchphrase of the night.

  • Til divorce do us part!
  • Once upon a time I got divorced, and I lived happily ever after!
  • Get Him/Her the Feng Shui Outta Here!
  • Positivity for the Plaintiff.
  • Unhappily married, happily divorced!
  • I don't anymore!

Party Like Your Divorce Is Final

While some might think a divorce party is taboo, many find it cathartic and uplifting. Celebrate your divorce your way by planning a memorable event to mark this momentous occasion. Men or women can throw divorce parties and they can be cathartic fun for all.

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Empowering Divorce Party Ideas