8 Full-Figured Celebrities Who Embrace Their Curves

Every body is beautiful, and we love how these curvy celebs lean into what nature gave them.

Updated March 21, 2024

We all know that representation matters. Seeing someone who looks like you in popular media can boost confidence and build body positivity... and we're all about loving yourself no matter what you look like.

So naturally, we love curvy celebrities who walk the planet with loads of confidence. When celebs embrace their gorgeous figures, women and girls have body-positive role models who are changing the conversation about size. These are some of our faves. 

Queen Latifah


Queen Latifah had gorgeous curves, but people haven't always been kind. Her first experience of body shaming occurred when she was in the third grade, but she hasn't let that stop her from stepping out as her brightest and best self. She is a brightly talented and powerful woman who has never been afraid to be exactly who she is.

Amy Schumer


Cute, curvy, funny, super successful, and sexy. Those are all words you can use to describe comedienne Amy Schumer. Over the years, Schumer has been open about weight interventions she's tried (liposuction in 2022, Ozempic for a few months recently that she stopped due to side effects), and she's never been afraid to share her light with the world. 

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Nicole Byer


We love the delightful romp that is Netflix's Nailed It!, and a lot of that has to do with Nicole Byer. She's bright, hilarious, and has a sunny personality that's infectious. And we love how she rocks and dresses her curves. She's also a fierce advocate for self-love and body positivity.

Amber Riley


With the voice of an angel, Glee's Amber Riley has phenomenal talent. And while Glee has been off the air for almost a decade (time flies, am I right?), Riley's career is still in full swing. Recently, she wowed audiences on The Masked Singer in both the US and the UK, and she has a soon-to-be-released album that her fans have eagerly awaited.

Rebel Wilson


We can all relate to Rebel Wilson, the talented Pitch Perfect actress who openly shares her weight losses and gains with her fans. Wilson chronicled her weight loss journey that started in 2020, and she continues to share with her fans as her weight fluctuates. But she always embraces who she is, and to us, she's always beautiful. 

Danielle Brooks


The phenomenally talented Orange Is the New Black and The Color Purple actress is at the top of her game. She's a major talent and a body positivity advocate who is proud of who she is.

Chrissy Metz


This is Us star Chrissy Metz has had her journey with weight and body positivity chronicled in front of millions of people. And while she's recently lost 100 pounds, Metz has embraced herself at every size and openly shared her light and talent with the world. 

Aidy Bryant


Shrill and SNL actor Aidy Bryant has never been afraid to flaunt her curves. She's all about changing stereotypes about curvier women, and she even launched a clothing line for full-figured women, Pauline

Michelle Buteau


Michelle Buteau is adorable, funny, and super popular right now. She's also the star and co-creator of Survival of the Thickest, a Netflix comedy drama about a woman putting her life back together after a breakup. So whether she's hosting The Circle or acting up a storm, we're glad she's gracing our screens. 

Christina Hendricks


This Emmy-award-nominated actress is smart, talented, funny, and a heck of an actor. She has graced magazine covers, starred in successful television series, and remains an icon and example of accepting yourself exactly as you are. 

Gorgeous at Every Size


These celebs show that you can be bright, successful, funny, talented, and gorgeous at any size. We love how boldly they step forward in the world and the example that they set about feeling good about themselves, no matter what. 

8 Full-Figured Celebrities Who Embrace Their Curves