Guide to Finding Necklaces for Your Style

From boho-chic to classic looks, find necklace inspiration that works for you.

Updated March 2, 2023
woman wearing bold necklace
woman looking at necklace

You're planning a cool outfit that totally shows off your personality, but it's missing a little something. A necklace might be what you need to tie it all together. Use these ideas to pick out the perfect necklace based on your unique sense of style.

Necklace Style Inspiration to Find Your Best Look

Do you like to turn heads with your outfits, or are you more on the minimalist side? Maybe you usually go for sporty or vintage vibes. Knowing your style will help you find a necklace to go with what you regularly wear. And the best part is - there are no real rules. This is purely some inspo to help you plan your next outfit.

Delicate Styles

Some necklace styles can be very delicate and have a subtle or understated style. Small details, pastel colors, and small-link chains can all contribute to that delicate feel.


diamond and pearl necklace

A princess necklace describes the length, but this one in particular has small stones, pearls, and floral details that are all beautifully delicate.

Gemstone Pendant

woman wearing turquoise heart-shaped pendant necklace

This heart-shaped turquoise pendant necklace is strong and yet still delicate with its thin chain.

Strong & Industrial

Chains, basic dog tag pendants, and wood elements give off a cool industrial vibe that makes a statement.

Stainless Steel

man wearing stainless steel necklace

Try a simple stainless steel chain for a look that says "strong, but laid back."

Wood & Metal

woman with gender neutral style wearing long wood and black chained necklace

Mix black chains and wood beads for a modern piece you can wear with almost any outfit.

Boho Chic

Relaxed, whimsical, and effortless are all words that might describe a boho chic vibe. Channel these into your necklaces to add just the right touch.

Crystal Pendant

woman wearing crystal pendant necklace

Are you really boho if you aren't at least kind of into crystals? Choose one that's meaningful to you and wear it around your neck to feel its benefits.

Whimsical Charms

woman with boho style wearing layered charm necklace

Put on a dainty layered charm necklace to go with off-the-shoulder dresses or shirts common in boho style.

Simple & Timeless Looks

Find classic pieces like these to complement your outfits in a subtle (but beautiful) way.


woman wearing black dress and elegant lariat necklace

Lariat necklaces add a touch of elegance and pull together your chic style.

Classic Chain

portrait of woman with hands in her hair wearing gold herringbone chain

Wear a flat herringbone chain to highlight your collarbone. It won't overshadow your minimalist style, so your natural beauty can shine through.

Gold Chain or Pendant

person with masculine style wearing gold necklace, texting on their phone

A simple gold chain or pendant can be the right touch if your style leans towards the no-frills side.

Bold and Out-There

If you love to grab attention with your clothing, look for necklaces in bold colors or unique designs.

Statement Bib

woman wearing colorful shirt, cool earrings, and blue-ish green bib necklace.

A bib necklace like this is bold in color and size, but doesn't overpower the rest of her eye-catchingly stunning look.

Chunky Knot Rope

woman holding drink wearing a fabric knotted rope necklace

This knotted necklace is made out of colorful strands of cloth. So even though it's sizable, it's probably still lightweight and comfortable - which is all any of us really want.

Sexy and Elegant

As you're getting dressed up in your little black dress, the necklace options are plentiful. Luckily, everything goes with black!

Opera-Length Tassel

woman smiling in bathroom wearing black dress and a long tassel necklace

A long opera-length tassel necklace like this helps you express your modern sense of style.

Sophisticated Stacked

woman wearing black shirt and chunky gold layered necklace with charms

Or, try a bold gold stacked necklace with chunky charms will pop against a black outfit.

Minimalist Diamond

Let your dress do the talking by wearing a thin silver chain with a small diamond, crystal, or gemstone.

woman wearing black dress and a simple necklace with one diamond

Alternative Punk

Maybe your style is unconventional, and you're not into following rules. In that case, just consider these next suggestions light recommendations.


woman on her phone with pink hair and wearing choker necklace

I'm convinced chokers will never really go out of style, and they are a staple in most people's jewelry box, especially for alternative style.


young fashionable woman with gender neutral style wearing lots of necklaces

Go for lots of layers of long necklaces for a cool, original piece that has that go-with-any-kind-of-outfit vibe.

Vintage Style

Check out local antique shops and thrift stores to score some genuine vintage necklaces. They'll be one-of-a-kind and og with your vintage wardrobe.


woman wearing pearl necklace

The pearl necklace is an obvious but essential necklace choice to go with your vintage style. If you don't have any pearls yet, better go shopping!

Black Beads

Smiling woman wearing black beads, using smartphone and drinking warm drink

Black beads - or really any beads - are the perfect addition to your vintage outfit.

Sporty and Active

Athleisure wear is comfortable, sporty, functional and cute - without the expectation of working out. It's a win-win-win for you, AND it means you can still wear jewelery. You'll probably want to go simple with a light chain necklace or choker, but you can still pull off a statement necklace if that's your vibe.

Lightweight Chain

athletic woman on beach checking her fitness watch wearing light-weight necklace

If you're actually planning on exercising, keep your necklace light and relatively short so it won't distract you or get tangled up.

Simple Pendant

woman doing yoga, wearing pendant necklace

Go for a simple pendant necklace for activities like yoga. Though, if you want to be more expressive, the slow movements of most yoga allow you a little more freedom.

More Tips for Picking a Necklace that Fits Your Style

Do you love to follow trends, or are you pretty consistent in your tastes over time? Think about how you handle new fashion trends and bigger types of change like new technology, changes at work, or alterations in your daily routine. How you respond to changing fads can be a big clue about the best necklace options for you.

  • You're All About Trends - If you love change and new fads, pick popular necklaces that follow the latest jewelry fashion fads.
  • You Keep It Classic - A classic necklace will never go out of style. Styles like gold chains, pearls, lockets, and simple pendants will always be in fashion.
  • You Like a Little Bit of Both - You can like both classic and modern trending pieces; that's totally okay. In that case, maybe you try out a trending piece that's not quite as bold as some other modern pieces. For example, a large pearl pendant on a simple gold chain.

Think About the Symbolism of Your Necklace

Some necklaces are very meaningful, and they can make an important style statement to the world. Before you decide on a design, think about what the necklace symbolizes and whether that's something you want to share.

  • Your birthstone - Some necklaces feature a birthstone, and these can be very special. If you're not sure what gemstone represents your birth month, take a look at a birthstone chart to check.
  • Your religion - A necklace can also have a distinctly religious design, such a cross pendant or other symbol. These can be very special, but they can also tell the world about your religious beliefs.
  • Your name - Name necklaces are a fun way to add a personal touch to your look. There are lots of styles of necklaces with names, including subtle initial pendants and more elaborate engraved designs.

Remember to Consider Necklace Length

Don't forget that necklaces come in a variety of lengths, which can be flattering on different body types and complement your face shape. If in doubt, try on the necklace to see how it fits. Combine your preferred length with your fashion sense, your personality, and your lifestyle, and you'll end up with the perfect necklace to go with your outfits!

Guide to Finding Necklaces for Your Style