How to Get That Photo-Ready Finish With a Makeup Beauty Mark

Ready to make your mark on the world? Embrace bold beauty and learn how to darken or make up a beauty mark.

Updated January 24, 2024
Beautiful woman with beauty mark

From Marilyn Monroe to Cindy Crawford, there's something extremely alluring about beauty marks. If you're tired of your beauty spot getting covered by foundation or you'd love to have one gracing a rosy cheek, take a page out of the 17th-century handbook and create one out of makeup.    

Bring a Beauty Mark to Life Using Makeup 

While social media filters might make facial symmetry seem like the most attractive trait in a person, current makeup trends are proving that symmetry isn't all it's cracked up to be. We're still knee-deep in people spraying or painting on freckles to get that fairy-kissed look. Stretch your makeup skills by adding something striking to your face like a beauty mark. After all, everyone deserves to stand out!

Choose the Right Makeup for the Job 

Typically, people tend to gravitate towards eye products when darkening their beauty marks. You can use all kinds of standard eye or brow liners, pencils, liquids, and gel pots. But if you've got a shaky hand, then you might want to stick with a pencil. 

Look for formulas that are:

  • Matte rather than shiny
  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge resistant
Fast Fact

In the 16th and 17th centuries, fake beauty marks — aka mouches — were made out of velvet, ribbon, or silk. 

Match Colors Against Your Skintone 

Matching your current beauty mark's shade will still make it stand out — but keep it looking natural. If blending in gives you the ick, go a shade or two darker. This will give it a dramatic pop. 

If you test out any shades at a cosmetics store, step outside and see what it looks like in natural light. The cool-toned artificial lights you see in most stores completely change the color's tone. Save yourself a trip back to the store by double-checking before you head to the checkout line. 

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Makeup Beauty Mark Instructions 

  1. Apply on bare skin or over foundation, depending on your makeup routine.
  2. Practice creating a spot with your tool on the top of your hand so you can get a feel for how much color it deposits. Adjust accordingly before enhancing your beauty mark.
  3. Start with a very fine point, using a light touch in the center of your beauty mark or wherever you'd like to place it. 
  4. With a slow, steady hand, press small dots to achieve the darkness and shape you want. If you already have a beauty mark, use it as a guide! 
  5. Don't forget to set the mark with a touch of powder to protect if from smudging.
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Exactly What Are Beauty Marks?

A beauty mark is just a mole with a much prettier name. Moles are super common and come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases, they're oval or round — and completely harmless. However, if you notice any changes to your mole, check with your doctor or dermatologist to get it looked at. 

2 Reasons for Darkening or Adding Beauty Marks 

Every part of your body deserves to be loved and praised, moles and all. Darkening a mark — or adding one — is one way to celebrate the body that you're in!

To Highlight What You Love

Darkening your beauty spot may also help you accentuate a favorite feature. Try a subtle or dramatic enhancement and see how you like it!

Helpful Hack

Instead of coloring in your beauty mark, you can also dab clear gloss just above your spot to showcase it.

To Capture Celebrity Allure

Once upon a time, beauty marks were all the rage. Much like trends come and go, these celebrities have been praised for their prominent beauty marks. 

  • Cindy Crawford
  • Madonna
  • Blake Lively
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Jessica Alba
  • Kate Winslet
  • Janet Jackson
  • Eva Mendes

Make Your Mark on the World 

In a world where beauty standards are impossible to follow and makeup trends are difficult to predict, you've got to make your own mark. Stand out from the crowd with our faux beauty mark techniques. Whoever said you were made to stay in the background? 

How to Get That Photo-Ready Finish With a Makeup Beauty Mark