10 Jewelry Storage Solutions to Hold Your Treasures

Updated March 31, 2021
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If you have a large collection of accessories, there are many jewelry storage ideas that can make your life easier. The goal is to organize, display, and create convenience. No one wants to hunt through boxes of earrings and pendants or untangle chains and necklaces just as they are about to walk out of the door.

Types of Jewelry Storage Solutions

Once you have a sense of your needs, you can browse the various storage options. Keep a jewelry inventory list handy as you peruse different jewelry organizer styles, since this will dictate your choice. Some jewelry organizers simply are not designed to hold large collections, while a small collection might be lost in a big storage unit. Find the solution that's right for you.

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Jewelry Storage Armoires

If you have a very large collection, you might consider a jewelry armoire. With the capacity to store dozens of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pairs of earrings, an armoire is a great option for someone with a little extra room, an extensive jewelry collection, and a budget of a few hundred dollars. If you buy a well-made piece, it could last you a lifetime.

You might consider shopping locally for a jewelry armoire since shipping these large items can get expensive. Many furniture stores carry these armoires, and they are sometimes included as part of a bedroom set.


This piece does dual duty as it functions as a standing mirror, but also opens up to house massive jewelry collections. Options like this are preferred by those who don't have room for a large armoire and a standing mirror and people who prefer to see all that they own in a single sightline. When you can view your entire collection, it sometimes makes it easier to see what you have.

Travel Storage

For those who travel a lot, jewelry storage needs to be portable. You may need a stationary jewelry storage option if you have a large collection, but travel storage can be perfect for a few cherished pieces. There are several options for travel jewelry storage, including the following:

  • Jewelry rolls crafted from fabric or leather
  • Train cases or other suitcase-style storage
  • Locking cases to protect your valuables
  • Small pouches that fit inside your suitcase

You can find travel storage options at department stores, jewelry stores, online shops, and accessory retailers.

Wall-Mounted Jewelry Storage

If you're short on floor space but need to store a lot of jewelry, you might consider a wall-mounted storage system. There are many options for this type of storage, depending on what type of jewelry you have. You'll find some very simple options that consist of several hooks mounted on a board, as well as more intricate wall systems that open and close and store several different types of jewelry.

Another style of wall-mounted storage is perfect for the back of a closet door. Typically, this style has a series of hooks for necklaces, as well as several pouches for pendants, bracelets, and rings. Many also include special storage for earrings.

Wall-mounted storage is available online at stores like Wayfair and Amazon, as well as at housewares stores.

Jewelry Storage

Jewelry Boxes

Perhaps the most popular jewelry storage method is the classic jewelry box. These boxes are designed to sit on top of your dresser, and they range in size from very small to quite large. The smallest ones are perfect for storing your most valuable items, such as a strand of pearls or your grandmother's ring. Jewelry boxes can be crafted from fine woods, leather, fabric, or other materials, and they are available at a wide range of prices. They may lock or simply shut tightly. Some have mirrors, hidden pull-out areas, and other interesting and usable components to them.

Larger jewelry boxes usually have several sections for different types of jewelry. As you shop, use your inventory list to make sure a box is configured properly for your collection. Some boxes even have a section for hanging necklaces to keep them tangle-free.

You can shop for jewelry boxes at most gift stores and department stores, and you can also order handmade ones on artist sites like Etsy.com. You'll find a multitude of options online at sites like Gifts.com and The Container Store.

Jewelry box

Watch Box

If you are into collecting watches, you can purchase a jewelry box that is specifically designed with watches in mind. A watch box might be small enough to travel with or large enough to protect and showcase your many pieces. They sometimes have see-through tops so that you can view the jewelry at all times and others have space for other small pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry Trees

Jewelry boxes aren't the only way you can display your jewelry on top of your dresser. You might also consider a jewelry tree. These trees can be the perfect way to display your earring collection or keep your necklaces from getting knotted together. Typically, necklace trees feature a single center post with branches for hanging your necklaces. Earring trees often have specially designed holes to display your earrings along the branches of the tree.

You'll find these trees at many accessory shops and online at retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Walmart.

Ring Stands and Trays

If you don't have a huge collection of jewelry or have little space to store items, you might consider purchasing a simply jewelry tray or stand. Ring stands often take on fun and whimsical designs with some sort of tall stick-like feature in the middle to place rings upon. There is usually a small tray surrounding the ring-gathering stick where you can place earrings or cuff links.

Trays are easy ways to keep jewelry in place and organized, and they work in even the smallest of spaces. You can tuck them into a bedside or bathroom drawer or set them out on a dresser. Some trays come in stackable forms, so as your jewelry collection grows, you can build up your storage space.

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DIY Shadow Box

If you are the crafty type, then you might be able to make your own jewelry storage solution. Shadow boxes are fun design elements used to showcase special items. They often open and close and have a plastic or glass door on them so the contents of the shadow box can be seen at all times. Prized pieces can find a home in a DIY shadow box that will serve as both a functional element to your home as well as an artistic one.

Closet Organizer Components

If you are in the market for a closet organizer system as well as a jewelry storage piece, you might think about wrapping both needs into one larger project. Closet organizer systems come with all sorts of fun and useful add-ons, like tie racks, shoe compartments, built-in hampers, and lined jewelry drawers. This option is going to be considerably more costly, but will probably never need to be replaced. If you need more than just a jewelry box, and your closet is a train wreck in desperate need of structure, this might be worth the price.

Before You Begin Shopping

You may know you need a storage solution, but it can be difficult to determine which option best meets your needs. Perform the following assessment of your jewelry collection before heading to the store:

  1. Take a thorough inventory of your pieces. How many necklaces do you have? How many bracelets? Make notes about the number of items you have.
  2. Cull your collection. If you have pieces you don't wear, give them to charity. Even with the best storage solution, you won't want to dig through pieces you don't like.
  3. Sort out the pieces you wear the most often. You'll need to access these the most frequently, so this will influence your storage choice.
  4. Consider your space and your needs. Do you have room for a jewelry armoire? Will you be traveling with your jewelry? Keep your situation in mind as you look at the options for jewelry storage.
  5. Determine a price point. Not all jewelry storage solutions cost the same amount, so know what you are willing to spend before starting the shopping process.

Wear Your Pieces More Often

Once you've used one of these jewelry storage solutions to organize your collection, you may find that you wear your pieces more often. If you're able to see and access your jewelry more easily, it becomes more enjoyable to wear items from your collection.

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10 Jewelry Storage Solutions to Hold Your Treasures